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18 Apr 2012

Ah, another one of these new age, "self help", books. Keeping consistent with the rest of them, this book is utter hogwash; a placebo. The book deals with what the author has dubbed, "The Law of Attraction";of which there have been many variations over the year, suggests that the universe conspires to help you in fulfilling your dreams if you just wish hard enough. What a joke.

The idea that the universe owes YOU anything is something I find repulsive and narcissistic. I am certain that those millions of starving children in India REALLY want food, I don't see the universe conspiring to rain food on them. This is a book for your clueless, confidence-lacking and lazy middle class who is vain enough to believe that the universe will shower him with love and money. This book encourages the though that EVERYTHING that happens to you is because of your thoughts, and the "bad" things happen because of you wanted them to. Oh yes, I am sure that little girl who got r*aped was begging for it. This book exemplifies victim blaming and escapism at its worst.

This is not how the real world works. I can already see the
"true" believers of The Secret dismissing me, saying that I am cynical and just don't really believe in it. Haha, you will be disillusioned soon enough.

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24 Dec 2011
feel good yes

we always reads as we wants to get anything useful beneficial. this book give you shortway of that all human experience through civilizations.this book appeals to feel good be positive and we can always see the examplaries in all around the world.the west is knowing the very life pertaining facts which are indirectly messaged through ours spiritual works. if credited then our life will be whole more good. i myself had been taught by a school principal when we are in New Delhi for a world quiz. i didnt took it most seriously then but as when i come to know i got the point-the man has made. from students to all it is a must read book. i usually donot write any review but this is the greatest thing i had discovered in my life. this committed to human welfare . i am a student

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20 Aug 2011

I was so amazed when i first saw this movie...somethings i already knew but was not able to use them in my day to day life,thinking its my imagination or this kinda stuff does not exists..but after watching this movie,i got a lot of positive energy and now am trying to apply this in my life.frankly till now i have not experienced more but its maybe coz i have not asked for it!!but one thing am sure of is that what we are today is because of our past thinkings nd guys think positive nd universe is just a copy cat whatever you will behave,it will act accordingly! you will cry,it will make you more cry,you will smile even in your worst times,it will make you happy in go for it..give it a try!! and think positive!!god bless all!!

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18 Aug 2012
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The Years Old Secret revealed

In this book law of attraction is revealed.In this book it is clearly explain that we use law of attaraction which states we are a magnet which attacts all the things we want in life including materialistic things, improving our relationships,getting more money.If this book is out of your buget then use the law of attraction to get it.I did the same.within one week i got it odered by my uncle. In this book it is said by a physisyist "we are a source of energy if we look through a microscope and science will tell you that energy is something which cannot be created nor can be destroys which means you"there should be no negative thought in this process and if you are constantly having a negative thought in your mind then tell the universe i know that i m getting it .i feel it.flipkart delivered this item in 1 week.Thanks to Rhonda Byrne for writting such a good and inspiring book.this is not a latest secret but an age old secret which was used by Einstien,Newton,thomas elva edison,stephan hawking and all the old as well as the modern day scientists.SO FINALLY MY REVIEW IS BUY IT YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED.the secret can be used by elders,old age people as well as the children.thankyou for reading my review.i hope it did not bor you. IF YOU DO FIND IT INTERISTING then no neeed to give it any attention.this is my review but now its your wish whether to buy it or not.thankyou and bye!!!!!!!!!!!

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31 Dec 2012
Great change your thinking process

I've read this book and felt great once I finished it. I refered it to friends and few read it and got a great feedback from them and they changed their thought process after reading that book and started beleiving in themselves better than ever before. For those who are against this book, I feel they didn't understand the real meaning behind the concept of "Law Of Attraction". No where in the book, it was mentioned that you sit idle, do nothing but keep wishing for all the things you want in life and this universe will shower upon you. It only tells how to program ur belief system when you are working on something. If you say that this concept is wrong, you are saying that "Ask And You Shall Receive" is wrong (if you understand where this line comes from). And I'll believe in those authors who have some credibility world wide and helped millions of people in changing their thought process than those who did nothing and nobody knows them. I believe most people have common sense to think and go by the words of successful people.

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06 Jan 2012
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Shear marketing and money making stunt

I think this book should be distributed among school kids(will be very good business)as primary and target market. Reading this book was waste of time. a shear marketing and money making stunt. With lavish and attractive hard cover but there is nothing great on expensive thick silky smooth pages inside. Avoid it, there are only quick success statements and illustrations without any insight. Don't get fantasize with cover page and best selling tag.

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14 Dec 2013
The book is a trap!!!!

The book tells us about the law of attraction and how to apply it; but in an extremely WRONG way. This book is just to trap the people in another way just like several authors are doing these days. According to the law of attraction you attract what you are, not what you want. Law of attraction is about focusing on your work not on the results. Whereas this book tells you to focus on the results.
Ask those people who have tried to apply the law of attraction in their life based on this book.They haven't succeeded always. But if it is a law, then it should be valid in any condition. This is a very big controversy. The book is actually based on the law of probability, on the basis of which all the casinos in the world are running
This book will make you more superstitious. I would suggest not to buy the book. You will get into a big trap. Just focus on your work and you wont be attracted to books like this anymore. People are getting attracted to these kind of books because everyone wants their life to be more easy and comfortable whereas to become successful you need to get out of your comfort zone.

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29 Oct 2013
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The secret of life!

I think the secret is the single most important 'movement' in our humanity consciousness at such a scale, many people had their lives take a 180 degree turn after reading this book, the magic and watching the documentary. For all the naysayers here Please look into it with an open mind, it is independentky confirmed by various other sources like 'esther hicks', John Hagelin (quantum physicist), Bruce Lipton etc. This is a revolutionary book, and the journey begins to a whole new way of thinking. If there is one book you would read in this lifetime, you should read this,as the knowledge of this concept will remain with you forever., It is not a regular book, there is a great depth which can only be understood if people give it a serious thought. This concept is also in keeping with the 'observer effect' theorised by the quantum theory.we literally are affecting our reality. I have studied this concept from many different ways as i was too skeptical at first but believe me this book has changed my life. and millions of others around the world. If every human realises this, we will be living in paradise as people would stop forcing others to see the world from their point of view and people would be able to live up to their highest potential without limitations of thought. Highly recommended. thanks rhonda byrne and all teachers of law of attraction, this book is revolutionary.

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07 Jan 2013
My Review

To me, the content of this book is practically believable - part of it because I have seen this Law of Attraction work for others, and part of it because I recently had a "spooky but true" experience where I really wanted something impossible to happen at the most impossible time, and it did happen.
Okay, to the cynics I would like to say, if you don't believe in this stuff, nobody is forcing you to. The Law of Attraction will not stop working because you don't want to believe it. To the believers I have to say, use it well.
I lead a very happy life, and more happy stuff just keeps coming to me. The cynics lead a skeptical life, more doubts keep coming to them. The depressed lead a sorrowful life, they keep finding more reasons to be sad. That's it. You want to be happy, you've gotta believe you're happy, end of story.

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16 Mar 2013
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Good Book

I have heard about secret from my friend then first i watch the movie secret and then i bought the book to understand it more deeply,but i found that most of the topic in the book were similar that were shown in the movie.
so any one who wants to know about the book or want to read it then they can simply watch the movie on YouTube at free,don't need to waste money on the book as i do.

The book told us to think positive and then we get the positive results in life.
The language is easy to understand,but one thing i noticed at the end of the book the author gave brief introduction about all the experts that were shown in the movie as well as in the book with their email id.
It seems to me like the author wants us to went on the experts site and buy their book also for more detail understanding.
One of the experts Bop Proctor were introduced their separate 11 untold laws which was not given in the book of secret and it seems like he didn't get the payment from the secret producer so he had launch of it's own...
But the book is very good and movie was also very simple to understand.....

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