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Reviews by Omkar (10)

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on 31 March 12
Omkar rated:

this is the first external HDD i owned and its jus is very small pocket sized ....comes with a nice leather pouch BUT you should always be careful around these coz if youu drop it its done seriously.....ITS A GOOD ONE GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

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on 04 January 16
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

This is literally the best mouse for anybody who owns a computer.The quality offered at this price point is immense. Be it for games such as BF3 , CS1.6 or for DoTA 2 or just your MS Office this is the "Go-To" mouse.


-Rage and destroy the mouse. (still works)
-Buttons dont die out after extreme mouse clicking sessions. (D2 , BF3)
-Buttons make a click sound (personal preference lol)

-the matte finish could have been made rubberised. (not really a con but a personal preference)



PS: Nokia 3310 is still more durable.

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Good shoes at the price point.
on 04 January 16
Omkar rated:

These are a good pair of shoes given the price.

-Nice colour scheme.
-Provides good support for ankles (the best i have used so far).
It does what is advertised.

Now for the cons.
- I am not sure about the outdoor use of these shoes as it will ruin the grip for sure.(Then again there is no point wearing good shoes playing ball outdoors)
-What i noticed is that after long periods of use my pinky toe starts to go numb and hurts horribly.This may be due to a design flaw or just a personal pinkie toe problem. (More likely to be the latter)

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Just get it.
on 15 May 15
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

Other people have reviewed this and it is totally up to the mark.Does what it says it does.Temps are down.

Although the installation is just a little complicated because of the x bracket but other than that once you figure it out it is smooth sailing thereafter.

Packaging is done nicely.Comes with a bracket incase you need to attach another fan to it.

The thermal paste supplied with it i feel is good enough as i have not tried any other ones so far.

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Awessome Headset for a decent price
on 01 April 13
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

This is a very good headset at a verry decent price. Lets go to the Pros and cons straight away . :)
*Great bass
*Good highs and lows
*Light weight
*Very comfortable (You might feel your ears warming up after long periods of use just take them off for 5 minutes or so and you are good to go )
*Nice attractive combination of colours Matte finish with gloss on the ear cups and a nice logo and red trim
*long wire
*Controller for adjusting sound

*Microphone quality could have been better

About flipkart :-
*Product was nicely packaged as always
*Great job by flipkart

So i am going to rate it four stars because of the mediocre Microphone

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Noctua NF-R8 : Cooler
Price: Rs. 6000
An AWEsome Product From An AWEsome online store.
on 22 December 12
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

The Noctua NF-R8 is a must buy if you are looking for the perfect cooling device for your PC.Installation was a breeze and it also comes with 3 pin to molex connectors which come in handy and are not sold loose.The package include four heavy-duty screws that dig in to the plastic to hold the fan securely in place. And the packaging and delivery time was fabulous .I recieved the product within 48 hours of placing the order.


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m lovin it
on 10 July 12
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

this my very first mp3 player and im very satisfied with it.the best thin bout this is the folder navigation option it lets you get the song you want in a few seconds.this device is also very easy to use.a good pair of headphones would make this player be the best in the world...can anyone believe my luck i got the last product (guessin it was the last product availible) jus before it ran out of stock...must buy

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awessome book for guidance in learning french
on 25 June 12
Omkar rated:

im a school student and have french as my 3rd lang subject. this book helped me a lot.its even got pics to show coverstions between ppl and has got english translation for every french sentence a must buy

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awesome graphic card
on 02 May 12
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

this the a truly wonderful graphic card.earlier i had a 8400 gs which was stupid but with this card im over the roof ...this card can run gtya iv on full settings if you have patch1.0.3.0 which i am using.i also play fifa 12 on full settings..only things i am dissapointed is with the delivery of the product when i bought it it said i would receive the product in 3 days but then i got a mail staing the product is delayed for another 3 days....other than that the product is a 10/10...good bang for the buck

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need help
on 14 March 12
Omkar rated:

will this card work with a 400 watt psu,16gb of ram,and i3 and advice whether to buy it or not plz i need help./..;'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''':)

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