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Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake: Book

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17 Feb 2012
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Bold and Refreshingly Different !

Once again Preeti Shenoy has managed to surprise me. And How! Usually authors tend to follow the same pattern of thoughts and plot for all their books but this is where Preeti stands apart from the rest.

Tea for two and a piece of cake is very different from not only her earlier works but also from the other books in the market. As she had done with her previous book, Preeti dares to go off the beaten track once again, this time to explore different facets of human relationships, be it love or friendship.

Simply yet eloquently written, the story flows smoothly, but at a very fast pace. It is a gripping tale, and you really dont want to put the book down till you reach the end. But what really sets it apart is the way she has handled and described the intense emotional journey of the protagonists. As you read on, you realize the fragility and complexity of human relationships and that sometimes relationships just don't fall into the norms and regulations prescribed by our society- and it really does not matter that they don't !

Tea for two is not your regular love story about Love lost and found. This is a very bold and unconventional book; a book that explores the fabric of human relationships and forces you to question your very beliefs and perceptions about them.

Definitely worth a read !

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23 Feb 2012
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Good Read

I am wary of reading books by Indian Authors as they seem to be trying to prove to the world how cool they are, use some hip language and slang...and they think have a masala pot boiler on their hands.
I recently picked up Tea for two ...and started reading yesterday...And before I knew it I was staying up to finish the book...The story line is not unusual but Preeti's portrayal of the characters and her language warmed me up to the book.She uses simple language, isnt dramatic and seems to have her feet firmly on the ground.
The protaganist is a woman I can identify with, someone who I could be friends with and someone who has lived her life as she wants and doesnt make excuses for herself.She lives life on her own terms, whether she wants to go on a drinking binge,partying with a good looking guy or living it up in Bali or where ever..She made her bed and she likes it that way.
No rona dhona and gyaan in this book and no looking down on this woman's morals which is what I liked...With Preeti's writing it seems like we are moving towards an India where women can do as they please and be responsible for it without having to ponder about the world looking down upon them with dismay.
The second half of the book dragged and was predictable but still it was readable.
Its definitely a recommended read on a flight journey home or on a night you want to do some light reading

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22 Feb 2012
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Perfectly Unusual!

To start with, let me remember you a statement that you would have heard or read "All is fair in war and love" (from the JAB WE MET- Movie).

The Film makers say "We have conceived the movie in a different dimension and blah blah blah".but those movies would have got one more spicy item dance and unwanted scenes. There would be few movies which actually mean it. We love it and the makers do mean what they say and this applies to this book

Before reading the book, I had no idea about the story.As I have read all preeti shenoy's books, I beleived that "this is gonna be something unusual" and It was. You would heard about this word "Triangular love story". I should say this "A Cup of Tea and Piece of cake" is a right angled triangular love story :) and you would know it at once you have read the book. The story has two parts and they are narrated with extra-ordinary situations with perfect vocabularies.

This Story revolves around Nisha,Samir,Aakash,some friends and Tea (:)). Nisha should be a girl we would identify in our neighbourhood.A girl who loves to be loved.A girl who loves his work and little emotional towards it

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21 Feb 2012
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A book I loved totally

I received this book today afternoon and just finished reading it.
The book is one of those rare books where story is not just a story written from author's perspective,but a book where each line is true to character..I have always believed that being true to yourself is most important thing in life and writing a book true to its character is most difficult thing in book writing
I received my book around 12 which was my lunch time and started reading it after lunch and to my surprise there was no sleep in my eyes which I usually have after lunch.. I was into the world of "Nisha" the main character and I was loving each line, each character..
I always believed that relationship is the most complex things in this world and when it comes to marriage it always becomes more complex. You do not know how some small issues keep getting bigger and the whole relationship gets strained..But the book depicts this thing in a beautiful manner and with sophistication. The small details which turns the marriage life into a troubled relationship is beautifully depicted.
I have read lot many books in last few years and it amazes me the way this story touches my heart.It almost feels like a candle of compassion,pain, happiness burning in my heart and I am just standing beside the lead characters of the novel and simply wishing them happiness for their life . Thanks for giving this experience.. because I rarely get such experiences and today I got one of those through this book...

"A crisis situation comes in life just to make things better and more beautiful..."

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18 Feb 2012
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~Get Ready With Your Tea~

Tea for two and a piece of cake, plus, of course, conversation... These small moments are what make life worthwhile.

The book starts in Mumbai, where the lead character ?????? Nisha-the-plump-plain-Jane lives. Her life takes an audacious turn in mesmerizing Bali leading to bizarre twist of events to happen again in Mumbai. A complete roller coaster emotional ride??????
The aromatic and apt portrait of a middle class and high class Indian society is commendable. You will see this world through the eyes of Nisha. Get ready with your tea as she will go on and on and on?????? There are moments when Nisha is talking to herself in her mind?????? that??????s the best part?????? Not a single word is going to bore you.

The characters are justified fittingly in their own way. The story is fast paced. Every chapter has something to talk about making the reader wonder what will happen next. I knew how the book will end but the writing style, the narration, and the way things happened one way or the other, kept me hooked. The language is simple. She writes in vibrant colors.

Trust in me in all you do
Have the faith I have in you
Love will see us through
If only you trust in me
Why don??????t you, you trust in me?
Come to me when things go wrong

Preeti righteously says, ??????Music always adds magic to love??????. This unusual story has all the chapter??????s titles with the names of the songs. I have heard some and have a vague idea about others. It did lead me to something which we call love (in a very unusual yet appreciative / obliged way). This concept will surely be cherished by all the readers.

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18 Mar 2012
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A good read but lost the plot somewhere

Sometimes what we do for time pass turns out to be a profession in long term. This book of preeti shenoy is totally different compared to other fiction stories which revolve around love; this book of her reflects the current state of almost every woman who loses her identity after marriage.

I like the songs which preeti has used at appropriate situations and also the character of Mrs. B & Akash they play their part perfectly along with Tanya who is a good daughter and doesn??????t trouble her mom at all. Only thing which I didn??????t appreciate was Akash from being a good friend slowly getting involved in sex and later it turned out to be a live-in affair.

It was a story of every girl who doesn??????t know what she needs from life after marriage...They get so much engrossed in their day to day life that they didn??????t have time for each other which later turns out to be a sour relation. It also shows how much important communication is between two couples which Samir & Nisha lacked.

Lot of decisions which Nisha took was instant and not well thought out, something which doesn??????t work in reality. It??????s interesting how she fights to survive with two kids. Preeti somewhere lost the plot although Nisha was able to get her identity back. Overall it was a good read although it could have been best. I would rate it 4 out of 5.

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26 Feb 2012
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Worth the time and money spent.

This review should have come a little earlier but I believe that while reading one must be able to visualize the happenings described in the book rather than just reading it and past few days my mind had been running a film of its own. That is why, despite getting my author signed copy on 14th Feb. and opening the book to read on the same day, I could not really read past the prologue. The prologue itself is strong enough to make you read further. So, I read a couple of pages more before putting the book down. I picked up the book again after the film that was playing in my head on loop, finally stopped. This time, I finished the book in one sitting.

This review is my personal opinion about the book and you can choose to think differently but for that you will have to read the book and 'that' I would definitely recommend. It's worth the time you spend holding it in your hand.
You will like the book if you are a reader like me who reads a lot of supernatural stuff - vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts. This book will be a welcome change, full of emotions and written in an amazingly simple way.

Supernatural stuff or not, this book gives you a taste of real life. It is a fiction but it is written in a wonderful non-fiction way. I could imagine myself to be a part of the story, experiencing the shock and pain Nisha goes through. I imagined myself walking besides her, in her journey through various phases of her life.

A person cannot please everyone. There would be people who are let down, people who would disagree with the concept/ideas which are part of the book. Actually, concepts/ideas which are very much part of the real world we live in as much as they are part of the book. There are people who like to read sentences woven by the kind of words that people like me might need a dictionary to look up. If that is the kind of book you are looking for, then you will have to drink your tea from someplace else. As far as I am concerned, I like Preeti??????s writing style, Simple and Captivating at the same time. Anyone can write a love story but writing a story which is full of love and emotions is not everybody??????s piece of cake. I??????d give Preeti 8 on 10 for the description of the weak moments of Nisha??????s life.

I read it, each sentence hitting me with a force of a gale wind. I read it with my fists clenched. I read it with tears welling up in my eyes. I read it biting my lip. I read it once, and then I read it again.

And with that one statement, and with that look in his eyes, we both know he has crossed that fine line which separates friendship from a deeper relationship between a man and a woman.

And many more lines in the book make the reader live them rather than just read them.

??????Tea for two and a piece of cake?????? is a simple story of a simple woman who falls and grows in love. The journal entries make the book a little more personal.

Get your copy, read it and let me know your views.

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19 May 2012
a wonderful journey of Love, Emotions, Affection and Positivity.!!!!

Tea For Two and A Piece Of Cake: catchy and appealing title plus a story which speaks about a girl 'Nisha' toggling between two different kind of men who are poles ahead in their character.!

The book starts with the emotions of Nisha who is made lone by her love married husband, where the reader will easily hate Samir.

Then a small phase where Nisha shows all her courage to bring up her children by her own, after she leaves her hubby's place. A lesson to women how to judge a relation and be bold at a situation like this.!

And the best part comes, Akash and his impact in Nisha's life. Akash makes all possible happiest difference in nisha's life and to the flow of the story.
Mrs.B, one more added impression to the story.
A lot happens throughout the book, full of emotions, love and building positivity in every move of the story.
The Chapter Titles, are cute ones.!!

Preethi, a wonderful experience " Tea For Two " and with an Author Signed Copy (got from you @ Landmark, Chennai)will stay precious for Life long :) ..
Good work,
People can go for this with merriness..!!!!!!

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02 Mar 2012
An extended chicken soup for the indian soup

This is an extended chicken soup for the Indian soul , or aN extended Sunday newspaper article on starting life all over again ,courage and believe in a better tomorrow ,have you ever read a heartwarming story that is just two pages and leave's you wanting for more , well then here is the perfect book .

A simple story set in modern times , where the lead lady ( Nisha) separates from her husband (Samir) after 8 long years and two children . She then sets about picking the pieces of her life and starts all over again with support from a friend , a neighbor and her daughter .
Through this story the author shows us some of the cracks in a marriage of "our times " we may know or have seen around .
I feel this story is slightly biased and we only get to see Samir's, view when Nisha's reads out a letter from her husband describes the his un happiness.
The book is written in simple English and an easy to follow narrative .
Preety Shenoy ( author )beautifully weaves in a nice playlist of timeless songs in to chapter names , my favourite on that is the sound of silence .
In conclusion , this book leaves you with a feeling that is best described with some lines from westlife's song "flying without wings " i.e everybody's looking for that something ,one thing that makes it all complete ,you'll find it in the strangest places ,places you never knew it could be ,You'll find it in the deepest friendship the kind you cherish all your life and when you know how much that means you've found that special thing ,you're flying without wings .

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19 Oct 2012
Tea for Two and Piece of Cake- One Hell of a Book (literally)

Offlate I have started reading books by Indian Authors. I felt guilty that I had ignored them all these years and plunged into them the moment I realised. Looking at the top sales of Indian Author books in Flipkart, I ordered myself a copy of "Tea for Two and Piece of Cake" by Preethi Shenoy!!! I just saw the reviews in flipkart and thought, why not!!!

I don't think I have EVER been so disappointed about reading a book. Even a book for a 5 yr old has more impact in them. It looks like there's a rush to finish off the story in mind. One usually feels a heavy impact of sadness or elevation on reading about separation and love. But this book has absolutely nothing. Im sorry Preethi, but all I can say is the reader will never feel one with the book. Love stories make you want to go flying to your partner and romance him yet again, but reading this book was worse than reading the newspaper. There are so many repetitions of incidents that you just want to pass through them making you feel nothing in the end.

Horrible skill of writing a book, guess I don't write any better...but I am aghast to see something so bad and yet have got such good reviews in flipkart. I am quite sure that these reviews have only been fabricated to make good buys, and poor souls like me get fooled ever so easily.

I just hope your style of writing improves and one can start feeling something. Oh sure, I felt hatred for the author when I was reading this

I realise i am forced to give a rating, otherwise the review is not accepted. Please don't take notice of the 1 star, it should be a minus!!

Disgusted Reader!!

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