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18 Nov 2012
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Top Spin 4 is truly fantastic.To put it simply it's loads of fun.It's very realistic and feels great.It truly is a great simulation game.All aspects like player position,ball bounce,type of shot,position on court and what not are all influential in each and every point you will play.

Career mode is amazing [to be a legend was what made me go back for some more].The entire set up of king of court tournaments and exhibition is splendid.

The roster is better than ever including greats like Sampras,Becker,Lendl,Agassi,Yang etc.
But i was hoping to see a Del Potro or Soderling rather than a Bernard Tomic.One of the best things about the game is how they managed to forge individual player styles for every sigle guy on the roster .

Online game play is very good.Lifetime rankings,Regional rankings,Grade etc will surely get your attention.Online play fulfilled my desire for more very capably.

I cant comment on the game with regards to move coz i didnt but a move controller so i never tried the game on it.

Flipkart service was on time [just like every time in my case].I placed the order on 24 may 2012.The reason for my very late review is the fact that ''I WAS BUSY PLAYING''

It's worth the money and a must by if i can say so for all those tennis fans looking for amazingly close to real life tennis scenarios

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19 Sep 2011
No no for MOVE

If you are planning to play this with the move controller, forget it! The move controller is pretty useless here. It is just a substitute for a button press. No matter where you swing, how you swing or whatever you do, the thing just mimics the X button.

Ball placement is controlled by the analog stick. Slice, lob etc are controlled by R1, R2, T etc.

Virtua Tennis 4 is far more enjoyable as a MOVE game. This game is just great with the dualshock controller.

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01 Jun 2012
Good! But some Disappoinments.

Top spin 4 is a game where you get the feel of playing real tennis as the graphics are so awesome and realistic.
But the only disapoinment is that you have to use the navigation controller or the dualshock 3 for moving the players and the function of the motion controller is only to swing the raquet and hit the ball.Whichever direction you swing the motion controller it all depends on where you move the player in the navigation or dualshock 3 controller.
Ex: If I move the player to the left in my dualshock 3 controller and swing the motion controller to the right then then the player swings the raquet to the left side only.So,it responds only to the dualshock 3.So,there is no much use for the motion controller.And sometimes loading up between screens is too slow.
But if you don't use the motion controller and play only using the dualshock 3 it's a pretty good game.
I rate this game 3/5.

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14 Dec 2013
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Good experience

Being a tennis fan and especially Nadal fan, I was looking for a tennis game from a long time.
Since the average price of a PS3 game is easily above 2-2.5k, I was waiting for a genuine price drop.
This time for a 1000 bucks I got this game. I had played Virtua tennis before on Ps2 and was quite a fan of it. But after reading reviews of this game, I decided to give it a go.
Now, about the game -
Pros -
Good player animations/Good Player Roster
Above average gfx/Good gameplay (takes a bit to master controls)
Good career mode - player creation and development.

Cons -
Quite an average experience of playing a Grand Slam
Nothing that sort of a tournament mode where we can play a particular grandslam with a player.
No Wimbledon.

Overall 4/5.

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21 Mar 2012
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The best got better!

I loved Top Spin 3. This next iteration takes things further forward. The graphics are more awesome and the character detailing has improved significantly. The career mode also has options to select coaches and some new stadiums have been added.

Online multiplayer has the same awesome experience. Top Spin 3 players won't need to go through the training again as the controls are same.

All in all, a pretty good game for tennis lovers.

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14 Apr 2013
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Best tennis game yet!

This is the best tennis game ever made. A treat for tennis fans.

1. Game physics is good.
2. It is challenging to learn, therefore more interesting and hence not boring.
3. Online multiplayer and a World Tour!
4. Variety of courts and legendary players.

1. Timing of a shot is very crucial and very difficult to achieve.

All in all, a good ps3 title. For those who are not into tennis, Virtua tennis 4 is another option which is completely arcade and has side games. But for hardcpre tennis fans, this is a must buy.

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28 Oct 2013
Excellent game.......The world's best ever tennis game.

Top spin 4 is the best of all tennis games I've ever seen. The Graphics are of top most quality. There are many venues and even many licensed ones. There are the legends like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and old stars like Pete Sampras, Borris Becker. The best thing for this game that beats all other games is the gameplay. It brings us the most realistic gameplay ever. If you are a tennis fan, then its a must to play this game.

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25 Nov 2013
A Nice Game for Tennis Fans!

This is a very nice game for all the Tennis Fans. I own VT4, GST2 and Top Spin 4, and i would personally prefer this game because it has lots of tournaments, players and the player creator is also good. It even has Andre Aggasi in it. It is also 3D compatible, though i haven't tried it out yet. I don't have a PS Move so I haven't played this game on PS Move, but as far as the just the DualShock3 is related I love this game.

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05 Jan 2012
Unexpected tumbles even if it is a award winning title

What do you expect when u buy a tennis game ...perfect graphics CHECK perfect arenas CHECK core gameplay UNCHECK it doesnt give you a perfect feeling when you play....its toughness in play might be the only positive thing you want .....maximum 3 months then you will change it cause it becomes quite BORING as you know about the outcome doubt it will gross lot of money and huge expectations in TOP SPIN 5 (if comes)this game is a sure shot super entertaining in the beginning but then as time passes becomes boring review 6.8/10

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04 Mar 2012
Very Good!!

The graphics are amazing.. and so is the game play.... The animations are superb and do feel that your player is hitting the ball the way u want to.....

I feel Somehow the developers should work somehow that to move a player on the court can be done by our body rather then a moving through joystick!!! otherwise awesome game.... gives you a good feeling when hit an ace :):)

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