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Spice Mi-425 (White, 140 MB): Mobile

Reviews of Spice Mi-425 (White, 140 MB)

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08 Jun 2012

This phone is awesome. This phone is so packed with features that it gives its competition a run for their money. The pricing is just right under Rs. 10,000. Apps work really well and games like angry birds work just fine. The only problem is that the home screens cannot be viewed using pinch to zoom. But pinch to zoom works really well on web pages. The screen is fine but not brilliant. Youtube videos look nice and clear.

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS
5 MP Primary Camera
0.3 MP Secondary Camera
Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)
4.1-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
1GHz Scorpion Processor
32 GB Expandable.
Good battery Life

Screen is not sharp and colours lack depth.
Homescreens cannot be viewed at a single glance.
Only 140mb of internal storage.

Al in all the phone is really nice to use. This is my first Android phone and i'm loving it. If you want this phone, Just go for it. You cant go wrong.

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20 Jun 2012
Good for the price asked

After skipping waiting for the mi-500, went for this one. Had purchased it last week. For the eight grand I paid, it is a decent phone. Camera is ok. The large 4.1" display could have been better (only 256k) though it is not bad by any means. Build quality and feel is great and the UI is snappy though feels a little half-baked at times. If only manufacturers would give stock GB/ICS with their phones.

Should have been shipped with a screen guard. The supplied screen guard has specs printed on it so you have to take it off.

Also, I'm in the market for a cover/case, so looking at other 4.1" phones whose accessories I can use with this one.

Bottom line: Great for your first android phone. Especially for people not wanting to go for puny 2.8, 3, 3.2 inch entry level phones with pathetic resolutions (Yes I'm talking about you, Samsung), this Spice is a very good buy. Waiting for ICS update (as promised)

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08 Jun 2012
first to review
Elder Bro of Karbonn A9

Guys dis is same Karbonn A9 phone with little bit tweaks here n der...MI 425 has 4" display Karbonn A9 has 3.8"...A9 has 1600 MAH battery MI 425 has 2000 MAH....A9 has 1GB internal memory Mi 425 has 140MB only bt can be expanded to 32GB.....Spice has promised for ICS update.....Other specs r same like Karbonn A9....So by paying 200/-Rs extra u will get little bigger display n huge battery bt less internal memory....Hope i have helped n clear doubts of many ppl....

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12 Aug 2012
The most pathetic phone..

I bought my Spice Stellar on June 12 after going through lots of reviews and comparing the specs with every other available phone. From the critics reviews and user reviews, I was more than convinced that this was the best available at this price range.
Post buying experience(my thoughts):
1st 10 days - Samsung S2(with price 3 times more)is probably the only competitor of this phone.
Next 10 days - Probably I should have waited for few more days before buying this phone.
Present Situation - Is anyone there to buy my phone for Rs. 2000/.
I sincerely would say everything about this phone is fine but the only problem which will make your life miserable is the
Hanging problem - If you speak for half an hour or if you play for 1-2 hrs, the processor starts getting slower and within hours it hangs. You need to reboot it every 10-20 hours.
No task manager on planet would help you. I believe this con over rides every other pros of this handset.
I would advise users to post their experience only after using a handset for a certain period of time.

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30 Jun 2012
A compelling device at the price point and range of features it offers

I purchased this one about 2 weeks back. Till now I did not face any problem at all. Its amagingly fast. Under 10K this is the only device that promises ICS upgrade as of today. Its a breeze running apps on this device. Battery backup is decent. With device fully charged up, continuously on Wifi and fiddling with phone for most of the time and using internet, it lasted for almost 24 hours. So turning off Wifi and with occasional usage, it will certainly give you more mileage.

The only concern that I have with it is the low internal memory (150 MB). Even though you can expand it by inserting a micro SD card and move applications to it, some applications do not allow you to do that. So after installing 15-20 apps, you have to be very picky about the new application that you want to install. You have to check if it allows you to move it to SD card or not.

You can get around this problem by rooting the device. But that has its own implications, in the process you might brick your handset. But people have been able to successfully root and unroot it. You can google it and get the links and more info about rooting.

Given the price point and features it offers, you can just go for it. If internal free memory is a real concern, then its your call.

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15 Aug 2012
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value for money

I got this phone on 10 Aug 2012. Delivery was in 3 days and i had no hassle in delivery.

1) Touch is good
2) Camera /sound is average.
3) Cant play FM in speaker mode.
4) Calls are clear, make sure you keep top portion ( where front camersa) open when you put screen gaurd since it has a sensor there.
5) You can install as many as applications you can and move it to SD card using MovetoSD app.
6) Can be upgraded to ICS.

Overall best phone @ 10k range.

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19 Jun 2012
good first android phone

this is my first android phone with good specs at realy great price.good phone to buy. good experience till now ,good battery life,screen size. great buy at this price thank you!

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24 Jan 2013
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Good Value for Money

This phone is not the best on the planet. Nor is the price. I have been using this phone for quite a while and enjoyed it. I tried to root it and then install a jailbreak ROM which really ruined it. The service center experience was not the most optimal but was not far from decent either. They didn't really get back at me because I had replaced the stock ROM and rooted the phone - which would typically void the warranty. They did the service within warranty and also needlessly replaced the display without any cost to me.

Great processor speed for the price.
Yes it does get slower with continuous use, any task manager worth its salt can solve this issue though. I use ATM and am happy with it.

Good RAM.
You need to free up once in a while but good RAM and very workable.

ICS upgrade is sweet.
ICS upgrade is really sweet. Enhances user experience and many phone with much higher cost still have to make do with GB.

Dual SIM!
Yea! Dual SIM at the price of a single SIM value for money phone! And the voice and reception quality is top-notch. Haven't had any complaints there at all.

Not the best in the world. If you are a typical Nokia loyalist, like me, you will be disappointed. However beats almost any other camera phone. Better than most of Samsung and Motorola cameras.

Build Quality
Not the best. Easily looks worn out after 4 months.

Internal Memory
Perhaps the biggest pain point. There are hacks and workarounds for this though.

Stock Launcher
A huge turnoff. It's really ugly and unwieldy.

Splash Video and sound
A huge turnoff. It's really ugly and unwieldy.

As you can see the cons are minor and irritants only. The pros far outweigh the cons and I go with a 5 / 5 just because of the price point.

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01 Jan 2013
It's a class product...

This is my 6th mobile after Nokia,Samsung,Byond, and Micromax and it has no competitor in this price range and better than micromax and byond. Remember this phone has GSM/CDMA for Sim 1 slot and GSM capabilities for Sim 2 slot.There are some pros and cons..

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS and can upgradable to Icecream 4.0.(Please take backup before upgradation)
5 MP Primary Camera with flash and 0.3 MP Secondary Camera
4.1-inch Capacitive Touchscreen and the touch is pretty good.
1GHz Scorpion Processor
32 GB Expandable.
Very good battery Life
Great music experience(use Wave II headset to get a booming music)
Will find Service centers almost everywhere.

Only 165mb of internal storage. (low for such type of pones but application can be stored into SD card).

I brought this phone 6 months back with INR 11000 and since then there is no complain from my side related to this product. Guys remember if you are comparing this with other cheap products then you are making mistakes as I already have some cheaper ones.

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18 Oct 2012
Good phone

I bought the phone a month back. It's a good phone with many features for 9K. I didn't face any problem with Android 2.3.6. However, after migrating to Android 4 (ICS) at Spice service center, GPS started not working (i.e. no navigation/current location detection in google maps)...:( Not sure if it is the device problem or issue in Android 4. Apart from that, no other issues. On an average (1 hour talk and 2 hours internet browsing per day), I get battery backup for 3 days. Camera quality is also good (for the budget). Overall performance is good.

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