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Sniper Elite V2

(Games, PS3)
PEGI Rating: 16
Platform: PS3  
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Sniper Elite V2 (Games, PS3) Price: Rs.1599

The Sniper Elite V2 was always a highly anticipated game of 2012. Developed by Rebellion Developments, the game has been ported for various platforms like Windows, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and others. This is the sequel to Sniper Elite, which was also released by the same Development team. The events portrayed in both the games happen at parallel timelines. The protagonist in this game is an American Sniper who is also the member of a crack unit of Strategic Services operatives. The main objective in the game is for you to take care of a group of scientists in charge of the German Rocket Program.

Synopsis and Features

The protagonist is Karl Fairburn, he is an Elite Sniper and an officer of his unit. He finds himself in Berlin during the 1945 war. The events take place during the last few days of the Second World War. This was the time when Operation Paperclip was in effect, a special operation that was connected to the German arms race to develop better and more destructive weapons against the allied forces. The American Unit was tasked with the safe retrieval of top German Scientists who were closely associated with the Rocket and the V-2 Ballistic Missile. The Player must fight against Nazi and Russian opponents in the game in order to get to the target. It is published by 505 Games.

The single player campaign in the game is extensive enough to take up quite a few hours of your time. The campaign has a gripping story that will immerse any player in long hours of gameplay. Apart from the single player mission that the story revolves around, the players can also go for the Multiplayer modes on offer. This adds a whole new dimension to Sniper Elite V2, letting you explore your skills extensively with other players from across the globe.

Just like how Snipers in real life face extensive pressure in terms of mental strain, physical difficulties and imminent danger to their own lives, in Sniper Elite V-2, these dangers are recreated in terms of counter-sniping, a scenario where other snipers will be hidden and looking through their scopes in search of you. You need to come up with a cunning strategy to work out the best possible way to finish missions. The game resorts to some detailed emulations when it comes to the Sniper missions. The details involve bullet motions in the air, through targets and even on ricochets with hard surfaces.

The game encourages you to factor in every environmental variable. You will need to account for wind direction, intensity or speed of the breeze, distance from the target, based on which these variables would change and even account for the earth’s gravity when distances are too great. Miss out on any one variable, and you will surely miss your target and risk being discovered before you can finish off your enemy.
The Kill cam is a feature that slows time down in order to display the trajectory of the bullet in higher detail. It follows the path of the bullet from the time it leaves the barrel of the high powered sniper rifle until it penetrates the target. When the Kill cam gets engaged, you will know that the last enemy of that stage has fallen.

The environments chosen for Sniper Elite V2 depict authentic World War II era battlefields and surroundings. The weapons, vehicles and other hardware shown in the game are also true to that era. Some of the examples are the Springfield M1903, Gewehr 43 and the hugely popular Mosin-Nagant 1891/30. The PS3 version of the game has a PEGI rating of 16 for military grade violence and strong language.

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Specifications of Sniper Elite V2 (Games, PS3)

Title Sniper Elite V2
Category Games
Platform PS3
Publisher 505 Games
Mode Single-Player, Multi-Player
Genre Tactical Shooter
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Reviews of Game: Sniper Elite V2

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27 August 12

Superb game....
first of all its not js another shoot em' up kinda need to focus on stealth as well as maintain your distance from hordes enemies all the time
its about american sniper Karl fairburn raised in Germany searching for a nerve gas filled V2 launching site during this process there is a plenty of assasinations,blowing up bases,blasting away tanks (yes it works..!!!),tackling enemy snipers
game play-
its not an open world style..there is a very little room for creative ways to complete your missions..mostly linear game play but you have plenty

of sniping positions with creative ways of scoring more points by killing enemies differently..most famous feature bullet kill cam allow you to kill the enemy and watching his shattered bones & gore in gruesome x-ray vision..just keep it maximum from options menu & watch this bloody treat
user friendly and easy to adept.there is not many adrenaline rush kinda no hactic key board or mouse breaking movements...!!! no need to re map them even..
amazing ruins of cities,war torn country sides,decaying military bases..playing on maxed settings give you ultimate movie like

also supports amd 3d...
sound-music is above average,voice acting is enough to make you watch cut scenes..some times annoying glitchy irritating sound bits while exploring large

AI-on cadet difficulties they won't pose a threat..they try to flank you & somewhat co-ordinate to kill you but eventually thery die..don't know about higher difficulties though..just keep them away from you and dispose them one by one & you are good to go.

Over all superb reboot of 2005 edition..if you want to relish what it's like to be in movies like 'enemy at the gates'&'shooter' as a ruthless & deadly sniper this is a catch guys..give it a chance if you tired of rushing & fast FPS/TPS types..

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22 August 12
first to review
Great Sniping Experience

I was basically ecpecting a COD kind Sniping....which is Glamorous and Fun..but nothing original.
I was pleasently amazed to see that this game deploys it's own sniping mechanisms and the X-Ray kills look awesome at times.
I played this at the hardest difficulty, which is what it is meant to be played at to get a realistic feel of the game otherwise i am guessing the gameplay can be really simple.
Missions also require completion using other weapons so it's not only sniping that you are going to be doing. In most missions stealth is required though it is never a necessity. But close combat is better when using stealth.
The AI is dumb at times. Nuff Said
The biggest drawback of the game was that this is not an open world game....which means...The game mostly chooses a position for you to Snipe and offers very little in terms of granting choice to the player to tackle the objective in his/her own way. It does offer some freedom during a mission but not completely(Like in FarCry)
The game is still pertty fun to play. 8-10 hors of gameplay is quite unforgettable.

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16 September 13
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certified buyer
Best Sniper Game Ever Played !

Highly recommended because of the following -

Realistic Sniping experience

Awesome Graphics

Wonderful Single Player missions

Addictive Kill Cam

Multiplayer gameplay as well

Wonderful sound mechanics

Overall a wonderful game !!! must have for those who are bored (for the time being) from COD series games.

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07 March 14
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certified buyer
Excellent Game play

Graphics is good but not the up to recent popular games. Game play is good.
Worth to try at least once.

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    Game: Sniper Elite V2


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