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Tamron AF 70 - 300 mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro 1:2 for Nikon Digital SLR Lens: Lens

Reviews of Tamron AF 70 - 300 mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro 1:2 for Nikon Digital SLR Lens

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21 Feb 2013
UNTOLD FACTS about TAMRON 70-300mm Di LD Macro Lens !!!

Many Pros & Cons have been written about this Lens so far,so I am not repeating them. I only want to share my Personal True Experience with this lens.I was a bit cautious to buy this lens as many have wriiten in their review that above 200 mm picture gets soften,shakes are inevitable, auto focus! Let me tell you that after I bought it ,I shot wildlife/birds photos at 300 mm & never felt softness or fall of sharpness in fact is that VR or IS or VC (vibration control) is required if shutter speed is slower than about 1/125 sec ,now do you think that wildlife photos are shot at any shutter speed below 1/125 sec???...Common just any shutter speed above that will not require any VR/IS/VC facility(for this you have to pay thrice more money). ALso note that all camera companies advise to switch off VR/IS/VC option while using TRIPOD...WHY?...Bcoz it reduces sharpness of picture !!! So we can conclude that no need to pay thrice amount for VR/IS/VC ..its a mental obsession...Just keep shutter speed at above 1/125 sec & be steady , also learn how to hold DSLR...GREAT PHOTOS CAN BE SHOT AT 300 mm also ! And any Telephoto with f/4-5.6 will hunt for auto focus a it is not a problem with this only...but still it does not hunt a lot. SO I AM FULLY SATISFIED USING IT WITH MY Nikon D 5100 .

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18 Jul 2013
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Professional Quality pics if you know how to...

As many have reported earlier
This lens is great for the money you pay. I've taken many great photos with it on vacation and around town. It is also very compact and light. While it is not an ideal lens to shoot Birds in Flight due to its slow auto-focusing it is great for general photos and portraits.

1. Potential for Great Pics
2. Light waighted
3. Auto-focus on D3100 as lens have inbuild motor
4. Got free hood and hoya filter
5. Added extra 1:2 macro
6. Both gr8 Bokeh and "BHOKALI" effects ;)

1. Relatively slow autofocus than expensive competition < Bearable
2. Relatively noisy than expensive competition < Bearable
3. Not an ideal lens to shoot Birds in Flight < U can if u prefocus etc.
4. Dont have VR but nikons lence with VR sels for about 25K :O
5. Needs Tripod above 250 mm

Bottom Line 5 stars since it allows you to take Pro level pics at a bargain

Tips for better photography:

1. Try portraits with full zoom you'll get excellent bokeh effect
2. Get a tripod if you want that moon and the pollen of the flower in your sensor.
3. Learn extensively this lens will pay its price only if you know how to use it.

Happy Shooting ;)

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20 Aug 2011
first to review
Good value

I bought this one in jan'11.
It does not have any kind of stabilization in it. Image sharpness is good, but u need a very steady hand or a tripod for getting perfect images...
It has autofocus motor inbuilt but its noisy...
Coz thats all u can get for only Rs 8k!!!

Ps. It has macro mode in 180-300mm

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04 Sep 2012
Tamron ++

Buy this lens if you cannot afford the expensive Nikkor alternative-come with VR, but you want to enjoy getting close to your subject without moving closer.

The macro feature is just brilliant. Pictures taken from this lens in the macro mode will get adulation, lots of it.

Taking pictures of the setting sun, full moon in the sky becomes easier. USE A TRIPOD, or a still flat surface when in the 200-300mm region; handshake will hurt badly otherwise(applicable for most lenses with f4.6 aperture.

Cannot compare it with the Sigma alternative but this lens is definitely worth each paise I spent. I did not buy it from flipkart, sorry, I found a cheaper option at a local dealer but I have bought stuff from flipkart before and their service is always commendable unless in extreme circumstances.

Bottom line:

1. If you are a novice, like me, you should think of this especially if you are on a tight budget.
2. Offers great zoom, definitely during bright light settings.

P.S. @ all those who say this is a bad lens, you either do not know how to use the DSLR yet, or you are just simply doing it wrong.

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26 Apr 2012
good in this price range , For beginners

was actually looking for something in the 200mm range and decided that for under Rs10000.
I would give this lens a try (not much to loose if I didn't like it). As I just recently purchased this lens I haven done much serious work with it yet but I am quite satisfied with the test shots I've taken espically if I stay below 200mm. Even the test shots I took at 300mm (on a bright clear day) were good.

For it's macro feature, once you get it into it's macro mode it does take some nice shots (note: a tripod is a must for macro shots at these focal lengths). Then the challange is getting the lens out of macro mode, luckly I was home because I had to go find the bloody book to figure out how to exit the macro mode.
Bottom line, if you're looking for a lens with a working range of 70-200 with the ocasional foray above 200mm this lens is a good value.
Do read it .
Very good image quality for an inexpensive lens, better than the Nikon and Canon equivalents. Well worth using. Build quality better than you have a right to expect at this price point and image quality is pretty decent.
Cheap , Very good at f8, small and light,great DOF
CONS : -
Slow AF , Image quality at 200-300mm,CA´s, but only in very contrasty situations, easy to remove in PS
CA = chromatic Aberration.

I am enjoying it . Buy and give it a try :)

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02 May 2012
Tamron 70-300mm Great Budget Telephoto Lens

I have Tamron 70-300mm for nearly a year and I always prefer this lens over 18-55mm Kit lens. In outdoor, it gives pretty good result. Indoor photos are bit average. But It never disappoints for Telephoto scenes. Tele Macro is fine, But unfortunately I haven't used much.
You can't use this lens so closer to any object for Macro (as we use 18-55mm). Because It's focal length starts from 70 which means the camera should have some distance. Also you can't expect Wide Angle Shot with this lens.

Overall this Lens is Great and recommended. Don't expect only with this lens you can shoot for any shot. It's a TelePhoto Lens not All-Rounder (Actually in DSLR there is no All-Rounder lens : You've to buy different kinda for different situation).

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31 Oct 2015
Makes you a better photographer

I am writing this review after using this lens for a week on Nikon d3300. Its one of the best lens you can buy under 15k. This is an amazing piece of glass taking price into consideration. This may sound foolish, but i sold my Nikon 55-200 VR to buy this lens because i wanted to extend my zoom range. nikon 55-300 VR was an option but, it costs atound 20k. And nikon 70-300 mm g does not autofocus of d3300, so i never thought of buying it. Now i own this lens and nikon 35mm 1.8g and with these two lenses i can click almost anything i wantt to. Macro feature on this lens is an added advantage(though its not a true macro lens,it provides 1:2 magnification but we can still get very good shots). I would still recommend to go for Nikon 55-300mm VR if you can spend 20k, only advantage of that lens over this one is that you can get better photos between 200mm to 300mm range. I would still rate this lens higher than nikon 55-300mm keeping in mind the price.
I have titled my review as , "makes you a better photographer" because it teaches you how to hold your camera properly, play with iso and if you are still using auto or priority modes, this piece of glass will force you to jump into manual mode. And if you dont want to buy this lens because it does not have any VR or VC ( as Tamron calls it), i would say just go for it because its absence is not going to hurt you at all. why ? Because, firstly you will use it for wildlife photography mostly and i dont think that you can get good wildlife shots at lower shutter speeds even with lens having VR. Secondly, if you are shooting in low light conditions(cloudy day or evenings), you can push your iso up to 800, this is not going to give you much noise and you can get good sharp images.
Its not easy to read paragraphs so, i will just list down some of the pros and cons of this lens.
Pros :
1) Zoom range.
2) Sharp photos till 200mm. (after that you can just narrow down the aperture to about f9 or f11)
3) Macro ( good 1:2 magnification shots. This feature works between 180 - 300 mm range. If you think that images are little soft, just narrow down the aperture)
4) LD
5) Autofocus works really well in good lighting conditons ( and its not "very" noisy) .
6) very versatile lens. you can do wildlife photography, click macro shots and good portraits and even good landscapes at about 70-80mm ( though its not very wide angled, but you can still get good shots depending on the situation)
7) Price.
8) Looks good. Gives kind of a pro look.
9) Not very heavy.
10) It is more durable than you think it to be.
Cons :
1) Slow auto focusing in low light (and from low light i mean, very bad lighting conditions. it will perform well indoor also, because i dont think that you will ever go beyond 100-120mm when clicking indoors. AF is problematic in low light only at higher focal lengths.)
2) All plastic, except the mount.( it looks like weak plastic, but its quite durable)
3) Soft images beyond 200mm (Can be taken care off by narrowing down the aperture and increasing ISO simultaneously because, given a choice between little noisy and sharp or less noise and soft, you will definitely go for the former one ).
Yes, you were looking for something like , " no VR/VC ". Trust me, you can easily hand hold it in 95% of the cases and as i have already told you that absence of VC will make you a better photographer, so i think its neither a pro nor a con. Having VR is an added advantage, but its absence is not going to make any significant difference. Stop talking like, "its very difficult to use a lens without it and i cannot live without VR".
If you are a beginner, this lens along with kit lens is all you need. I preferred this one with Nikon 35mm 1.8g prime in my bag.
Go for it. Dont think much.

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28 Sep 2011
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Go for it !!!!!

If you are beginner and looking for 70-300 mm lens with a limited budget, this one is excellent. I brought this 2 weeks back and used it my recent outing, great pics, esp with macro mode. I'm quite happy with this lens.
It is bit noisy during auto focus & sometimes get stuck with 250mm focus, but I can't complain much. It is value for money.
Thanks to Flipkart for quick deliver [within 2 days] with good packing :)

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05 Dec 2013
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Good in Price but not in quality

I bought this lense for my Nikon D90, I am not quite happy with this as it do not has VR,but it is already mentioned in the product description, so its my bad.
with trypod, it gives to 80 to 85% of Nikor lens quality, which is much more in cost.
so if you want to use the lense at 200 to 300 mm pl check in person before you make a choice to buy.

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17 May 2013
Best value for money

I bought it locally, they are giving at a lower price (son't provide the bill :) )

You have bought your first DSLR and already blown a lot of money on that, the stock 18-55 is restricted on range, so you want to add some zoom to your lens...if you are budget conscious but still want to try wildlife, potrait photography better start with this one.
It may be cheap but it does what's it's supposed to do.
First of all about VR and all that stabilization stuff, somebody below has said correctly, shoot with shutter speed 1/125 and more, it will be taken care of.
Most of our photography we do anyways in daylight, so maintaining that shutter speed with some ISO changes will not be an issue.
For Macro, it's good for flower close-ups only, it will not magnify the fly's eyes for you, but as it's a bonus I will not complain. For Macros though a tripod is recommended( which is applicable for most of the Macro lenses)
If you have used the 18-55 only till now, you will get more flexibilty an doptions while using this for potraits.
All in all I highly recommend it for first time buyers

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