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Sony Xperia Sola: Mobile

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24 Jan 2013
nice phone,but battery sucks!!!!!!!!

After updating my xperia sola to 6.0.B.3.184, I have noticed that the battery life is VERY POOR.

Now even if I leave the phone on standby mode (over night), it drains almost 10 % even after entering in the power saver mode.

If I use the wifi or even use the music app when the phone is running, the battery drains at a rate of 1 % every minute or so.

When I check (under settings) about what has been using my battery, it says 'Display' is using most of the battery. So, I tried dropping my screen brightness and turning the bravia engine off but the **** thing still gets the battery drained. I mean what's the point of dimming off the display and turning off bravia engine - I can barely 'enjoy' the pleasure of having a touch screen smart phone coz I'm always worried about my battery life.

I've even tried re-updating, doing a full reset, holding the power button and pressing volume up for 5 seconds to force a battery disconnect - BUT IT'S NOT HELPING. And in the process of re-updating and resetting my phone I lost all my folder arrangement and app icon arrangement. This really got me annoyed as I had painstakingly arranged the icon-layout on my phone.

I'm really disappointed and upset with Sony about this issue. I am a big fan of their phones, but this issue with the xperia sola is really ******* me off. Grrrrr.... !!!!

I'm spending hours trying to figure out what the ****'s wrong with it but it seems there are no concrete solutions out yet. I've read on the forums that many people face are also facing this problem.

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18 Jan 2013
Unbiased Review

Hello every1..
Before buying this phone, even i did almost a research, reading all reviews about this phone. I bot this phone n been using it from a few days.
The 854x480 display is awesome
The Bravia engine and the touch sensitivity is too good, SONY has retained its class.
Coming to the phone, it can b used in two ways, by actually touching the screen and the other without touching it !! The floating touch is awesome. this is how to use floating tuch,
1. lock the screen and den press the unlock button
2. hold ur finger at a max distance of 10mm(better less than that).
3. the haptic feedback vibration happens, and yes ur phone is ready to b used in floating tuch mode.
4. A circular pointer appears wer u float ur finger and use it how u want.

The ICS upgrade works very well with this and even the upto 40mb memory apps work smoothly in this. If u think it lags, just restart ur phone and it will run as smooth as buttter. Everything else is very decent and due to the price drop, its just the best phone in range.

1. the camera quality is decent and it has a tuch focus unlike mentioned in one of the reviews. it has sleep to snap slide key. and the pictures are pretty decent and its nt for the one who is after a good mobile cam
2. It lacks a secondary camera
3. I experiencd a slight problem in tuch wen the phone is being charged.

Rest else is very fine and i suggest any1 to go for it and start using it and u will shower praises on it..

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10 Jan 2013

sony did a good job... its a beautifully designed mobile with smartness...
-it has a dual core precessor which makes it pretty fast device...
-its disply is as good as expected...
-it has sony bravia engine for better quality of pictures and videos..
-sound quality is a trademark for sony.. awesome sterio with 3D surround... though
-headphones are looking normal.. but gives better sound...
-apart from this... camera quality is also nice... with flash and auto focus funcn...
-it can record HD videos upto 720p... better in its class..
- gaming is very smooth... no flikr in vdos nd games...
- inbuilt memory is 2GB(phn memory) + 4GB(internal memory). total 6GB
additional feature is its floating touch... it can sense ur fingers without touching it...

-battery backup is OK as its android so it will take some. coz it has 1320mAH battery

Conclusion: its a worth mob for game and music lovers... though camera is also pretty nice.... :)

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10 Jan 2013
Decent buy

I am writing this review after 2 weeks usage.
Am a smartphone user for past 2 years, according to me its an average mobile, don't expect too much from it.


Dual-Core processor - Works flawless on Gingerbread (Few experience lag in ICS)
Display - viewing images and videos are good
User interface - smooth and eye-candy (not up to HTC sense)
Internal memory - 4 GB is really a good deal for installing numerous applications
Music quality - good, do some change sin equalizer
Design - just awesome

Battery back up - longs only a day even in average use (because of 1350 battery)
Camera - daylight images are fine, but low-light images are washed out

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29 Dec 2012
Sola is Good but camera quality poor

Guys I am having Sola, Its awesome for performance but when it comes to the camera. It is disappointing me, camera making too much noice one can see such noise of camera without zooming the picture. Day time quality of picture is good

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20 Dec 2012
Extremely slow after ICS upgrade

This phone has become extremely slow after upgrading to ICS 4.0; even simple actions like clicking on a new sms notification etc. take forever to pull up the message. Games like temple run hardly work.

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17 Nov 2012
looks sexy !!

Buy it :)
Looks very sexy (white one)
If u r very rough user buy red or black!

Brilliant screen, good camera, superb speed, I dont face any battery problems... Jus 3.7 inch , looks bigger thn it as its very superb display , light weight and very compact,took it ony for 12k without warranty on e***.in

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11 Nov 2012
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certified buyer
D Best one!

Bought this one from the flipkart... and I must say this phone rocks..

1)Headset clarity for music is the best!
2)Fast..very fast..i've used Motorola defy plus and this phone is 10 times faster then moto.
3)Best interface..and enough internal memory to store your content.
4)Memory card option which most of the Sony phones do not have.
5)People say battery is bad..but for me...battery is enough for the entire day!
6)NFC - It does help if you are too tired and want your phone to switch on wifi when you reach home!

1) You cannot take the battery out of the phone..but that doesnt bother me as till now phone did not get stuck a single time.
2)Looks of this phone are not that attractive..but for me, performance is all that matters!

So overall...this is the best purchase..njoy the Sola!

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26 Oct 2012
Touch without touching the screen!!

The Glove mode on Xperia Sola makes it a class apart in similar range smartphones. You actually use your phone without touching the screen!!! the floating touch while browsing internet is damm cool. The ICS update has added more feather to its hat..
1. Sound output is not very loud. Fine for music lovers like me who like to enjoy songs and not annoy others.
2. Camera is kinda average for indoor clicks; but astonishing in outdoors.

-1 star for indoor camera performance.

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14 Oct 2012
A User's Genuine Opinion

I bought this phone on September 28th and coincidentally it was the same day Sony released its ICS update for it's Xperia series, Now after updating it to ICS and after 15 days of brutal usage I just have one word for Sola - 'AWESOME..'.
The screen resolution and the UI has a smoothness that only comes with the Xperia series of Sony and happens to be much better than any of the same offered by Samsung or HTC within the same price bracket. The pics taken by the 5 MP camera are crispy and the pixel density of 265ppi alongwith the Sony Bravia Engine adds to the best display experience.
With the ICS upgrade, the floating touch technology that was limited to browsing in Gingerbread has been extended in the form of Glove Mode, a new addition which is basically to make the phone compatible to users wearing gloves, however don't know how much of this Glove Mode would help a customer of the sub-continent.
The dual core processor is an absolute gem which helps running apps and hefty games such as Dead Space, Hot Pursuit, Deer pro hunter etc with ease.
As far as the cons are concerned, personally I don't feel a need for a front end camera but that might be a negative for a phone belonging to this price range. The camera button is way to stiff to click a photo and removing the back cover can at times be a bit cumbersome but all in all a superb mid range android phone to go for. I am totally loving the Xperience of Xperia ..:)

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