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Sony Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller: Gamepad

Reviews of Sony Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller

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11 Apr 2014
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I received the duplicate controller

This was something really not expected from flipkart & WS Retail !... i got the controller 2 days after my order ! after unpacking it we tried to start it on bt it didn't light up.. so we kept it on charge for 1-2 hours ! bt then again it was nt working ! there was an old review of a person receiving duplicate controller ! we checked it on youtube (Fake vs real ps3 controller video) and compared it with ours received one ! there are hardly any cosmetic differences u can find out ! but yes the definite one is that the controller wont work wireless ! u have to keep the charge cable connected to use the controller ! however i called flipkart representatives and they got me refunded my money ! Flipkart please rectify such products ! we don't want to lose trust in you :-)

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25 Sep 2014
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Liars & Cheats!! Sent duplicated controller & not giving refund


Guys pls don't trust Flipkart anymore in anything! Their service is down the drain.

I'm contacting them since past 2 weeks for refund first they agreed & asked for bank details. I gave them & they said ok then they said they will ask "OneStopRetail" seller for refund??

How will a LIAR & CHEAT who sells duplicated products agree for a refund? This is the height of stupidity.

I'm contacting Flipkart past 2 weeks they keep asking me to wait & now past 5 days I just have ZERO reply & it keeps showing me refund under process & I'm stuck with this duplicated garbage.

I even asked Flipkart 2 times to confirm with seller before the order was delivered if it is not original I want refund. They agreed to that saying all products on our site are genuine.

Call this B.S - Open your eyes now. Flipkart just sucks now to treat old 3+ year old customers like this? Every week I have purchased rs.1,000 minimum worth of products from them past 3 years never had problem & now look they just DON'T CARE anymore & are flatout CHEATING you of your money!

Don't buy this controller from anyone except WS Retail.

They all are LIARS & CHEATS selling duplicate product.


I don't know how Flipkart allows such CHEATS to sell? I ASKED FLIPKART 2 times before to confirm & check controller is original is not.

I was given automated response All products on are site are genuine & original.


This dulpicate controller firstly doesn't even work properly has 2ft range = a JOKE.

Colour is washed out which you get roadside. The brand writing on controller is also improper. Serial numbers don't match. When connecting lights blink you can see the light all OVER the controler LOL this is a gimmick or April Fool!??

Buttons are stubborn & thick.

Half these CHEAT sellers think we have never used a PS3 controller??



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31 May 2014
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very poor quality

very bad quality its not the original sony product as it describe and it hangs at the middle of game....thumbs down

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29 Dec 2011
first to review
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Always buy Sony Products...

Please dont compromise with pay...
try to always buy Companies Product..
I have boht...Sony & Thrustmaster...
but the output of sony is far better than anyother products..

I strongly recommend Branded Products..thought its expensive compare to others...but the quality and duarability is assured..

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13 Oct 2014
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Highly disappointing

The product received is very much unlike a genuine ps3 controller.

The controller takes an agonizingly long time to charge and on occassions does not charge only.

Moreover, all the buttons feel thick and weird, unlike a genuine controller. The rear L2 and R2 buttons go too deep inside when pressed and again feel different.

To top up all this, flipkart gives more trouble for a refund.

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08 Jul 2014
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Cheap ones are fake

I bought one last month from new vendor, GVPL for Rs 1700 . I had guessed this might be fake but still went ahead and ordered one thinking these sellers might be aggressive in pricing. My guess was right. Controller has all signs of being a fake.
All LEDs blink while charging, spelling mistakes on sticker, feedback is not that great.
No warning that battery is running low. Abruptly turns off.
Also the packing had prints in arabic. This was built to fool folks in middle east and some how made it to India.
They have really worked hard on building fake controller.

I would advise everyone to stick to WS retail. No wonder WS retail is still selling it for 2990/-

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B.S Hemant
30 Dec 2012
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Best Controller for the ps3,do not buy other company controllers

The dualshock 3 controller is the best available out not buy other alternate controllers ..the rumble effect in the dualshock 3 beats all other controllers!!

though there was a bit delay by flipkart in shipping the product ,received it in mint condition.

the only thing is ...before the controllers had that glossy body,but now sony ships only the matte finish for the controller,and trust me the matte finish isn't as good looking as the glossy finish.

But anyways performance wise nothing beats the dualshock3!!

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14 Jul 2012
Expensive but worth the price

This is a great controller for the PlayStation 3. Sure, you will find several others that are much cheaper but I doubt they will be as well built and last as long. I've had a fair amount of experience with Sony controllers and these things never give in no matter how much you abuse them.

Another great thing about this controller is the insane battery life, which just seems to go on and on.

If you have a PS3, do yourself a favor and get this original controller. It's a bit expensive but it's well worth the price.

Also, a big thanks to Flipkart for delivering this to me in under 24 hours of placing the order.

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01 Dec 2014
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Happy with customer service!

Earlier this month, I'd ordered this product, and received a defective and duplicate product. When I first tried to get a replacement (just after one day) I was refused. However being persistent I managed to get a replacement. But that was not all. The replacement product was fake as well. You could see scratch marks, on the back of the product, near the serial no. sticker, and some on top of it as well (like the sticker had been tampered with). Also, the buttons felt fake. The home button had to be pressed way inside for it to work. Anyone with a PS3 can tell how good the quality of an original sony remote is.

Anyway, I was too tired of the whole replacement process, and since the remote worked fine, I didn't bother to complain again. I did however leave a review about the duplicate product.

Now, after a few days, I got a call from Flipkart asking about my review and why I wasn't happy with the product. I informed them about all the issues.

This is what surprised me. They offered me a refund for the product. And even though I'd discarded the packaging they agreed to take back the product. I still asked if I could get a replacement and why the seller was unable to supply an original product even in the second attempt. For which, they said they'd talk to the seller as resolve the issue. But for now they offered me a refund. Which I happily accepted.

So yea, quite happy with the customer service in the end. Glad to know they still focus on customer service like when they first started.
But yea I do suggest them to be more firm in their approach towards the quality of a product, a seller is selling, on their website. Will go a long way.

p.s. - In case you're wondering, the seller was Rama software.

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12 Sep 2012
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Standard issue controller

Standard issue Sixaxis controller. Nothing to say here.

Extremely fast delivery from Flipkart, kudos to that.

The only beef I have here is that the controller felt rough in my hands. The controller I got with my PS3 (got it from Sony showroom, since I didn't want to wait for 2 days for Flipkart delivery) had a smooth finish. This one was a bit rougher. But I guess it helps me differentiate the controllers since both are black, I guess, still I like the feel of the controller I got with the console.

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