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Stupid Guy Goes to India

Language: English
Length: 230 Pages
Publisher: Blaft/Westland
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Stupid Guy Goes to India (Paperback) Price: Rs.224

Through the autobiographical story of Yukichi Yamamatsu, Stupid Guy Goes To India takes a funny look at one man’s struggle as a clueless tourist in a foreign land.

Summary Of The Book

Stupid Guy Goes To India is the firsthand account of Yukichi Yamamatsu’s experiences in a foreign country.

Yukichi Yamamatsu is a 56-year-old Japanese man who travels to India. He is on a mission to sell his manga comics in India, a country where they are yet to gain popularity. As he attempts to navigate his way as a stranger in a strange land, hilarity ensues.

He lands at the Delhi airport, armed with just a little money, a mission to accomplish, and zero interest in sight-seeing. From the minute he arrives in India, he is swept away in a hurricane of new, often daunting sights and sounds. Even the tiniest and most common of tasks seem to take enormous amounts of effort.

From the spicy cuisine and the persistent beggars to the filthy toilets, Yamamatsu is left quite overwhelmed by it all. His comic-selling mission is initially overshadowed by the need to accomplish seemingly simple tasks like looking for a place to live, and escaping from the clutches of all manner fraudulent people, including landlords, cops, auto drivers, shoe sellers, and street vendors.

As he slowly recovers from the culture shock that he was highly unprepared for, he gets back on track to focus on his original mission. His problems seem never-ending as he struggles to find a translator for his books, deal with a printing press, and find a vendor for the printed comics.
Stupid Guy Goes To India has been written in Japanese, Yamamatsu’s native language. It has been written in keeping with the traditional format of Manga comics, i.e., it needs to be read in a back to front, right to left manner. It was first published in 2008. This particular edition is the English translation by Kumar Sivasubramanian. It was published in 2012.

About The Authors


Yukichi Yamamatsu was born in 1948 in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. He quit junior high school and went on to take up one different job after another. At the age of 16, he sold his first Manga book to a publisher in Osaka. He has been a well-known manga comic artist for over four decades now.

Kumar Sivasubramanian is a Canadian writer and translator of Indian origin. He is also a consultant for Sunrise Inc, a company that is into anime production. He has translated several manga series from Japanese to English, including Summit Of The Gods, Blade Of The Immortal, and Old Boy. He is also the author of a webcomic called Weird Crime Theater. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Specifications of Stupid Guy Goes to India (Paperback)

Author Yukichi Yamamatsu
Translated By Kumar Sivasubramanian
Book Details
Publisher Blaft/Westland
Publication Year 2012
ISBN-13 9789381626399
ISBN-10 9381626399
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 230 Pages
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Book Reviews of Stupid Guy Goes to India

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 15)

17 March 12
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certified buyer
Mediocre in storyline, but makes up in other ways

The main reason why I bought this book was the idea of getting to see India from the eyes of a Japanese person; what the chaos, anarchy, and unhygeinic disorder of this country must look like to someone used to the peaceful environs of a nation like Japan.

In that aspect, 'Indo-e baka ga yatte kita' or 'Stupid Guy goes to India' certainly doesn't disappoint. Mr. Yamamatsu presents an honest portrayal of his life in Delhi, complete with the several occasions of despair when things simply refused to work out as per plan, the exasperation at the filth that permeated every nook and cranny of the Indian capital, and the almost frightening incidences when snide Indian businessmen went out of their way to dupe him, 'a loaded, gullible foreigner' as he was.
What was particularly interesting were his few matter-of-fact comments on where Japanese and Indian societies differ, and where they concur. Also, his struggle to make sense of what was happening around him armed only with his rudimentary English and beginner's Hindi is almost somewhat endearing.

Reading this book is a bit of a novel experience in itself. For those of you who may not be acquainted with Japanese manga- they generally open on the right side (what we consider the 'back cover') and the panels as well as speech bubbles progress from right-to-left. The format has been preserved in this adept translation, and provides for a delightfully exotic new experience for the easily amused (like myself).

That said, the story isn't too engaging. It's an honest, adult-oriented travelogue; it doesn't have the thrilling plotline, imaginative situations, or interesting characters that define Manga. The book starts to get somewhat boring around the middle, and at times the story progresses so slowly, I actually found myself thinking 'OKAY, FINE! I get the idea! Now, MOVE ON!'. Though I dare say, the story was never meant to be the USP of this book.
It boils down to your own personal priorities: would you spend time on a book that's just about fairly mediocre per se, so long as it provides for a different, interesting new cultural perspective on your own nation? (and reads back-to-front in panels that run right-to-left? ^_^)

Non Hindi-speakers be warned- You will not be able to completely make sense of this book armed only with English- far too many speech bubbles are exclusively in Hindi written in the English alphabet, and even more are in a haphazard mélange of English and Hindi. It provides for an almost comical reading for those who also know Hindi like myself, but for those who don't, it may prove to be outright frustrating.

Oh, and I might as well say this- kudos to the translator, good job!

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07 March 12
first to review

A hilarious manga comic with a number of laugh out loud panels. Very well illustrated (and of course, read from back to front!). The book details Yukichi Yamamatsu's harrowing experiences in India. We laugh with him, at him, and at the same time, feel sorry for him.

Most of all, we get to know India from the perspective of someone who's been in total cultural isolation all his life. A vivid description of the mess that is our Indian society!

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5 of 6 users found this review helpful.
11 May 12
For a comic, its a good read ..........

I have been watching/following Japanese animation (anime) titles for a few years now, and I learnt that most of them originated from comics (manga). I haven’t read any Manga nor was I overly curious about the people who wrote or drew these manga or anime, but on reading the book summary and Karthik Tripathi’s review I figured it was worth a try.

Like any book written buy a stranger in a strange land, this comic book (graphic novel if you wish) shows us the narrator/writer’s perspective. And for me it didn’t disappoint. The idea of an old Japanese person coming to India with the objective of publishing manga is itself very…… extreme. However, I found the story enjoyable and the characters were portrayed realistically. The author’s (very) EPIC struggle on a limited budget to translate, print and sell comic books on the mean streets of Delhi is something a real ‘baka ga’ would try. After all, the image of Japanese people familiar with most Indians is the stereotypical ‘polite guy’ in advertisements of Japanese cars and bikes.

The translation is very well done. I specially liked the parts in the book where the narrator is himself trying to translate his comic into Hindi with the help of different people and struggling to get the tone of the plot right.

The illustrations are not bad either. The occasional ‘chibi’ pictures are well placed, but I’m guessing their significance would be lost on readers not familiar with the same. There is also one full-page illustration of Lord Ganesha that is especially well done.

To sum up, the book made for a good read. I wouldn’t recommend it highly, but it’s good for a one time read if you don’t mind shelling out 300 bucks. Again, my personal opinion entirely, but this can serve as an informal handbook for tourists from the Land of the Rising Sun planning to visit India.

Flipkart, in keeping with their tradition, delivered the book the next day and in mint condition. Arigato guys!!

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2 of 2 users found this review helpful.
22 June 13
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certified buyer
An Honest account and the Indian flavours extracted and served !

Its always very interesting the way a foreigner views one's country and brings out those observations in a uniquely honest manner..sometimes brutally honest.Stupid guy is one such very honest account. The manga writer's tryst with destiny (trying to sell manga in India ), or whether be the ability to laugh at his own self ,will have you chuckle silently. If you are looking out for a solid story and plot,this is definitely not the book to look in it for. But, if you are for seeking a light read and going with the flow the writer has set for the reader ,you are going to wrap up the last page with a sense of satisfaction . The one which comes after reading someone's heart and soul bared out on paper.

The illustrations area visual treat and the detailing adds to delightful finds while reading . All in all ,a good read .

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1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
30 November 12
Politically insensitive and a rather boring read

Insensitive to deaths, disasters; references to tragic events for the sake of creating rather cheap laughs. The pace is slow, rather dull; though it might be a true story of how the man overcomes SO many obstacles in order to publish one book, it's incredibly monotonous. You've read the first twenty pages, you've read them all. Positively drags towards the end. Finally leaves off with a bland promise of a sequel.

The protagonist starts off as interesting but pretty soon establishes his purely commercial motives, which make one wonder about THIS very book and it's true purpose. He does insult India most of the time; I can understand that coming from his situation, but publishing is something that does require a certain sensitivity, both political and personal; something lacking entirely.

It's kind of interesting how the authority stumbles and stumbles again at each corner of his journey, yet his resolution stands strong-possibly the only thing I can say in the defense of the book; yet it results in the protagonist being purely patronized from the reader.

In a final word, I've read much, much better graphic novels than this. Do not buy this if you'd rather be spending on something that gives a much more wholesome catharsis.

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1 of 4 users found this review helpful.

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certified buyer
Wastage of time and money

Please do not buy this. It looks interesting from its cover and title but its a stroy of a looser whis is not funny but irritat...

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04 April 14
Mrigakshi Sharma
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certified buyer
first time read a manga

Yeah ! firdt time i read a manga. The book was quite good. I really enjoyed it and most importantly it shows the the real face...

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08 March 14
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certified buyer
Good Book, will wait for sequel.

I'm new to Manga style of reading and i found this book interesting enough to explore more Manga.
The story line is a abs...

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27 February 14
Memthoibi Adhikari
fun, embarrassingly

this book makes you laugh, feel sorry for the poor man and realize, this is actually gives you an honest perspective. it forces...

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25 February 14
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certified buyer
Waste Of money

i am an ardent book reader..

after seeing the book cover reading reviews in FLIPKART i ordered and found it waste...

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20 November 13
    Book: Stupid Guy Goes to India by Yukichi Yamamatsu
    ISBN Number: 9381626399, 9789381626399, 978-9381626399


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