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12 April 12

Its amazing and one of the best book i read on Indian and Chines Economy. Statics and other very interesting facts make this book more interesting. buying this book is worth.

The author has also compared Indian Economy,Chines Economy and USA economy very well.

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17 November 11
Book full of Statistics

Raghav has done a statistical comparison between the two Asian giants. Some of the facts are quite obvious but gives a whole new perspective once you compare it with the statistics given in the book.

Both economies are fighting hard to become number uno. Since globalisation has integrated the world and with the current economic downturn it becomes very interesting to read the pros and cons of growing economies.

India and China both have massive population, statistically India have more youth population whereas China has less. Now if you put this statistics 20 year down the line it will become obvious which Nation will have more energy.

Both the goverments have to live upto the rising expectations of the Youth so that we do not witness another Brain Drain.

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    Book: Superpower?: The Amazing Race between China?s Hare And India?s Tortoise by Raghav Bahl
    ISBN Number: 0143418734, 9780143418733, 978-0143418733


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