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Buy Texas Instruments TI 36X Pro Scientific: Calculator
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Texas Instruments TI 36X Pro Scientific

(16 Digit)
  • 3 Years Warranty
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3 Years Warranty See Details
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Rs. 3439
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Texas Instruments TI 36X Pro Scientific (16 Digit) Price: Rs.3439

Texas Instruments presents the innovatively-designed TI 36X Pro Scientific calculator that is a vital go-to option for students and professionals all over as it comes with multiple and unique features for scientific calculations.

Four-line display

The calculator displays up to four lines at a time, making it easy for you to view long permutations and calculations.

One- and two-variable statistics

The calculator lets you calculate two variable statistics at a time.

Dual Power Source- Battery & Solar

Never run out of power and keep your calculator permanently charged with the dual charging mechanism that is solar and battery powered.

Case included

A classy case is offered to protect your instrument from rough handling and accidental abrasions.

Print Option

The calculator is equipped with a unique print option that sets it apart from the other calculators.

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Specifications of Texas Instruments TI 36X Pro Scientific (16 Digit)

Brand Name Texas Instruments
Model No TI 36X Pro
Type Scientific
Key Type Plastic
Display (Digits) 16
Display (Lines) 4
Power Source Battery with Solar Cell Assistance
Special Features
LCD Display, Auto Power Off, Numeric Equation Solver, Polynomial Equation Solver, System of Linear Equation Solver, Numeric Derivative and Integral, Vectors and Matrices, Symbolic Notation of PI, Toggle Key, Stacked Fractions and Fraction Function, Fraction Conversion, Decimal Conversion, Percent Conversion, Automatic Simplification, Random Number and Random Integer Generator, Menu Setting, Accessed Through Keys and Pull Down Menu, Negation Key, One Constant Operator, Combination and Permutations, Trigonometry, Hyperbolic, Logs and Antilogs, Convert Angles from Degrees to Radians to Grads, Fixed Decimal Capability, Table Feature with Auto and Auto-x, List Editor with 3 Lists, Formulas List, Equation Operating System, 20 Physical Constants, 18 Metric Conversions, Upto 8 Pending Operations, Upto 23 Levels of Parentheses, Error Recovery Capability, Easy Reset, 7 Memory Variables, Scientific and Engineering Notation, Color-coded Keys, Multiview Display, Math Print Feature, Scrolling and Editing, Mode Menu, Memory Variables, Data List Editor, Solvers, Function Table, Ideal for Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Precalculus, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, College Math, College Science, College Engineering
3 Years Texas Instruments India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.
Please note: All products sold on Flipkart are brand new and 100% genuine

Reviews of Texas Instruments TI 36X Pro Scientific

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 82)

25 August 12
Great for Engineering Students!

I found this calculator quite useful for various calculations.
The interface is very easy to learn, you can play with it and learn it eventually,but a manual with examples for each feature is available!
Features :
1)Conversion of most type of qty.s included.
2)Multitap feature is a definite plus point over Casio calculators.
3)Is able to find the regression equations for a data(yes you can enter in data and store in the memory), using linear, quadratic, logarithmic and exponential.
4)You can use it to define a function(say x^2) and give inputs and gives corresponding output in tabular form.
5)The calculator can calculate factorials upto 69!(in scientific notation, with appreciable precision). For 70 memory is overloaded.
6)Was able to calculate difficult definite integral(1 to 5,taninverse(x^2)) in 4 seconds!
7) Many scientific constants included!
8) 4 line display, easy scroll, and you can enter in any previous expressions in your current expression easily.
9) Adjustable Contrast.

Cons ->
1)Has matrix,vector, solving linear eqns systems, quadratic eqns solving feature, but cannot enter complex values in it.
2) Does not support complex no.s inside library functions like sin, cos.
3) Has an insert feature, which allows you to enter a character in between an expression, but we have to keep on pressing insert for inserting characters at different positions. It should have been 'sticky'.

Abhinav Rajagopalan
IIT Bombay, 2nd year, Aerospace Engineering

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89% of 28 users found this review helpful.
06 December 12
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certified buyer
Does Everything

This is the best calculator for an engineer to buy.

This is an investment you will get great benefits from. Do not go for cheaper ones. Buy this one or the casio fx-911es. You'll know the difference when you start solving matrices.

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85% of 13 users found this review helpful.
28 September 12
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certified buyer
Review of Ti-36X Pro

well, I am professional structural engineer using calculators since 2001 ( time of engineering completion ) . without calculator i cannot survive in the office.
Texas Instrument calculator has some design problem, I had to buy a CASIO Fx -991 ES PLUS after buying this calculator
here is my review
First i am listing out the
1. This model is a black calculator. The entire keyboard setup is BLACK and the text is written in blue and the major design flaw is except the numeric keys and the operation keys all the keys are also black in color. It is very difficult to locate the keys . all are black they should have used different colors you can refer the Texas Instruments Ti-30XS Multi view . If you use calculator very frequently as i do then u should be having a wider calculator with a vibrant and Visible keypad .
Compared to Casio this is a major minus point for this calculator .If you see the Ti-30Xs it is having the same keypad with different color and more visibility.
Please remember even in Casio there are models is Es and Ms the old MS model was a calculator having entire black keyboard. Ti should have done some design level survey or research .
The keypad is definitely not ergonomic in design when you are used to professional engineering calculation , and too much calculator use , Such designs are not good . Infact we the indians do not see much into design details .
2. the calculator keys are small and the calculator should have been a wider calculator . The made it this way so that to accomodate 16 digits .
3. This one is not having a slider as casio calculator do . It is simply having a cover . which if not placed at the back of the calculator might be lost .
4. Now coming to the operations , what i have noticed is that after doing a number of square root operations in the same equation , sometimes i get wrong values i entirely have to clear the entire screen and see redo the equation .
I felt this calculator is giving some wrong answers. But inorder to correct them and check them i had to restart the calculator from the start .
i am professional engineer i do not have time to do research on the operations of the calculator or simply check all the calculation the calculator does is correct or not .I simply rely on it blindly as it a very well advanced machine . Most of the time i use complicated equation involving at least 7 to 8 terms most use power , tan , inverse and log.
I felt sometimes this calculator is giving wrong answers.
if the memory is overloaded or too many equations are used.
This is DANGEROUS . Hence i purchased the Casio fX-991 ES plus over this calculator .
5 Anybody using long equations will definitely use "delete" key and "Insert" Key & and the review button . But this calculator simply puts the delete key as small button at the top and clear button is placed just above the the operation keys when u are using it too many times it just becomes a headache .
6. the four way review button which this calculator provides u need to enter that line once again and then redo the operation this is simply some time waste as compared to casio calculator u had to simply press the back key .even in the computer or excel sheet u review by pressing a back not by entire redoing the operation .
Now the pros about the calculator are really gr8
1. This calculator is having more functions than casio calculators .please see the matrix functions
you can find the echleon form, and in case of the vector you can even do the norm , lcm, gcd and regresson formulae and functions are there and are good
2. it gives four line display but reviewing it is gr8 if you are having chain calculation (one line is linked to another by answer and the calculation goes on )
This calculator should be having chain calculation featue which is there is sharp calculators and spreadsheets.
3. Tap tap feature is easy and is gr8 plus point i really like this feature, equation solver is there it is more easy to input the fractions here very easy it is like a piece of cake in this calculator very easy to use the square root operation and x power y operation
now to summarize everything
design : 1 out of 5
features : 5 out 5 ( it really has more features than compared to casio 991 Es plus)
realibility of calculation : 2 out 5
ease of use : 3 out 5
but the most important con about calculator is the reliability of calculation sometimes it is giving wrong answers you just cant clear the screen and retype the entire equation .
inspite of buying this calculator. i purchased FX 991ES PLUS .(991 ES plus has less feature and operations than this but relibility of calculations is there )
I am rating it 2 of out 5

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59% of 22 users found this review helpful.
26 October 12
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certified buyer

The calculator is refreshing in all aspects - looks, usage and convenience compared to our usual Japanese calculators. Options were very easy to use the first time itself. It is definitely recommended for all engineers and mathematicians.

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75% of 12 users found this review helpful.
10 July 12
first to review
TI 36X Pro Scientific Calculator

This 36 X Pro calculator is amazingly good for solving equations of any degree- thanks to very easy user interface and impeccable processing speed! Apart from the normal functions in a scientific calculators, TI comes with additional useful functions like, Prime Factorization, Summation, Product, Vectors, Matrices, Binary Operations, Conversion from polar to rectangle coordinates.

This Calculator is much more capable of dealing with strong manipulation, multiple variable calculations, matrix manipulation than any other Calculators . Its screen is very easy on eyes! TI has a much higher resolution, and natural print of expressions entered. Thanks to the four-line Natural Display with Math Print Mode which lets you type expressions the way you write. The "multiple tap keys", which lets you access multiple functions and variables from single key makes typing incredibly fast.

This is a very expandable calculator with an edge from its other competitors. Another significant feature is it’s "ans" key, which lets you copy answer from previous calculations and use it for future calculation.

I feel that it should have come with a slider and should have quicker shortcut keys for degree and radians.

Was this review helpful?  / 
7 of 9 users found this review helpful.

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certified buyer
awesome product

One of the best calculators in the market, as per my experience. It is a very handy calculator and i carry it everywhere i go....

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10 April 14
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certified buyer
TI 36X

The flipkart shpping and packaging was perfect.
But this TI's calculator is junk.
1) keys are not highlighted, yo...

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07 April 14
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Great Calci

Simple and powerful scientific calculator. You should be cautious when using mixed fraction
involving Pi. For example con...

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22 March 14
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certified buyer
Good Product, easy to use, better build quality.

good calculator
many features
build quality was good
it is much easy to use than other calculat...

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20 March 14
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certified buyer
Reliable, useful calculator

Initially a wrong model was sent; WS Retail, Flipkart promptly corrected the mistake, after I sent them the snapshots. The calc...

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15 March 14
     Texas Instruments TI 36X Pro Scientific (16 Digit) Price in India: Rs. 3439


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