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Sony Xperia Sola: Mobile

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07 Nov 2012
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Good Phone - Engineering could have been better

I bought this in October 2012 with Android 2.3.7.
I had used Samsung galaxy 5 earlier and so my observations are mostly in comparison with that phone

Quick response
Wifi ok.
GPS o.k. (It takes more time to get connected to the satellites)
Media player ok.
Camera good.
Has an internal SD card apart from internal RAM. Good memory.
Access to external SD card and SIM card is easy.

1. The major concern is about the placement of the speaker. This is placed at the backside bottom portion. The backside is almost flat and when the phone is kept on the table, sofa, bed, handbags, tables, ring sound is mostly muffled and you end up missing the calls. Other phones, the speaker is placed on the bottom edge etc. This issue is also a drawback when making conference calls.
2. The status LED blinks periodically in blue if there is any missed call or sms. But this is not bright enough or the blinking is very slow and may not get your attention though its good when it turns red for charging or green for completion.
3. The call log is integrated into dialer and it lists all calls sequentially but you cannot view separate list of missed call list, dialed list etc ( To overcome this problem, I am using an android app for managing missed calls)
4. The volume button is not easy to use. During a call, adjusting the volume is difficult as this button has to be pressed thru tip of the nails and not just with fingers!
5. I have been told few times that friends had called me and I did not respond. But I did not see any missed calls. It was very surprising. Once when the phone was flat on the table, someone sitting nearby called and they got ringing tone but it never rang on my phone.
When I Googled and understood this could be a drawback of flat design of the backside where the antenna is placed.
I have decided to always to keep it upside down and let us see …

To read a review at on these concerns search google with these keywords “phone would press into my stomach” !!

Now a days, differentiation of smartphones is more through how intuitive and easy the user interface is. I guess that is where the Apple stands. In this phone, the user experience is average and not very smart. The looks of the phone is good. Wish more thought is put into the engineering aspects so that the speaker sound does not get blocked , and the volume slider bar is easier to use, back cover design does not affect antenna reception etc.

Overall, it is good product and wish Sony puts more focus on engineering to standout in the crowd

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11 Nov 2012
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D Best one!

Bought this one from the flipkart... and I must say this phone rocks..

1)Headset clarity for music is the best!
2)Fast..very fast..i've used Motorola defy plus and this phone is 10 times faster then moto.
3)Best interface..and enough internal memory to store your content.
4)Memory card option which most of the Sony phones do not have.
5)People say battery is bad..but for me...battery is enough for the entire day!
6)NFC - It does help if you are too tired and want your phone to switch on wifi when you reach home!

1) You cannot take the battery out of the phone..but that doesnt bother me as till now phone did not get stuck a single time.
2)Looks of this phone are not that attractive..but for me, performance is all that matters!

So overall...this is the best purchase..njoy the Sola!

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03 May 2013
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Awesommme Product by SONY!!!!!

I wanted an android phone wid all the basic features most importantly wanted an HD camera wid it..SOLA satisfies all conditions fully :) when baught came with android 2.3.7 bt now wid the ICs 4.04 update its even become more better...I had a doubt before buying this due to many bad user reviews...but i still went for it ..n d result is obviously positive!! :) Got for it!!!! Excellent Product by sony...jus the con is that it doesnt hav a secondry i dnt need it at all so not a big deal for me..features are countless..:D to list a few..HD 5 MP camera with high pixel density , NFC, Floating touch,High screen resolution, Sleek Design, Battery lasts 12-13 hours even after playin music, Gaming etc, Gamin experiance is awsm, 1GHz Dual Core Processor n many more...........

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15 Aug 2012

Really the UI,touch experience,design(even though it's more plasty) make this phone to be identified uniquely among other android phones crowd.The touch experience will make you to do always something like simply navigating the apps more frequently.

but, all these bells and whistles are thwarted down by battery, the battery capacity is highly unsuitable for 3G network. with some moderate browsing also this device can't stay up for more than one day(let alone leave the gaming). This promblem was also there when sony was "sony ericson", thousand of users shouted this promblem from roof top but sony still has deaf ears.

Perhaps sony thinks that consumers are fools so they would buy any devices if it is made shiny and with "SONY" logo etched on it.

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10 May 2012
Big hopes....but a let down....

A phone priced above 18k will probably have a 3.5" or bigger screen and in this case its a 3.7" one and yet it runs on 1320mAh. Sony could have included a 1500mAh battery to the Sola. May be they are expecting their customers to buy a better battery from among their accessories.

Also Xperia U is another let down with its lack of a memory card slot. What is the point of fixed 4GB internal memory for a phone running on Android and that too with 720p HD recording ? Some might think that the USB On-The-Go can substitute this but how can they be logical ? Plugging in a flash drive, micro SD reader or a memory stick always to the phone is so dumb and not practical except when you are at a desk or docking it. For absolute portability and convenience they should have included atleast 8GB of user accessible internal storage or else went for an expandable storage via micro SD. That would have reduced the price at the same time proved more economical and convenient in every sense as microSD are very cheap these days.

Sony should definitely come with better products instead of bringing out these kind of senseless products. They can advertise 4GB internal storage and put a high price tag where 1GB internal and 32GB expandable was more than enough for the situation. I have seen 8GB class 4 microSD cards from reputed manufacturers like SanDisk and Transcend selling at unbelievably low prices (flipkart didn't allow me to mention the price in my review) these days. Buying an 8GB microSD wouldn't have been a problem at all.

For Xperia Sola I have no other complaints except for the battery and pricing. Sony should have put a price tag of 15 or 16k. I am waiting for a price cut which I know will happen in less than a year's time.

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17 Feb 2013
sony xperia sola

i have brought sony xperia sola about 20days ago
i got this mobile for 13800/- only
its good in performance
good in capacitive touch and floating touch(really not useful)
good camera clarity
720p video recording is good
nfc is good
wifi hotspot is good ofcourse every mobile is giving this

in my opinion battery backup is lacking
this is only disadvantage for me

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08 Nov 2012
Mobile didnt last a month...!!! /

As per my usage
Cons :
1) Phone running out of memory soon as all apps getting loaded unncessarily to make to phone look great (facebook, music player, etc)
2) No Battery replacement

Mobile spec and other stuffs are good, but there are some phone specific problems sticking with Sola models (Google for the "SOLA touch screen problems")

Let me hit the point straight.
Xperia Sola's common 2 problems.
1) Touch screen behaving random
2) Camera if used with SD Card as storage, will throw error "Camera not available" and it only shall work after a reboot.

Well, I didn't buy this through FlipKart, instead bought from Sony exclusive showroom to avoid other troubles of online shopping,however I got these 2 problems. With the showroom guys hot words saying "Sony replaces handset in case of any issue"(But actually now Sony only repairs as it's service center for SONY has been accepted in all Sony-Ericsson centers), was I really happy to buy Sola after it's 1st month release. A month later, I bought 16GB SD-Micro(Though it has 8GB internal), started getting the above said problems. But I thought of living with that problem...However that was just the beginning of it. Soon after the LCD Touch screen response seemed to go by day it was only worse...
> As a Temporary solution, showing the mobile to active sunlight for few minutes seemed solved the problem, but only for a day...

Flashing\updating to latest didn't solve any of these two.

Now my mobile rests in service centre in chennai, Anna Nagar for more than a month, those nuts said they would only replace motherboard and are saying Sony is still shipping...

Thank you very much SONY for eating my Rs.20,000 and making us begging you..!!!!

Guyz...Dont believe SONY replaces mobile, if you are told...It is history now...!!!

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10 Jan 2013
Decent buy

I am writing this review after 2 weeks usage.
Am a smartphone user for past 2 years, according to me its an average mobile, don't expect too much from it.


Dual-Core processor - Works flawless on Gingerbread (Few experience lag in ICS)
Display - viewing images and videos are good
User interface - smooth and eye-candy (not up to HTC sense)
Internal memory - 4 GB is really a good deal for installing numerous applications
Music quality - good, do some change sin equalizer
Design - just awesome

Battery back up - longs only a day even in average use (because of 1350 battery)
Camera - daylight images are fine, but low-light images are washed out

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04 May 2013
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certified buyer
Lots of problems

I had been a fan of Sony Ericsson phones in past, but this xperia is a piece of crap. It keeps rebooting without any reason at regular intervals, mobile network comes and goes randomly, battery drains out rather quickly and the camera is not upto the 5 MP mark.
When you zoom the camera picture, you will find many speckles, even when taken in daylight.On the other hand, my Samsung Galaxy S gives a clean picture at the same resolution.
So don't waste your money on this crap, only it's looks and the music quality are good, nothing else.

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Dinakara Prasad
22 Dec 2013
Absolutely waste of money

Sony Xperia Sola has a known issue with touch screen not responding. Most notably, the top left corner icons on any screen does not respond at all (Eg. : Contacts icon in Applications screen; Gmail icon in the next screen; Google+ icon in the third screen; Liveware Manager in the fourth screen.) Touch is as it is pathetic; trying to unlock by swiping the finger is a very difficult task; once unlocked, using any icon is difficult, specifically the top left icons not responding at all - even after updating the software to the latest, doing reset procedures, etc.

Browse for issues on the Internet if you wish to figure out the extent of this issue.

Absolutely a waste of money.

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