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Sony ICF-C218 FM Radio: FM Radio

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03 Nov 2012
Does not support 12-Hour format. Battery backup is lousy.

This is an elegant piece of clock radio which I bought based on my experience in the US.
However, I found the following issues with it.
1. This model does not support 12-Hour format which I prefer. It shows time only in 24-Hour format.

2. Battery back is really lousy. Of course, I knew it will not display the time during a power cut, but just keep the internal clock running. However, thanks to very frequent power cuts in our area recently, within a day the tiny little battery got drained out and set time got lost multiple times. I would imagine that providing a 9V battery is more reliable!!!

3. Another funny issue I see is, the FM radio comes on randomly on its own even though I've switched OFF the alarms and stuff. A couple of times, I thought my 5 year old son was fiddling with it!!!

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01 May 2012
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Flimsy product from sony

Now I understand why I should go to the store to check the product first, before buying on flipkart. The product is made of cheap plastic. The speakers are bad. The tuning a pain.
The supplied batteries don't work. Avoid this product

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20 Mar 2012
first to review
Amazing Product

Pros :
- Backup Battery
- Good FM reception
- Large Display ( Just the right brightness )
- Sleep Mode can be set at 90 , 60 , 30 and 15 mins

Cons :
- No digital audio tuning , turn a knob to tune

All in all an amazing buy , will order another one for the second bedroom.

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17 May 2013
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Mediocre Product, but lacks basic things.

I finally got myself an alarm clock after a lot of research on the internet, but there aren't a lot of options for which one to buy. I bought sony one just because of the brand name and nothing else.

Pros: Easy to setup.
Back-up cell is included in the packing itself.(only for storing the date and time)
Bright yellow LED display.
Good radio reception and a loud speaker volume.

Cons: Alarm Volume is too low.
Works only in 24 hours format.
Analog Radio tuning.
No back-up battery if the AC power goes out.
In Bangalore power can go out at anytime, so cant totally rely on the alarm to go off on time.
Its an ideal product for people who live an indo-american life, for me a strict no no. At this price point sony should at-least give a USB port so that it can play your favorite song as an alarm, it will be blissful to get up to your favorite song playing up in the morning.
Now, i have to put up my cell phone as the back-up alarm.

Verdict: The product is outdated. Buy it only if you really wanna buy it and use it as a show piece or just a normal digital table clock.

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25 Mar 2012
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Good radio, only drawback being manual tuning

This is a very good radio. The sound quality and loudness is excellent. Reception is clear.

The build quality is generally good. Only the switch to set the alarm mode to off/radio/buzzer feels to be a bit flimsy. Otherwise, it feels solid.

The display is sufficiently bright and displays the time/date/sleeper time information.

The only drawback i can point about this radio is that the FM/AM tuning is done manually through a knob. This makes tuning to the right frequency a bit cumbersome. It doesn't display the frequency on the LED screen either. It is thoroughly old-school, i.e. there is a red bar which moves showing the frequency.

It would have been nice if there was an auto-seek functionality.

Nevertheless, it is still a very good product. Does everything it says it does.

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18 Aug 2012
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Happy with the Sony ICF-C218 FM Radio

I needed a watch / alarm clock and that's exactly what I got. The radio was an added bonus.
The alarm can be set to buzzer or to play the radio station you have selected earlier.
The radio tuning is manual.
The alarm has to be plugged in to a power supply at all times. In case you unplug it, it has a power cell that stores the memory.
The sound quality / volume is enough for a small room, don't expect a hi-fi system it not meant to be one. It does not have a connection from where you can connect to another system.... remember its basically an alarm clock / watch.

On the whole I am happy with this product. A good buy.

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30 Jan 2014
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over all good

1. I bought this for watching the time during night when lights are off. And believe me this thing has done this job nicely.
2. And regarding the doubt that you need to reset the time everytime power is off, it is not so. Watch will come back to the actual time once power gets restore.
3. Feature i like most is a small LED light which will glow if you have set the alarm and will turn off as soon as you remove the thing from alarm mode. Very helpful for conforming from the bed that you have set the alarm ON.

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26 Jan 2013
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Not a product review but a service/feature review from Flipkart

Despite the drawback discussed widely here, It looks to be a nice product assuming a proper usage etiquette.
Relying on just the brand name - Sony and some useful praises from generous reviewers.
But I ordered it with the "Gift Wrap" option, for a friend, with the wrapping option and an optional customizable message TAG during ordering.

Pity, it did not turn out to be a bit near expectation. Wrapper looked cheap n worn out. No ribbons (could be expected, supposing the amount of extra money it charges) And no customized messaged TAG was delivered either pasted on the wrapped box or separately. Now if it was slipped within the wrapped box, how absurd would it look like!

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12 Jul 2012
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No 12 HR Display Format

It is a nice product. Don't worry about the build, it's good. And if you are expecting stereo sonic on a FM clock, this is not for you.

After buying I have realized that Sony does not sell this with 12 hr display support (no AM PM) outside US. That is bad. I am not a fan of 24 hr time format. If I would have known it before, I could have not bought it.

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05 Jul 2012
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A fantastic find!

This is an amazing find on Flipkraft. Such are products that you do not find easily in the market - the kind of things you used in the old days gone by. It is such a refreshing change from today's high-tech gadgets where everything is crumbled into a single mobile phone!

This is a beautiful product that sits on your bedside diligently displaying the time and playing the radio. It is sufficiently equipped with features such as alarm - buzzer or radio, battery backup. The simplicity is what I like - the good old MW, SW and FM with the manual tuning that is nostalgic. It infact is a good thing to have since even the older people can use it who find it hard to use the digital systems.

Thumbs up!!

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