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The Edge of Desire

Language: English
Length: 324 Pages
Publisher: Hachette India
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The Edge of Desire (Paperback) Price: Rs.161

The Edge Of Desire is a fast-paced and gripping book describing Shruti Rajan’s life and ordeals, and boldly addresses topics like the flaws in the Indian judicial system, gender crimes, the angst of the victims of rape, and many others.

Summary Of The Book

Set in the 1990s, The Edge Of Desire commences with a description of the VIP cell at Tihar jail, where Shruti Rajan was being detained. Shruti, the newly-married wife of Rohit Verma, the Deputy Commissioner of Kishanganj in Bihar, was a journalist who was the victim of a ruthless rape. Her assailant was Salim Yadav, a notorious man with strong political backing.

Determined to seek justice, she encounters only dismissals and postponement at the hands of the corrupt state government. She joins politics to ensure Salim’s conviction and slowly grows to be a champion for women everywhere. She slowly refocuses on improving the nation’s security for women, and works towards changing the rape laws in the country. Throughout her crusade, she faces many emotional and marital problems, and is eventually deserted by her husband as well. The one person who stands by her is Sharad Malviya, a leading politician who takes her under his wings. He serves as her guide and mentor during her foray into the complex world of politics, and supports her steadfastly.

A poignant and inspiring read, The Edge Of Desire chronicles Shruti’s troubled and heartbreaking story, and her fight against the outdated rules of the society and the machinations of politics. Published in 2012 by Hachette India, this gripping page-turner serves as a motivation for all women to stand up for themselves.

About Tuhin A. Sinha

Tuhin A. Sinha is a popular Indian author.

He has authored The Edge Of Power, Of Love and Politics, 22 Yards and That Thing Called Love.

Born and raised in Jamshedpur, Sinha procured a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Hindu College, and a postgraduate diploma in Communications and Advertising from the National Institute of Advertising in New Delhi. He published his first book in 2006. In addition to authoring novels, he also contributes to columns in popular publications like DNA and The Times of India, and has written scripts for several popular Indian TV shows. Sinha currently resides in Mumbai with his wife, Ramyani DasGupta Sinha, and their son, Neev.

Specifications of The Edge of Desire (Paperback)

Book Details
Publisher Hachette India
Imprint Hachette India
Publication Year 2012
ISBN-13 9789350094433
ISBN-10 9350094433
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 324 Pages
Height 178.0 inch
Weight 174 g
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Book Reviews of The Edge of Desire

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 47)

18 May 12
Not for the faint of heart.

Anyone who knows me would know that I don't read much of Indian writing, not because I have something against it (which obviously, I don't) but more because I can't relate to the writing style. However, after reading the synopsis, I started reading The Edge Of Desire, not just with an open mind but also with a lot of interest because the plot seemed to be deep and powerful.

Let me begin with this - Tuhin Sinha's writing is nothing like the stuff I've read before by Indian writers. It's simple and concise and sometimes, that makes for the best kind of story telling, like it does this book. His to-the-point writing style gave the protagonist - Shruti Ranjan - 's voice an added strength that leads you to both understand and admire her.

Shruti is an ex-journalist from Delhi who, after finding her boyfriend in bed with her best friend, moves back to her hometown to live with her parents. Due constant pressure from her parents, Shruti caves in and agrees to an arranged marriage to Rohit, Deputy Commissioner of Kishanganj; a town in Bihar that's not ruled by the Government but instead thugs, with the local government authorities helping them. This marriage and move leads to the most traumatic event of Shruti's life, one that eventually ends in her taking a completely different direction/journey than the one she imagined.

The Edge of Desire is a book that explores almost every form of sin and corruption that exists in India and it's legal system. I'm from India and I've lived in my own protected bubble but even I know that politics can get down right dirty in my country and it's best to stay clear of it.

I can't put my thoughts completely in words about this book.
I felt a whole range of emotions - sadness, anger, frustration, more anger, betrayal and anger again. The sad thing is, you read about things like this in the paper all the time and you feel sorry for the girl - someone you don't know -and that's it. That's as far as you feel about these issues but when you read a book, it's a completely different experience. You get to know the character, understand her and feel a sense of loyalty. That makes reading/hearing/seeing the things happen from her point of view so much harder to deal with. Well, at least, it's what happened to me while reading this.

With The Edge Of Desire, Tuhin Sinha has created vivid characters and a violet, powerful plot that will definitely affect all its readers. I should warn you, it's not for the faint of heart because the author isn't afraid to get to the dark and gritty places and that's what makes it literally unputdownable. I actually felt pained when I read about what was happening to Shruti. There were characters I absolutely hated but I have to hand it to the author for evoking such strong emotions in me just through his words.

If you think you can handle it, get yourself a copy of The Edge of Desire right away!

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01 June 12
Too political... more like a documentry

Tuhin A. Sinha has done a wonderful job in creating this novel. The journey of woman from no-one to someone is awesome. I enjoyed reading her journey. But my enjoyment was short lived.

After about 150-160 pages (half of the story). The turn of events seems irrelevant. The first half of the story is a treat but the other half is like reading Indian history via some documentary files. I had to force myself to finish this story, I lost interest after I finished like 60-65% of it. Most of the things are about how India is, how is the election process, how you get things done, how money laundering is done in Kerala, how naxals operate in some parts of Chhattisgarh etc. Where/What is the desire and where do one find its edge? Mr. Sinha failed to justify the title properly.

I do admire the way Mr. Sinha portrayed the uncertainties that crawls inside a human mind AND the way he presented a simplified version of the complexities of politics. But I can't avoid the presence of some of the unwanted characters and descriptions. The language he used is good.

Throughout the story the feelings of the lead character is given utmost importance but her inaction to do anything without her mentor gives a feeling that she can only feel and think not act.

I'd recommend this novel to all those who are looking for average paced Indian woman story that involves politics and Indian history.

Sharad is a powerful character in the story. The way he handles a situation and shoots 2-3 birds with just one shot is exemplary. But why did he agree to Shruti's suggestion about killing the terrorists. That was not Sharad. Shruti's contribution of whichever post she handled like NCW chairperson, Deputy minister, MP is not all described, yet she went on to become Chief Minister.

The most offensive part is when Shruti thinks of her and Sharad's relationship as Draupadi and Krishna, (Mr. Sinha even explained that Draupadi's act of sealing Krishna's wound with a part of her saree was in a way origin of Rakshabandhan) yet she had flirtatious feeling for him.

Rohit is a crusader, a non-fearing one, and yet I believe he didn't do everything in his power for avenging the rape of his wife (I was convinced of his weak character in the mid though). The actions of Rohit were that of a common narrow minded ans suspicious husband was constant throughout.

The abrupt ending of the story was even more annoying. The reason behind Rhea's comment "India needs just one Shruti Ranjan..." is unknown for some reason. Had there been some extraordinary contribution by Shruti I wouldn't have written the previous statement. Or should I assume Rhea is just a stupid kid ?

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19 May 12
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certified buyer
True page-turner by Tuhin

The EDGE OF DESIRE by TUHIN , in all is a package for the Indian Politics in a narrative way.It gives us an insight into the atrocities that women get victimized to in the current scenario. Politics, the concept, the rules and games of it is enthralling and always kept people, common man as well as people who run the system, very much fascianted.This marvellous book revolves around 2 characters, SHRUTI RANJAN and SHARAD MALVIYA.The mentor-protégée, relationship portrayed between them is quite commendable.However, I feel it would have been nice if the character of Sharad emerged as clear winner and had seen the twilight of the story by swearing in as the Prime Minsiter.:-)
The novel also portrays the many facets of woman, especially post marriage. How she gets victimized and fights with the humiliation, how she battles to get justice, how she gets stuck and juggles between marriage and politics, how she congregates courage and fights back and emerges victorious.

Tuhin’s writing style is awesome and he has truly carved niche amongst the breed of indian writers. The novel is absolutely gripping because, Tuhin has thoroughly researched the politics and weaved the story, beautifully plotted the blend of human emotions, relations with politics.
Keep Up the Great work Tuhin! Waiting for your next venture !

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14 August 13
The whole gamut of human emotion

We come across a number of books everyday but only few give us the rare chance to read and visualize at a time. The Edge of Desire is one such book.
TEOD depicts the eventful of journey of a young journalist Shruti Ranjan which changes her from a young newly-wed urban woman to a mature, ambitious and a strong woman.
The story gives a chance to the readers to witness Shruti’s pain, grief, love, confusion, her fight for justice and finally her victory. The story narrates how Shruti got entrapped by her fate. Her love, the betrayal she faced, her deliberate effort to love her husband, her rape by a local goon and her unintentional catapult to power and fame in the due course of seeking justice which ultimately led her through a maze of politics and dilemma.
The story also presents other equally important characters like Rohit, a young IAS and Shruti’s husband who was a moralist, honest but an emotionally weak individual, Sharad Malviya, a young prolific leader who tried to use Shruti’s plight for the benefit of his political party and manipulated her for the same but later gradually fell in love with her. The transitions of the relationship between Shruti and Rohit and Shruti and Sharad have been knitted very skilfully. The evolution of love between Shruti and Sharad is beautiful. Other characters are equally apt and well etched.
Tuhin A.Sinha has done a tremendous work. He has presented the story in a self-narrative form from Shruti’s perspective . The story holds the readers in grip while reading and when the story ends the hangover continues.

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26 December 12
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certified buyer
Must Read !!! Aweseome.

This is the best book I ever read. Awesome ….. I read it after liking the previous books by Tuhin. Shruti Rajan’s character will make you think a lot while some times you say, “Yes, she is right!” or “How come she can do that??” or “What now??” or “Why??” Over all I enjoyed a lot with this book.

After completing this book I was a bit upset as it’s done so early. I think this should have a sequel. This book is Recommended…. if you’re interested with politics. All I can say about this book is, AWESOME!!!!!!

What I feel about the author:

I feel thankful to Tuhin for such a wonderful book. He is the awesome author I like in the current generation. Of course among the writers I’ve covered. I started picking up some books I find which says that author is a columnist or script writer. It’s only because of Tuhin. Hats off!!! You can definitely observe the professionalism in this book which you can’t even expect in the books come from IITs and IIMs. All those people who don’t deserve to be an author and unfortunately popular should learn from Tuhin. Please read this book and learn how to write.

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Average Read

This was the first book i read of Tuhin Sinha, this starts of like any other drama/thriller book. Edge of desire chronicles sto...

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10 April 14
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certified buyer

Just loved it!! This is the first time, I have seen somebody describing the relationship of a mentor and follower. How people m...

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21 February 14
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Really good book.....

Its a nice story of a woman's journey in this world..... so many emotions....... i got carried away with the streghth shown in...

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17 February 14
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Well Written

I liked the way the writer has framed characters especially the examples that he has taken from history to define the character...

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15 January 14
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certified buyer

One lovely page when Rohit asks Shruti whether she has had a relationship before is the only actual 'writing' in this book (pro...

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26 December 13
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