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Sony PS3: Gaming Console

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23 Apr 2011
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Flipkart is a delight!

I received the product in 3 days absolutely as promised. its seal packed, unharmed and in great packing. its firmware version 3.50 which i got. The customer support was excellent. my first transaction with Flipkart. looking forward for many more now.

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02 May 2011
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Entering the world of HD

To be honest I wasn't ever very keen on the gaming scene.. ever since I got a 42" HDTV I was looking for a nice blu ray player but found them to be all around 10k for a standalone blu ray player.. and I thought aah chuck it.. maybe a scaling did player might suffice. And then I bumped into ps3. Blu ray B did player which upscale did content. A music player that can output in dtsHD and all other fancy audio output settings... then can play divx, xvid, mp4, Avi videos straight out of the box which upscale even the had content to HD. Yeah upscaling might not be that big a deal but it still looks better than standard SD content. Then there is a huge had in there which is user replace if you want with no problems whatsoever in the warranty department..... :) enough reasons to smile? Wait the biggest one is not out just yet, gaming... yes this thing was made for this. I got gran truism and god of war 3 and can't put down the remote least not when the GOW3 disk is in there... also got a avatar blu ray and although it isn't 3D this is when I truly enjoyed my hdtv and the film....

Dare I say this is one thing you certainly need if you have an HDTV back home. It is in someways more than one what completes an hdtv. As for flipkart service, it's excellent three days as promised no more no less. Comes with legit invoice and warranty card at an unbeatable price. The least I could find elsewhere online or dealer was 19k for 160 gig...
Thank-you flipkart for great service and prompt delivery...
I ain't gonna buy anything from dealers anymore when I've got you folks.

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27 Jan 2012
excellent gaming console

here is a quick short review,
PS3, its complete home entertainment system. it got Bluray player, inbuilt 160GB storage, gaming, media server etc. etc. etc.

compared to xbox 360,

pros: 1.provides better overall value for money [160GB hard disk, blu ray player, Li-ion battery in controller, compared to xbox's AA cells]

2. PSN is free, so no charges for multiplayer

3. better local support from sony service centres

4. inbuilt 160GB hard disk is good enough for storing, movies, savegames, photos, game demos etc. and specially it can be replaced with ANY 2.5" LAPTOP hard disk of greater capacity like 500GB unlike xbox 360 which uses special xbox drives which costs Rs.5000 for 250GB. replacing hard disk in ps3 will NOT VOID warranty as sony officially supports it.

5. PS move is cheaper compared to Xbox kinect [both have advantages and disadvantages too]

cons: 1.
Does not support analog signal [VGA] for older monitors, unlike xbox 360 [which does support VGA] [if u got HDMI capable display, then this is not a problem], and requires HDCP capable monitor if u use HDMI to DVI converter.

2. PSN is not as fun as Xbox live. even when its free.

3. controller is not as comfortable as Xbox 360 gamepad.

4.only 2 USB ports

5.bigger and bulkier than xbox 360

6. no backward compatibility to PS2 games


1. uncharted series
2. god of war 3
3. metal gear series
4. killzone series

note for fanboys = I own xbox 360 slim , PS3 160GB slim and a descent gaming PC, this review is my opinion. doesn't matter if someone agrees or not

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12 Oct 2011
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For all those who are still deciding to get this product or not, I have just one thing to say...GO FOR IT...It is the best thing in the market...Graphics are awesome, game playing is awesome and not to mention the fun u are going to get when u invite ur frenz over..Really Proud to be a PS3 owner and not to mention Flipkart who delivered my PS3 within 3 days...the packing was great and got it in excellent condition..Flipkart u guys are the best..looking forward to doing lots and lots of business with u guys..

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15 Jun 2011
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great customer service from Flipkart. Got my console as promised :)

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13 Nov 2011
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Flipkart - the best in class online shopping for genuine products!

Thanks to Flipkart for the first class packaging and for safe and quick delivery of PS3 slim. Keep up the customer centric approach, its was a delighful shopping experience with no worries on delivery and quality of product.

The ps3 slim console is the best, the market has to offer for a relatively affordable price than the PS consoles of the past. Good build, best quality product for gaming and movie experience (blu ray).

I am very happy with this buy from flipkart and will continue to order from flipkart.

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23 Sep 2012
dont buy this

pls dont buy the ps3 slim as the ps3 super slim is official and is coming out next month or november it is 25% lighter and 20% lighter then the ps3 slim and is better looking it will come in a 12 gb model and a 500gb model

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12 Oct 2012
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Go for it before the new Super Slim PS3 floods the market

I'm happy i got this in June. The new PS3 that launched a few weeks ago is smaller but looks like too many cost cutting factors have influenced a cheaper build quality.
All running good so far. use it for gaming & video streaming over my wifi network & it works as an excellent media streamer.

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19 May 2012
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yeah it is the best console ever,no matter what others say it still got his place high in the market.playing games on PS3 has realy been a delight to me & playing on my 32" led HD is what I've been waiting for a long time....
There shouldn't b any argues with this console.this is the best among the rest!!!!!

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17 Jan 2012

I recommended you guys to buy ps3. because you get much more advantage of it than xbox 360. you pay for both rupees around 16000. you get only 4gb hard disk in xbox 360 and 160 gb hard disc in ps3 which is very huge to save games and load very huge games like: god of war, xbox 360 you cant load any games because 4gb is quite small than 160.ps3 has more exclusive titles than xbox. xbox has only two theree exclusive titles like :gears of war,halo3etc which is not quite i recommended to buy ps3 than xbox 360

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