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Sins of the Father

Language: English
Length: 384 Pages
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
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Sins of the Father By Jeffrey Archer
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Sins of the Father (Paperback) Price: Rs.260

The Sins Of The Father is the second part of the Clifton Chronicles series by Jeffrey Archer. It continues the story of Harry Clifton’s life.

Summary Of The Book

The first book introduced Harry Clifton, a boy who is the son of a dock worker whose mysterious disappearance or death leaves a few questions unanswered. In that story, Only Time Will Tell, Harry grows up, with his mother working hard to give Harry a good education and a better chance in life than his parents had. He also learns a few truths about himself and his father.

The Sins Of The Father continues the story. Harry has joined the Merchant Navy to escape the mess of his family secrets and his disappointment and confusion over his relationship with Emma Barrington. Harry’s ship sinks and survivors are picked up by an American Cruise Liner.

Among those picked up is an American named Tom Bradshaw, who dies in the night. Harry decides to seize this opportunity to start his life over again, and assumes Bradshaw’s identity. Unfortunately, he is arrested on landing in America because Bradshaw is a suspect in his brother’s murder.

Harry is convicted and sent to jail. There, he becomes the prison librarian, and starts to write about his life, The Diary of a Convict. Meanwhile, it is announced that Harry Clifton is dead. Emma Barrington, who is now mother to Harry’s son, refuses to believe that Harry is dead. She begins tracing Harry and finds out what has happened. She then sets about to secure his release from prison.

About Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer is a British writer and politician.

Other books by this author include Kane and Abel, Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less, Shall We Tell The President?, The Prodigal Daughter, Honour Among Thieves, Cat O’Nine Tales, and A Quiver Full of Arrows.

Jeffrey Archer was born in 1940 in London. Archer became an MP for the Lincolnshire constituency, representing the Conservative Party in 1969. He lost all his money because of an investment in a fraudulent scheme. However, his first novel Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less was published and became a bestseller, saving him from bankruptcy. In 2000, he was convicted of perjury in an earlier libel case and sent to prison. This effectively ended his political career. But his popularity as an author remains undiminished.

Specifications of Sins of the Father (Paperback)

Authored By Jeffrey Archer
Book Details
Publisher Pan Macmillan India
Imprint Pan
Publication Year 2012 March
ISBN-13 9781447209225
ISBN-10 1447209222
Language English
Edition 1st Edition
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 384 Pages
Book Type Fiction Book
Series & Set Details
Series Volume 2
Weight 280 g
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Book Reviews of Sins of the Father

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Based on 374 ratings
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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 114)

07 March 12

Glad to be first again! The sequel to the EPIC, as i call it, ONLY TIME WILL TELL, is a epic in itself! The typical of archer's page turner, masterful story telling and you wouldn't want it to end! by the end of the book, you would expect tomorrow to be MARCH 3,2013!
The Sins of the father continues with the most sought after protagonist, HARRY CLIFTON - when the book tops bestsellers list in a matter of hours, well he is the most sought after protagonist! And enter new characters, whom will make you laugh, whom will make your heart ache!
And seriously you can't, when you have reached the last page of this book, guess what could or would happen next!
To sum it up! Worth every penny.
VERDICT: Could you, Mr. Archer, write faster?

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88% of 25 users found this review helpful.
16 March 12
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certified buyer
The Clifton Saga continues....

The purchase of this book was my first transaction with Flipkart, and so I was a little skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received the extremely well packaged book within 36 hours of placing the order! Not only did I get a hefty discount on the cover price, but also I was saved and spared from my time, energy and the transport cost of making a trip to my nearest book-store. Kudos to Flipkart! Thank you and please carry on with the good work that you are doing.

This book, which is the 2nd part of the 5 parts of the Clifton chronicles, starts from where it left off in the earlier book, “Only Time Will Tell”(2011), with Harry Clifton being arrested in the U.S. on charge of murder, when he takes the identity of his dead ship mate, Tom Bradshaw. He gets a 6 year jail sentence, thanks to the machinations of a crafty and wily lawyer, Sefton Jelks. The book primarily deals with Harry’s experiences in prison, his subsequent release and his exploits in the 2nd World War.

In a parallel mode, the book also chronicles the tireless efforts of Harry’s love interest, Emma Barrington, in trying to trace him down in America. The book also follows the fortunes of Harry’s mother Maisie, his childhood buddy, Giles Barrington and his illegitimate father (?) Hugo Barrington.

Although this book is not in the same league as Archer’s previous Kane & Abel trilogy, it is however engrossing and interesting to read, though the plot seems somewhat predictable. Archer, however, saves his best for the last, when he ends on a tantalizing note, making the readers of this saga wait for another year to know whether Harry or Giles will get the peerage, or whether Harry will be able to marry his childhood sweet-heart Emma after all!

With soothsayers making prophecies and doomsday predictions about the end of the world in 2012, I hope we all will remain alive and hale and hearty to read the next 3 installments of the story in 2013-2015.

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20 March 12
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certified buyer
It should have ended :)

If there's one writer who could make you fall in love with his characters its Jeffrey Archer, and when I say love, its actually love :)

At the end of Only Time Will Tell, you start developing an attachment to Emma Barrington. And the end of The Sins of the Father, you wish she was your lover. And this feeling is not just restricted to Emma. As every character of Mr. Archer unfolds and matures itself from the first book to the end of the current one, you wish that you could meet them in real life. Be it the ever deprived mother Masie Clifton, the loveable Great Aunt Phyllis, the grand fatherly Sir Barrington and Lord Harvey or the ever so devilish Hugo Barrington. You would end up developing intense feelings for each one of them. And the star of all is of course is Sir Harry (now) - Archer makes you wish you were him. The character whole lot of not so good times, but by the end of it all, there are good times waiting, good times that are brought about by the girl for whom he was bearing with all the not so good times. Top all this love with the pains and misfortunes of war. If anyone tries to finish off this book in one sitting, then one thing is guaranteed for sure - they would have time travelled to Second World War America and Europe - that's the effect of Mr. Archer on you.

But, I just have one regret. I really wanted to see the most anticipated marriage of Clifton Chronicles getting done and over in this book - Harry weds Emma. But I guess we all would have to wait a year more :(

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6 of 8 users found this review helpful.
21 March 12
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certified buyer

First of all, thanks to flipkart for delivering my order within 24 hrs.. Ur service is extraordinary..

Coming to THE SINS OF THE FATHER,which is a sequel to ONLY TIME WILL TELL, is a page turner which should have ended merrily after various twists & turns in this book. I dont know how Jeffery Archer is going to take the next part since the book seemed to be nearing completion in this edition itself. But Jeffery Archer is a master story-teller and has a proven track record in his kitty.

The story simply takes off from where it was left in the previous book. Tom Bradshaw(Harry Clifton) is arrested for the murder of his own brother but gets a prison term not for murder but only for desertion of US Navy. The mistaken identity is never proved in court and the story moves on in non-linear narration with other important characters of the story. This story is all about whether Harry is found to be alive by Emma and What happens to Giles, Maisie & Hugo after Harry leaves Bristol. The new characters add spice to the story and make us finish the book in one read. Though there are many logical loopholes in the book, one can never question them since the story was happening in 1940s when there was not much scientific advancements.

Awaiting eagerly for the next part of the Clifton Chronicles :)

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11 June 12
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certified buyer
Not one of Archer's best!!

The first book in series was a delightful read. For me the most important character in 'Only time will tell' was Old Jack. Unfortunately we do't have Old Jack in this one. What we have is old wine in new bottle. Though Harry's story moves forward at a very good pace and WW-II has been interwoven in the plot fabulously but throughout the book I was able to predict what is going to happen next. It might be because I had just recently read 'A Prisoner of Birth', which happens to be about the struggle of an innocent convict by the same author. I also found the stories of both Giles' and Harry's escape from Germans a bit over the top (and coincidentally in both cases their friends met death just before they were about to escape). Moreover the characters are uni-dimensional - a character is either extremely lovable or is totally loathsome. There are no conflicts apart from the one related to the true heir of Barrington legacy. All in all a decent book (there is never a dull moment). But I was expecting much more than this in the second instalment of Harry Clifton saga.

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Alban Lyngdoh
Clifton Chronicle

One of the best book I've read...i like the twist and turns n the unexpecting supprises...waiting to get my hand on the next vo...

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23 February 14
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certified buyer
definitely doesn't let down the first book

the book was very good ...everything i excepted n anticipated n so much more. Emma takes the stage in this novel n wipes it rig...

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02 December 13
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certified buyer
Below expectation

Where the story ends in 'Only time will tell' I expected a lot from 'The sins of the Father' but somewhere in detailing every t...

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09 October 13
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certified buyer
The Saga Continues..In style..

Read it with huge anticipation after "Only time will tell" and must say...wasn't disappointing one bit..The clifton c...

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04 July 13

Bought this title as I am a keen buyer of the works of Jefrey Archer. But the plot doesn’t hold one's interests and as a...

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24 May 13
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    ISBN Number: 1447209222, 9781447209225, 978-1447209225


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