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08 Dec 2011
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Transcend's Falling standards

I own a Transcend 320, and hence decided to buy this one because my experience with the that was awesome. Here is my analysis.

Easy to load music on to
Light and very comfortable to use
The clip is more useful than you can ever imagine

Much slower than the MP320
takes about 30 seconds to start up with half the storage occupied
buttons feel cheap and fragile
very sluggish
designers have wasted a lot of effort trying to add graphics, which are of low quality and subtract from user experience.

if you're purchasing this player just to listen to audiobooks (like I did) this may be the right player for you because once you start, there's little navigation required. However, if you're a music buff and would be switching a lot between songs etc, I would suggest going for something a little more sophisticated.

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27 Sep 2013
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If you need a stylish value-added music player for all occasions, look no further than the MP330. Featuring a compact size and a convenient built-in USB connector, the MP330 is a perfect combination of a digital music player and a portable storage device, which offers an impressive collection of useful functions.

Boasting familiar good looks in an extremely small and lightweight design, the MP330 has a carefully crafted smooth shape and a brilliant white monochrome OLED display that is easy to read from any angle, even in broad daylight. The included detachable sport clip lets you freely connect to pockets, backpacks, jackets or sport suits, giving you convenient hands-free music in any occasion.

The versatile MP330 supports MP3, WMA, and WAV audio file types allowing you to store the most popular high-quality music formats. More than just a music player, the MP330 also functions as a USB flash drive, so you can transport, store and share files without the hassle of carrying around bulky cables or extra gadgets.

Aside from offering superb portable entertainment, the MP330 can record up to 20 hours of audio in three distinct methods, including FM radio, Line-in, and Voice. An excellent tool for both students and professionals, the MP330 allows careful review of important class lectures, business meetings or even foreign language lessons.

Want to use the MP330 for your next workout or daily commute but the battery is empty and there???s no time to wait for a full recharge? Don???t spend a moment without music with the MP330???s quick charge option. Simply plug it in to any computer or USB charger and after only 6 minutes you can enjoy non-stop playback of your favorite songs for a full hour

Versatile Design
Smart Recording
Quick Charge
if you want superb sound quality go for superb headsets like jbl, senhsr, bose. but u will be definitely satisfied with this headset. best best features in low price. excellent product.

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12 Oct 2013
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Good Value for Money !!!

hey frnds, I bought this product about 3 months ago and I m using it often to give a review for u.
Here r some Pros & Cons of this product.

Pros :
1.I found its 8 GB memory is the USP of the product.
2.The recordings r loud and clear both with line-in and with the mic.
3.Built in USB connector is another plus point for person who has a laptop everytime.
4.Radio works properly and finds every channels at one go.
5.A good device to handle with curves on side.
6.Two yrs warranty is another plus.

Cons :
1.Earphone is the biggest letdown, especially while walking. Sometimes, they create irritations in ears after long usage.
2.Songs r only shown as u store. No built in sorter as Sony devices. So finding songs may get boring if u hve a long list.
3.Songs r stored in order u copy into the device and not alphabetically. So i recommend Fat Sorter software to u.
4.If u dont hve a PC/Laptop then u hve to buy a USB charger.

Overall its a good value for money product for abt Rs 2050.
Go for it !!!

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31 Mar 2014
Best in 2k Range with Good feature set...!!

I have been using this MP3 player for more than One n Half year now. Bought it from shop for 2k from retailer. I am bass lover and I used to listen music on my Sony phone with HPM70 Earphones before this. The headphones comes with it are Shit. After some research I bought Sony XB30EX In ear Earphones for 1.5k.
I will directly get to Pros & Cons of this product-

1. Works as Pen-drive.
2. Works fine Connected with Aux cable or Directly in Car Audio players via USB 2.0 slot. Just Plug & Play.
3. Lightweight 25g.
4. Decent Audio output. Tested with Samsung in Ear Earphones (which ships with S4, grand) doesn't felt that good. Samsung ones sound better with Samsung smartphones. Sounds Great with my Sony XB30EX though Also sounds good with Sennheiser ones.
5. Tested with VBR (variable bit rate) songs which worked fine. Has capacity of 32-320kbps.
6. Battery life lasted for 13.5 hrs. with continuous playback when fully charged, with screen saver on and with VBR songs.
7. FM quality is decent, have 87-108 MHz band capacities.
8. Have six equalizer settings with one custom setting.
9. Bass response is good not great (tested with Sony XB30EX & Sennheiser PX80 & CX300-II).
10. Great feature set in this price range like Screen saver, Date and time display, contrast adjustment, Lyrics Sync, Sleep timer, Auto power off, FM Recording, FM Band settings, Rec. Settings etc.
11. The best feature I believe is Play speed in which you can increase or decrease speed of song while playing & External Audio Recording feature with Line In or with build in microphone.
12. Good user-interface and cool small animations while starting & shutting down.
13. There is clip inside USB Cap which holds it tight on USB slot. Cap didn't have loosened up after 1.5 year of usage.
14. Never used recording feature also I don't use FM much so cant say much @ that.

1. Only one custom equalizer setting is a con for me may be not for some people.
2. Symbols on buttons are totally faded. For a new person my mp3 player looks like totally white player with lots of buttons with nothing written on them.
3. If unplugged directly from laptop/Pc it will not start. Then you have to again connect it & remove it safely (Safe to remove hardware function).
4. Takes 18-20 sec. after start-up to be fully operational.
5. Doesn't start easily sometimes have to use lock-unlock button it for couple times while holding play/pause button then starts, if this lock-unlock button trick doesn't work then have to connect it to Pc/laptop.
6. Doesn't give good output with all headphones brands as per my experience. As per my tests works fine with Sony and Sennheiser In the ear & Over the ear headphones.
7. Full battery charging takes approx. 45min. to 1 hr. never checked properly. I think I overcharged it.

After all pros & cons I think this is best MP3 player you can get if you are on budget with decent quality.
Apple, Sony, Phillips MP3 players comes with 2GB in this price bracket with some plus/minuses in feature sets. This comes with 8GB with lesser cost then the competition. If yow want to take most out of this then you will have to buy good quality headphones. No Regrets.
Thanks for your time.

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29 Sep 2013
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ok being frank i'll try to give my best review abt this product.....

1. Battery looks good ( 7hrs minimum )
2. The screen looks cool and veryyyy useful
3. The Folder Navigation Option makes this a must buy mp3 player
4. The sound is pretty impressive (not the best)
5. Charging can also be done in ur TV if ur TV supports USB....(tried and its ok)
6. Indications (Battery, song, suffle mode or normal mode, track time, song number in folder etc (perfect for the display)
7. Equlaiser option gives u make ur own adjustments and pre installed 4 options)
8. FM seems good in clarity.
9. Recording also good voice quality.
10. The hot keys r well positioned and easy to handle....:)

Now coming to cons:
1. The pen drive model given doesnt have a extension to hold the CAP of the player...once its lost the entire look comes down.
2. The Earphone is very big actually such that it does not fits smoothly in ur ears....feels terrible pain in ear walls if used for long time....
3. The sports Clip....plz dont call it clip cause if u beleive it and keep it in ur shirts or pants ur defenetly gonna lost ur looks soooooo cheap and veryyy loose so tht u'll never use it forever.
4. The Clownish Tag given by the makers looks makin fun of us....y do a mp3 player need neck tag....GOD oly knows....

Finally coming to the Judgement...this is a nice piece to buy since the same quality players comes with less memory and highly priced....this product is Worth and totally make ur budjet to 2.5k cause u need better headphones to get the best of this.....:)

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06 Oct 2013
Review for Transcend Digital Music Player MP330

I ordered this player on Oct 2 and I received it on Oct 5 along with free gift.

About the product: I used Transcend T-sonic 310 during 2007, it was best at that time. With the same impression and expectation I ordered this as a gift to my sister's kids to have them record their stage performances and use them instantly on PC.

1) Built in microphone to record sound on the go.
2) USB standard interface, easy to charge the battery via USB port
3) Size makes it ideal to be used as normal pendrive.
4) Have not tested the radio
5) Line in port, best for journalist and audition. Also for kids to practice for school competition.

1) Sound quality similar to chinese mobile sound - below average. Also tested with philips earphone which is bundled as gift.
2) While trying to register with transcend website, This product with given serial no is found as already registered and warranty will lapse by 2-Feb-2015, but as per flipkart, it has 2years warranty which should cover till September-2015. The warranty card in box is not filled. I felt sad as I was been shipped with a product which is already returned by some one.
3) Menu not so intuitive,

About billing: I have chosen the option as card on delivery but the bluedart delivery guy insisted me to pay cash. Later I called flipkart where the rep suggested me to cancel the order and pay by credit card in advance, Im disappointed as their case records clearly pointing to card on delivery but they insist on cash.

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08 Apr 2013
Very Good Mp3 player but no power adapter in package

Hi, Transcend has given so many facilities in this mp3 player. Very happy !!

1. Excellent sound quality
2. Good earphones (I mostly play on speakers though)
3. FM recording capability
4. Voice recorder
5. Transcend has provided auxillary cable for using it in car !!

1. It doesnt come with a power adapter. i.e you can charge it only through PC/Laptop USB. If you are traveling and dont have laptop/PC, you will have to buy a USB power adaptor seperatley. This was a big turndown thing, coz a in a youtube video about the same mp3 player the package contained the power adapter. May be in indian version they have not included.

Thats the only con !! Amazing device otherwise :) Removing one star for no adapter.

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29 Aug 2013
best at this price

i have bought this mp3 player few days back.. first of all i want to appreciate flipkart teams performance.. i got it with in two days from the date i have ordered..

The player is very cool by look and performance.. light weight, very handy to carry and easy to use.. storage capacity is enough to store 2000 or more songs.. display area is also ok.. base is not that good but overall music is ok.. The only minus point is the earphone which is awful.. if u use any other earphone as m using philips it ll rock..i have bought it for 1999 from flipkart but now m noticing that the price of the product has increased a little still good at this price.. if u r looking for something within this range then u should go for it without thinking much.. u ll love it.. i would have given it five stars if the earphones were better..

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25 Jan 2014
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Value for money and durable mp3 player

Bought this MP3 player in September 2012, and it has lived up to expectations. My usage is daily 1 hour while jogging, and i needed a simple player with capability of holding about 300-400 fast tempo songs and with a clip on for pocket or waist. The combined headphones are of good quality but not suitable for jogging as they pop out continuously, hence have been using this player with my in-ear headphones made by other manufacturer. Volume and song selection control are easy to use while jogging without needing to look at the player screen. Battery life is also good as it lasts 5-6 sessions of 1 hour each without needing a charge, even after 1.5 years of use. It has carried me through two half-marathons and has far outlived its expected usability. Totally a value for money and durable product. Happy with it.

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15 May 2012
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A Useful Product from Transcend

A handy device with lots of useful functions such as usb flash drive, music player, radio, and the out standing in-line recording and voice recording options.


1. Small and light weight.
2. FLAC support.
3. Easy to use buttons and menus.
4. Out standing in-line recording and voice recording options.
5. The FM radio works well.


1. Buggy firmware.
2 The recording is only avaliable in wave format which means you'll need a convertor software to change it into mp3 or wma if prefer
3. Sometimes the buttons are not responsive.
4. Sometimes hangs.
5. Battery life not so great.
6. Sound quality average for this type of device.

Anyway, it does exactly what it says it does and very well at that. Highly recommended.

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