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Transcend MP330 8 GB MP3 Player: Home Audio & MP3 Players

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18 May 2011
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Worth every rupee. .

The player is light as anything. . Nd sound is lound nd clear.
8gb is monsterous. . . Lot of song library. Nd endless rec.
screen is a bit small. .But bright nd no strain on eyes

As far as sound is concerned. . Peesets nd equlizer are nice. But base is not tht good. But commendable
i m highly satisfied. . . Fm is a bit low on sound. 2 yr wrrnty
Pricing 9/10
Features 8/10
Quality 8/10
Treble 9/10
Bass 8/10
Design 7/10
Line In rec 6/10
Voice rec 7/10
Display 7/10

headset nt that good. . . Get a sony or nyother at 500
Overall bang for the buck. . . Better than sony at some aspects. . Xcpt bass. . But other wise go for it. . .

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02 Aug 2011
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I have been using this mp3 player for last one month.I am satisfied with its performance,working and fast delivery.Though the sound quality is not top class, it is not that bad either.In short i think it is worth the price.I have found Flipkart a reliable location in purchasing and their delivery also, so far.

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13 Jul 2011
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It's a very good mp3 player, total value for your money. Got it today, ordered it after my mp5 broke, and I'm not disappointed. Although there's a BIG backdrop, you can't select which songs to play album wise. The engine searches music automatically and creates a list. I'd have preferred a view the folder-view.
Anyways. 4/5. You pay the same amount to get a sony 2gb!! walkman!

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10 Aug 2011
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Doubles as a pen drive and an excellent mp3 player

It is an excellent mp3 player. The audio quality is awsome.
I got it in right time from flipkart.
The build quality is good. It can record voice and FM quite clear. The position of top buttons is not ideal still it rocks. The selling points are:-
1) very lightweight
2) can double as a pendrive
3) very high quality audio output
4) FM and voice recording
5) folder navigation (a god gift for large collections)
6) universal 3.5 audio socket to fit almost all headgear and amplifier pins

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19 Jun 2011
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certified buyer

The Delivery was absolutely right on time...wht dey say dey far as d prdt is concrnd...its jst fab...8gb space,radio,recording facility,no drivers required,easy cntrls n slik n clean cut features...
d headset prvded is ok bt a btr 1 wld do has a warranty of 2 yrs as comprd 2 1 yr by other companies...if ur budget is low bt demands r high den dis prdt simply fits d bill.....simply njy...

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08 Apr 2013
Very Good Mp3 player but no power adapter in package

Hi, Transcend has given so many facilities in this mp3 player. Very happy !!

1. Excellent sound quality
2. Good earphones (I mostly play on speakers though)
3. FM recording capability
4. Voice recorder
5. Transcend has provided auxillary cable for using it in car !!

1. It doesnt come with a power adapter. i.e you can charge it only through PC/Laptop USB. If you are traveling and dont have laptop/PC, you will have to buy a USB power adaptor seperatley. This was a big turndown thing, coz a in a youtube video about the same mp3 player the package contained the power adapter. May be in indian version they have not included.

Thats the only con !! Amazing device otherwise :) Removing one star for no adapter.

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15 Jan 2013
Good Product But Real bad Servicing by transcend

Features are very good but my personal experience with transcend is horrible.
Flipkart service was great as always :)
I bought the mp3 player a year back. It stopped working after a month exactly :|
I gave for replacement since it was under guarantee period and recieved the replacement after a year! thats just a few days back.
And the replaced product too is spoilt one!
I have no other choice but buy another mp3 player now that too after waiting for a year :-/
Total waste of time and money. Dont buy this if you want a long term good service.

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08 Dec 2011
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certified buyer
Transcend's Falling standards

I own a Transcend 320, and hence decided to buy this one because my experience with the that was awesome. Here is my analysis.

Easy to load music on to
Light and very comfortable to use
The clip is more useful than you can ever imagine

Much slower than the MP320
takes about 30 seconds to start up with half the storage occupied
buttons feel cheap and fragile
very sluggish
designers have wasted a lot of effort trying to add graphics, which are of low quality and subtract from user experience.

if you're purchasing this player just to listen to audiobooks (like I did) this may be the right player for you because once you start, there's little navigation required. However, if you're a music buff and would be switching a lot between songs etc, I would suggest going for something a little more sophisticated.

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31 Mar 2014
Best in 2k Range with Good feature set...!!

I have been using this MP3 player for more than One n Half year now. Bought it from shop for 2k from retailer. I am bass lover and I used to listen music on my Sony phone with HPM70 Earphones before this. The headphones comes with it are Shit. After some research I bought Sony XB30EX In ear Earphones for 1.5k.
I will directly get to Pros & Cons of this product-

1. Works as Pen-drive.
2. Works fine Connected with Aux cable or Directly in Car Audio players via USB 2.0 slot. Just Plug & Play.
3. Lightweight 25g.
4. Decent Audio output. Tested with Samsung in Ear Earphones (which ships with S4, grand) doesn't felt that good. Samsung ones sound better with Samsung smartphones. Sounds Great with my Sony XB30EX though Also sounds good with Sennheiser ones.
5. Tested with VBR (variable bit rate) songs which worked fine. Has capacity of 32-320kbps.
6. Battery life lasted for 13.5 hrs. with continuous playback when fully charged, with screen saver on and with VBR songs.
7. FM quality is decent, have 87-108 MHz band capacities.
8. Have six equalizer settings with one custom setting.
9. Bass response is good not great (tested with Sony XB30EX & Sennheiser PX80 & CX300-II).
10. Great feature set in this price range like Screen saver, Date and time display, contrast adjustment, Lyrics Sync, Sleep timer, Auto power off, FM Recording, FM Band settings, Rec. Settings etc.
11. The best feature I believe is Play speed in which you can increase or decrease speed of song while playing & External Audio Recording feature with Line In or with build in microphone.
12. Good user-interface and cool small animations while starting & shutting down.
13. There is clip inside USB Cap which holds it tight on USB slot. Cap didn't have loosened up after 1.5 year of usage.
14. Never used recording feature also I don't use FM much so cant say much @ that.

1. Only one custom equalizer setting is a con for me may be not for some people.
2. Symbols on buttons are totally faded. For a new person my mp3 player looks like totally white player with lots of buttons with nothing written on them.
3. If unplugged directly from laptop/Pc it will not start. Then you have to again connect it & remove it safely (Safe to remove hardware function).
4. Takes 18-20 sec. after start-up to be fully operational.
5. Doesn't start easily sometimes have to use lock-unlock button it for couple times while holding play/pause button then starts, if this lock-unlock button trick doesn't work then have to connect it to Pc/laptop.
6. Doesn't give good output with all headphones brands as per my experience. As per my tests works fine with Sony and Sennheiser In the ear & Over the ear headphones.
7. Full battery charging takes approx. 45min. to 1 hr. never checked properly. I think I overcharged it.

After all pros & cons I think this is best MP3 player you can get if you are on budget with decent quality.
Apple, Sony, Phillips MP3 players comes with 2GB in this price bracket with some plus/minuses in feature sets. This comes with 8GB with lesser cost then the competition. If yow want to take most out of this then you will have to buy good quality headphones. No Regrets.
Thanks for your time.

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07 Nov 2013
Not Satisfied

I am a regular customer of although this is my first review of the product.
Everything with the product was good for the first two months, then suddenly it stopped working and when I tried to look for the service center I came to know that transend is not having its service center here in india.
Dont go for this product

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