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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Language: English
Length: 325 Pages
Publisher: Eklavya Foundation
Rs. 125
Inclusive of taxes
Seller: uRead
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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish (Paperback) Price: Rs.125

'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish' were the last words spoken by Steve Jobs during his commencement speech at Stanford in the year 2005. Rashmi Bansal uses this title to send across an apt message that at times in our lives, there come moments when we need to do something unexpected and crazy in a bid to realize our dreams.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is the collection of 25 stories of IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose to opt out of the corporate race and take the entrepreneurial path. This book starts off with the interesting story of Sanjeev Bhikchandani, who belonged to the batch of 1989 who founded The book also has stories of R. Subramanian, who owns the Subhiksha group, Sunil Handa who is the founder of Ekalavya Educational Foundation and many more. The book has a lot of educative and practical wisdom, which is an inspiring read for aspiring entrepreneurs and also those who want to achieve something in life.

About the Author
Rashmi Bansal is an entrepreneur, writer and a youth expert. She started off as a blogger and is now the proud author of three bestselling books. This book sold more than 300,000 copies and was also translated into 8 languages. She is also an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus.

Her blog, Youth Curry, has articles on entrepreneurship, youth and careers. Rashmi is also the Consulting Editor for a TV show on UTVI called 'Cracking Careers'.

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Her Writing Style
The book has a very conversational tone and hence appeals to many people. As Rashmi Bansal is an entrepreneur herself, she delves deep down into the personas of the entrepreneurs. The book was greatly appreciated by the masses for the inspirational content.

Specifications of Stay Hungry Stay Foolish (Paperback)

Author Rashmi Bansal
Book Details
Publisher Eklavya Foundation
ISBN-13 9788190453011
ISBN-10 8190453017
Language English
Edition 01
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 325 Pages
Height 0.75 inch
Weight 326 g
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Book Reviews of Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 97)

19 April 11
Stay Foolish And You Will Surely Stay Hungry

I had first heard this quote "Stay Foolish and You Will Surely Stay Hungry" in Happionaire's Cash The Crash. Now when I read this book, I can realize what is means. This book has its pros and cons - while it is excellent to appreciate people who achieve - we need to realize that IIM - A is not the supreme authority. I find it sad that even today in India people rub behind things like IIM.

Mukesh Ambani - was he from IIM?
Dhirubhai Ambani - was he from IIM?
Bharti Mittal - IIM?
Kishore Biyani - IIM?

See my point. Knowledge is for everyone!

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77% of 92 users found this review helpful.
31 October 08
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certified buyer
Inspiring stories nicely written....

I was curious about this book when I came across this somewhat unconvetional title "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish". So I decided to pick up a copy and flip through its pages. After going through the first few pages, I knew that this is the book I am going to keep with me for life. It's not because of any sentimental value but beacuse it is so insipiring to read about the young men who took risk in career and got ahead of others.

The book talks about 25 IIM-A graduates who, at different point of their life, decided to take a plunge into the challenging world of entreprenuership. They risked their career and turned down high paying job offers to start something of their own. The ups and downs faced by them in their endevours to do something different makes one think how big dreams are achieved.

The book is well written in short, simple and crisp English. It doesn't require one to be a Management guru to understand the context. There are a few jargons here and there. But overall, the book is quite interesting and inspiring to read. Highly recommended, especially to all those who are starting out on their career path.

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90% of 60 users found this review helpful.
11 February 11
@Raj Asthana


I haven't read any of the above books yet, but I have watched/read the speech of Steve Jobs. I felt, yes, this man did commendable job in life, or as some say luck favored him all along (thats apart).

It is *very bad* habit among many Indians to ignore local heroes and praise someone thousands of miles away. Steve Jobs might be great(and now down sick too), but the people in book (hopefully you have read and completed) arent small either. To succeed in a country like India is very difficult. In the west, your talent is nurtured. But here, you are pushed down and condemned for failures. We are speaking of success, but in different environments altogether.

So we need to grow up. We may have something to learn from successful people in India rather than America (unless you are in America). If watching a youtube video is inspirational, keep that with you. Dont suggest it is the (only?) best way to get inspirational to others. Let others read and have a great time with above books. If one among readers gets inspired and achieves something, I feel the purpose of book is well served. Atleast I am happy about that countryman rather than Steve Jobs.

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67% of 43 users found this review helpful.
10 June 09
Very Superficial

The book was more of a compilation of interviews with top entrepreneurs. It sort of became monotonous beyond a point.

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83% of 24 users found this review helpful.
08 October 08
first to review
Nice read .. Highly Recommended

The book is divided into 3 sections

* The Believers: IIM-A graduates who took the plunge straight out of IIM-A
* The Opportunists: Who saw an opportunity and capitalized on it
* The Alternate Vision: Social Entrepreneurs who cared about things beyond money

The book is written in a conversational format with the author thinking aloud before having a conversation with an entrepreneur followed by the conversation and a page of advice from the entrepreneur.

The sheer breadth of advice from entrepreneurs proves one big point, there is no consistent formula for success. There are examples and counter-examples of every strategy in the same book.

* There is no other way but to learn from one's own mistakes
* It pays to ride a wave in an upturn but then belief in one's ideas is as important to see through the trying times
* Bootstrap is good but sometimes there is no other way to scale up without a high leverage investments backed by a VC/PE fund
* Jumping straight into the rough is good but so is gaining some experience and building a nice nest egg before taking the plunge
* Its good to have equal partnerships with your co-founders but sometimes there needs to be a first amongst equals for smooth functioning
* You can plan really well and execute it with mathematical precision but sometimes the best of plans can be bested on first contact with the market
* Maintaining independence of your venture ('my baby') for long through the rough road is good but knowing when to let go even when the going is good is needed many times
* Government can be a very conservative regulator and prone to knee-jerk policy actions based on emerging events which can kill entrepreneurial ventures but sometimes they are the only ones who are willing to try out something new providing the much needed lifeline to ventures thinking ahead of their times.
* Small is beautiful but without scale the actual vision cannot be realised
* In all cases IIM-A alumni network helped a lot

84% of 19 users found this review helpful.
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certified buyer
good book

good book but not better than connect the dots also by same author.......................................................

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24 April 14
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certified buyer
Good but not engrossing.

The book is nice and you get a good idea about the success in a first few stories so much so that you dont need to read it furt...

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17 April 14
Good read!

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is a really nice read by Rashmi Bansal. Highly recommended for all budding entrepreneurs.

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21 March 14
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certified buyer
Amazing book

An amazing book for all those who wanna be an entrepreneur ...
Very nice sweet small interesting motivating inspiring sto...

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10 March 14
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certified buyer

It was outstanding experience to buy the product from Indian e-commerce leader.
Delivery was prompt as usual.

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25 February 14
    Book: Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal
    ISBN Number: 8190453017, 9788190453011, 978-8190453011


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