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28 Aug 2011
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very decent player

This player is cool and comes with all loaded features. flipkart service makes it even more cooler.
1. U will never know when was the last time you've charged it.
2. You wouldn't even think sport clip is this important until you've used in this gadget.
3. Load lots of songs and you will be tired of adding your favorites as there is a lot of space.
4. The size of the player is good when compared to others like iball. Loved the white display.
5. U can create playlist, access folder-wise of your favs.
6. Using other headphones than the company ones gives you a much better experience.
7. Comes with an extra accessory, the "Line-in Cable"

An audiophile doesn't like this player much. Quality of bass is compromised to the space i guess [Heard ipod.. of course it is double the price and half the space :P ].

My final verdict is go for this "Pen drive Voice recorder FM MP3 player".

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26 May 2011
first to review
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Hey Guys,

I looked for a cost effective Mp3 player which I can use while jogging which means the chances of it raining and stuff!, now once I got this MP3 player which was ahead of schedule which is simply awesome by the team at flipkart. The player is simply amazing and comes with all the right accessories. The MP3 is so worth the money

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04 Dec 2011
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A long term ownership report of the MP330

Hi guys, I wish to share with you my ownership experience with the MP330.
I bought my first MP300 about one and a half years ago.It was on of the best mp3 players I've ever owned.Sound quality was excellent,battery life was amazing and it came with nice features too(which I will come to later). I was very satisfied with the player.I'm not a great fan of those small headphones.So I bought an iball Rocky for use with it.I thought it would drain the battery very quickly but it still gave me very very good playback time.I believe I have some common sense so I'm not going to recommend to you a headset that costs Rs.5000 nor I'm going to compare it with an ipod Nano or a Creative Zen.
But I can guarantee you the sound quality is very good.My first MP330 died recently mainly because of some rough usage.The upper part of the body just came off and it soon died. So I decided to buy another one.

Which one to go for?I was convinced that I don't need to go for the costly ones.A friend of mine has a more expensive Sony NWZ-B16 but both me and him find the MP330's sound quality very much at the same level.And I find the MP330 much more easy to use.I hate that 'twist the ring' next button in the Sony.

So I was left with only 2 options.The Philips Gogear Mix 2GB and the MP330.The Philips badge is something hard to ignore.So I had keen interest in that one also.I read several reviews,checked the specs and came up with the following conclusion(the features comparo I promised early)

Gogear mix will be a better thing to show off.It looks pretty,has a 3 line LCD screen.Other positives include better folder navigation system,slightly better battery backup etc.I saw mixed reviews on the sound quality.
Now about the MP330.I will get a 4GB MP330 for the same price.It has a lot of nice, easy to use features viz. A-B repeat which allows you to repeat a particular section of music(I use it a lot),time-date display(again very useful during the night ;) ),adjustable sleep time,auto shut off etc.Moreover I'm very happy with its sound quality.Then why should I go for the Philips that has a smaller memory and not so attractive feature list.I'm not gonna use up even the 11-12hr playback time of the Transcend.3 line LCD screen and a better folder navigation system are good but it lacks the more important(to me)features the MP330 has.And I'm not so sure about the sound quality either.

So I went for the MP330 once again.Flipkart's delivery times are amazing.I'm happy with the performance of the player so far.The black one I ordered looks pretty too(previously had white).I use it with the Philips SHP1900 headphone(which is v.good)I bought from Flipkart.
This is what I have to say about the MP300.This is not a comparo of the MP3 players.The intention of this review is to inform the potential buyers who are bit doubtful about the Transcend brand about this wonderful,value for money device.There might be better ones.But I can assure you that you will not regret buying this device.

A request to the bunch of people who bash these devices(especially Gogear Mix) for their voice recording capabilities:These devices are not created with voice recording in mind.There are devices created specifically for that purpose(at about the same price range).Please go ahead and buy them if you want and stop misleading the potential buyers because the low ratings that you give will affect the average user rating based on which many people buy things here.

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17 Sep 2011
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Really Good MP3 Player at this price.

I've been using this MP3 player from June 2011, and much more impressed with this player. This is the best MP3 Player that you can get in this price range.

After seeing and experiencing this MP3 player, 4 of my friends had told me to order one for each of them, and I've bought one more for my friend too.

My Ratings: (Out of 10)
Audio Processing: 10.0
FM Tuner: 10.0
Equalizer: 10.0
Headset Quality: 9.5
Bass: 9.0
Treble: 9.5
Folder Navigation: 8.0 (You'll find it difficult at first, but you can master it very soon!)
Audio Recording (MIC & Line-In): 8.0 (Designed for Speech Recording, in 92kbps)

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

This one will be very helpful if you are having a Car-Stereo/Audio Systems with a 3.5mm Aux-In (with a 3.5mm male-to-male connector)

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09 Jun 2011
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this mini digital music player has superb price to quality ratio. Sound quality is very good and 4GB at this price !

I liked the black body player and it gives you contentment far beyond the price you pay!

bargain hunting deal and I would recommnd it a strong buy !

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10 Aug 2011
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Small,sleek,bright,great look,excellent sound,very good quality

I am using this mini miracle digital music mp3 player and is superb.its working smooth n properly.
I liked this black n sleek body player and its design,you can clip it or keep in your pocket.
The player is simply simple,amazing and comes with all the right accessories.

The player is very light weight and sound quality is very good,lound and clear.Altogether excellent sound experience.
Sound is fantastic,even it is best with philips or sony headphones.
I am using philips headphones(over the ear phones) and that combination works outstanding.

All features are good and user friendly.Battery also last for 8-9 hours (as of now).
I wish trascend also gives a MEMORY CARD SLOT so that we can add some more songs.

I hope that it should atleast last for 2-3 years.Then you can say full paisa vasool.
I had difficulty to setup customised playlist builder but when i read user manual i understood it how to set your playlist.

One advice to people who already have it or who are planning to buy it,Please read user manual.It gives you lot of info to operate it properly.

Good worth for money,GREAT product at such price and 4GB at this price with transcend trust,awasome.... !
Great bargain deal and I would recommend it a strong buy ! Total value for your money.You can go for it and i hope you will not regret at all.
I am satisfied with its performance. . .:-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-))

About flipcart this is a wonderfull site for online shoping for many products.(perhaps the best in india as of now),very user friendly and innovative.
I love to surf this site frequently and they are the best(or one of the best till now).
I also spoke to few of their representatives and they were very humble,helpfull and professional.
Delivery was on time and packaging was perfect.
Keep up the great job team flipcart.

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27 Mar 2012
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This review will also help you trouble shoot it ... just in case.

Flipkart Service: Awesome.... got it in good time...

Product: "For what it's worth" ... excellent.... it has varied features.... listen to songs, record voice and record using line-in cable... fm facilities.... this is an "all mix fruit juice" ... a really tasty one if u ask me :P

Okay.... Now....there is a known issue with this mp3 player....

Usually the player is detected as an ordinary flash drive with a folder 'songs' visible in it. sometimes when one plugs the player in, system displays 'new hardware found' and then detects the mp330 as a 'music player' and one cannot see 'songs' folder. Hence one will not be able to copy songs to it or view them either.... in this case....Just go to settings in the music player. In the MTP option, change it to USB... Problem solved


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03 Oct 2011
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have to be careful while disconnecting from charge

I have experienced this a couple of times. If you shutdown the computer while leaving the mp3 player charging, then the player wont start, it will become hot and won't even start, you have to give some time to completely discharge the battery by itself. If you switch on after a few hours, it gives battery low error, and after you charge and properly remove using remove hardware in windows, it will work again.
Transcend people should solve this problem by bringing out a new firmware.

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26 Aug 2011
Value for money!!

hi guys,
if u r looking for a cheap and good mp3 player then this is the one for U. it is a very good mp3 player with very good features and descent enough battery life. it has very good mp3 playback and audio quality even with the headphones which come along with it. i would strongly recommend this product... :)

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03 Feb 2012
Great value for money

This is an excellent package for the money. The other reviews have already covered most of the salient points, so mentioning only a couple of things.

You'll have to adjust the equalizer to match whatever headphones you use with the device. The included earphones are good, but sound somewhat muffled in the human voice frequencies. To get better sound from them, go to Settings>Equalizer, select User EQ, press the right arrow to adjust individual bands, and then adjust them to have a smooth curve peaking at the 1khz level. Finally press the Play/Pause button to save. Values of +1, +4, +6, +4, +1 for the five bands work very well to give clear, crisp sound (+1,3,5,3,1 for a more subtle effect). Testing with better headphones (Sony & Philips) found that the player itself gives good output across the entire bass-treble range. Considering a 4GB pen drive and reasonable earphones would themselves cost Rs 600-800, the additional cost of the player isn't that much.

The line-in function is a surprise in such a tiny cheap device. The recording from both mic and line-in (tested by sending output of an iPod into this device) is ok-ok, radio quality. Low sampling rate and a mild hum in the background. Good enough if you want to record conversations or something from the radio, not for serious music. An Auxiliary cable is included to take output on large speakers, and for line-in.

The included Quick Start guide is on the dot. Gives all necessary instructions in 6-7 pages, doesn't waste any time in technicalities. Technical stuff is there in a PDF on the player itself for those who want it.

Overall, an excellent buy.

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