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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150 Point & Shoot Camera: Camera

Reviews of Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150 Point & Shoot Camera

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06 Dec 2012
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This is one of the best cameras in this price range-no other manufacturer comes even close.I have used this camera for 2 months, these are my observations-----
1)It has a sony bsi cmos sensor+ awesome sony g lens-the photos and videos are simply great-clarity and color reproduction is just fantastic. I am an average camera user, this camera was meant for someone like me who doesn't know very much about cameras n photography but uses it for important occasions, celebrations, events like birthdays, picnics etc. you just need to press the shutter button-no worries at all, it is meant for novices like me.
2)The camera focuses like a pro(pic and video) -very fast and accurate, the time between 2 consecutive shots is very minimal (about 1 sec-I am using class 10 sd card) so you can keep clicking and you wont miss any special moment of your small child as the camera responds and focuses very fast.
3) Video is great and sharp-avchd and mp4 formats in 1080 p quality ,the mic picks up sound very nicely.
4)Camera connects to pc very easily no issues extremely easy to download my pics n vids to the computer.
5)Low light performance is pretty good because of the special HDR mode, taking crisp close up macro pics is also possible, image stabilization is awesome for pics n vids. 10 x optical zoom is great and 40 x digital zoom beyond that surprisingly maintains A LOT OF clarity-you can zoom even in video mode.
6)The flash is pretty decent but some special modes like intelligent auto plus dont really require a flash to take a good picture, the camera automatically takes 2-3 quick consecutive snaps and joins them to make one sharp & clear composite picture-so YOU DON'T NEED TO KEEP USING THE FLASH WHILE TAKING PICS OF OTHERS LIKE SMALL CHILDREN N IRRITATE THEIR DELICATE EYES WITH THE HARSH FLASH.
Finally, I dont use panorama mode a lot but it really is effortless.This camera is so awesome, for some documents or newspaper clippings or business cards etc, i dont use a scanner to store it, I simply click an easy, sharp n precise picture with this camera to store the data.
I can keep going on and on but i will finish here by saying this beautiful gem of a camera has no issues at all and is better than any canon , nikon or samsung at this price, and i would suggest that you guys go for this without any worries whatsoever if you plan to buy this as your family camera & if you want to leave all the setting headaches & technicalities & tough decision making of taking good pics & vids to your camera-this camera will never disappoint.

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29 Jul 2012
Excellent Camera- Zoom, Clarity, Handy & good for low light photography

Why I bought this camera?
1) Zoom- 10X Zoom, 40x Digital Zoom (up to 20x clear zoom) and 18.2 MP
2) Clarity- Superb and many options/scene selections/shoot modes
3) Exmor R CMOS Image Sensor - offers great clarity in low light photography (very less do you need to use flash)
4) Handy- Fits your pocket, you can take this anywhere you go and it wont bothers you.
5) The various modes will help us to get excellent picture clarity even if the external conditions are not suitable

Few facts
1.) Price is more because of Exmor R CMOS, but really worth it if you don't want to miss a beautiful moment at night/low light conditions.
2.) When you use the special modes, it takes few seconds for the final picture to get displayed, we may think quick shots are not possible, but the camera has various continuous shot options which can help you capture all moments without even missing any. Also normal mode is available which delivers instant picture.
3.) There is a model which offers 10x Zoom and 16.1 MP at a lower price but does not have Exmor R CMOS Image Sensor and some other features this camera has.

This camera has many other features; you can read it in the additional information section.

I am very much satisfied with this camera and the picture it delivers. Thanks to Sony!!!

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16 Feb 2013
Awesome with an A+

The best decision I made in my life yet!!!
This little devil does everything it is told abu!!...
you wouldn't believe how it helped me!!!I won an intracollege photography contest with this camera...competing against 4 SLR s and an advanced point and makes wonders!!now gonna improve a bit...on my way to get a Nikon D5200...Though am in a tight budget!!I don't the heart to sell THE SONY WX150

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26 Dec 2012
brilliant low light performance

it was a sudden decision that im gonna buy a point n shoot... i was saving for a d3100, but i needed a camera urgently for a trip, so after about 4-5 days of research, i bought the wx-150.

here are a quick pros n cons i found about this model:

1. low light performance: quality at ISO's as high as 8000 (thats eight thousand, and not a typo) blew me away. i did read on reviews that its good, but did not expect it to be this good. and if u have a tripod... MAN! ur gonna LOVE capturing night lights... !

2. optical image stabilizer : i was skeptical of all these huge zoom ranges point n shoots had to offer... body shake at higher focal length was always my concern, but iv taken shots at 10x optical zoom, and the resulting image has still been sharp, even at 100% crops. all thanks to its stabilization engine.

3. nearly non existent shutter lag

4. superb video quality and also u can also take a fixed number (10, if i remember correctly) shots at full resolution while capturing video.

5. last but not least , macro n background defocusing : u get background blur comparable to a kit lens on a dslr, if not smoother. and macro? u have to buy a whole different (rather expensive) lens to get the same thing on a dslr that u get on the wx-150.

1. lack of manual controls, especially shutter speed controls : i really miss shutter priority here... or anything close to it even. shutter speed is completely auto... i havent even found something akin to a "sports" mode which wld let u shoot at faster shutter speeds. options like "background defocus" and the macro(which is fully auto too) etc take care of the bokeh-ish part.. but nothing there for controlling shutter speeds. this is my main complain about this camera.

however, despite the lack of manual options.. which can be a bit hefty for those looking for greater control, the ISO performance of the wx-150 and its image quality and sharpness, especially at the telephoto end makes this camera a winner in my opinion. i tried the coolpix p310 too, but its low light quality and sharpness does not compare to the stellar wx-150. the p310 has a f/1.8 aperture at the wide end true, but the wx-150 gives u performance all through the focal range, and not just the wide end.
this , combined with the VERY MUCH usable 10x optical zoom range, made me choose the wx-150 over the coolpix p310, and im loving it thoroughly!!

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25 Aug 2012
Very Very Good Automatic camera

I searched for a light weight pocktable camera with good zoom and low light performence. Finally I bought this little camera (not from flipkart) and very much satisfied with the picture. With its CMOS sensor, low light picture looks great. The price of the camera is slightly on higher side for this. Its low light handheld mode give me super sharp still picture with full 10X zoom without tripod. The video recording also superb, with stereo sound that creat dolby digital effect. I will not repeat the specification but after using it for more than 15 days and taking the printout of the picture i can highly recomended this camera who are looking for light weight camera with fully automatic setting and great performance.No shorcomming with this sony camera. only the issue wth the button size is small and battery door is not solid build. After using Kodak 7 megapixel camera, I become a sony fan.

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31 May 2012
Price worthy

Awesome camera. Easy to carry,eassy to use, Zoom is excellent, Full HD recording is like Digital dollby feel.
Pics shooted in without flash mode is also very clear. we can charge the battery laptop/PC also.

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05 Oct 2013
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my dsc wx 150

I was looking for a decent camera for the coming DURGA PUJA eve.I was not restricted to only point & shoot camera -I also checked that mirror less and dslr,advance point and shoot too.My criteria was just easy to handle ,small size and good image quality as well as good battery life with a little bit of zoom.My only option was SONY for point and shoot..SONY RX series cameras have sharp features but can't afford zoom.Mirror less camera requires extra expensive lenses.As this camera was for my family I could not go for dslr as they are not user friendly.If I was to buy dslr I would have gone for canon 1100D with 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses.

After a long research I opted for wx150.Next my concern was from where to buy this camera Sony Center or online store.After comparing the prices form Sony site and other online shopping sites FLIPKART was cheapest.My friends told me that there is no need to worry about buying online electronics product as FLIPKART is reliable and WS RETAILER is very reliable seller form FLIPKART.

So finally I placed the order and wanted to pay by debit card as there was 5% extra discount .Unfortunately I could not make the transaction as my debit card permits only below 10,000rs. at a time. So I had to opt for COD for 11115 rs.

Delivery was quick always as it is .To my surprise, the camera is very tiny just like a mobile phone and it fulfills all of my criteria-I have explored all of its feature and fully satisfied .

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21 Apr 2013
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certified buyer
Very good product from Sony

The best thing of wx150 is its ultra compactness without sacrificing image quality.
my review:
-easily fits into pocket and stylish travel camera
-captures images beautifully even in dark
-good special features and easy use
-best camera till now for this budget even though it released in 2012
-Still exploring, got it 2 days back
PS:Keep iAuto mode and forget everything

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27 Feb 2013
awesome camera don't miss

this is an awesome camera this little devil has got it all it has 18 mp it in and images are super fine this is my first camera and i'm glad that i choose this one i don't buy it here in flipkart because flipkart can not deliver product's at where i live so i got ot from a sony show room price same 12700 approx...preety happy with it

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19 Oct 2012
Best buy...

Before I was using Sony DSC-W310 … and I have loosed the interest on Sony cyber shot products because the picture quality is not up to the mark most of the time it is taking dark images even in the bright light… but again I bought Sony Cyber shot DSC-WX150… with small size and fully loaded with latest features … its really good, yes price of this product is little high as compare to others but you won’t feel it after first use.. The feature I like most is you can take still images while video recording... and it will not reduce the image quality... if you are looking for handy power full still camera, just go for it... and enjoy the Full HD features. :)

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