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Dayan ZhanChi 3x3x3 Speed Cube Stickerless : Puzzle
Price: Rs. 1186
Imported Edition. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Do not buy from flipkart
on 28 April 13
Aryaman rated:
first to review

I couldn't believe saying this; but really??
It costs 600 MRP, and some shops have it for 800 too with good shipping. Really Flipkart? 2000?

Oh, and do not think anything about transport etc..
I have this cube for 600 from lightake. Took 2 weeks, but free shipping. Way cheaper also...

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Kinect Sports Season 2 (Kinect Required) : Av Media
Price: Rs. 1699
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
6 amazing new sports for your Kinect Game collection!!!
on 02 December 11
Aryaman rated:
certified buyer

This game is amazing! It is a totally different world. As compared to Kinect sports 1, it is 0.5% better. The good thing about it are-

Faster menu. ( The hand-loading is faster, bu sometimes happens to be to quick! )

More and new games. ( Include Darts, American football, Skiing, Tennis, Baseball and Golf. )

I think there is no problem in buying Kinect Sports 2 before buying Kinect Sports 1, but in 2 there is a demo for 1, too.

The delivery was amazing. It came 1 day before the expectations! The price was very good, and the packing was amazing!

A must buy for any Kinect user.....

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Halo 4 : Av Media
Price: Rs. 1760
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Halo: Game of the decade
on 28 March 13
Aryaman rated:
certified buyer

Ok; that is only according to me. But this is one of the 'Perfect' games. I hate when people compare this game with COD and Battlefield, because this game is on another level.

It's main plus point is it's story. The storyline is extraordinary; a story you can expect from an Oscar Winning Movie. The cut scenes are fabulous, the artwork is just the best. The story makes the player sit down on his chair; but BEWARE; it can make some very emotional. It is very obvious that halo fans expected and still expect a Halo Movie...

Don't worry! The gameplay fits the storyline perfectly. After all; this is a FPS, and so the gameplay rocks. The guns are very balanced; but very differently than the other Halo games. For examples, the Needler is now like an invincible gun, and the forerunner guns have also taken over.
The multiplayer just rocks and is very addictive. In fact, I have roughly started the campaign and have been only playing Multiplayer game.
D0n't think 2wice! This game is one of its kind!!!!!

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Sony Sony Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller (For PS4) Gamepad : Gamepad
Price: Rs. 4990
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Arrgh, Finally!
on 16 April 14
Aryaman rated:

It was quite dumb to see no controller available for the PS4 in India, let alone a blue version :)

(PS; I havent bought a Blue Version or any Version at all, jsut talking about the stock controller)

The DS4 is a major improvement from the, well, Ds3 which I haven't used much ( I have a 360) Though it is Definitely better than the 360, and the 360 WAS better with the DS3, so that's saying something...

The triggers are really comfy. It fixed the DS3's problem of not having much grip, and is not plastically like the 360's. The buttons and analog sticks are decent too. The touchpad dosen't have much use YET, so right now it's just a waste of real estate..

Battery life isn't much of a problem for me ( I play 5 hours max), but it might be a problem (esp if your power point is close to the TV like mine). I expected better, but not SUCH a big problem.

Also, yes the light is unnecessary and passer-by's often get distracted by it. ADD AN OPTION TO SWITCH IT OFF! (And no, it hardly affects the batter life cause it's just 2-3 LED's.

Now, I was scared to buy the PS4 primarily (other than Halo) because I was scared because of the symmetrical sticks. After a day, I didn't notice the difference! So no worries there (just don't swap too much between the consoles).

Now, if the seller actually has a blue edition and hasn't just put a random picture; it's something to be happy about. The blue look's rad! I wish there was one of those dark purple's though :(

Anyway, really good controller for a great system. Not many good games for 2 players right now except Rayman Legends (something you should consider buying - it got a 10/10) And; the price is about 1000 bucks more than the US counterpart, so you might wanna hold down on the controller.

Aryaman :)

Edit; See a discount on both, though both are Out Of Stock. Did alot of people buy it or something FK?

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Winnie-the-Pooh : Book
Price: Rs. 242
Imported Edition. Delivered in 20-21 business days.
Reviewing after 2 years, Nostalgia
on 15 April 14
Aryaman rated:
certified buyer

I actually bought this book in Dec'11, and was going through my orders (this was my first order ever on FP). Oh, when there was Landmark and Reliance Electronics :) !

Anyway, I bought it as I had planned to buy a book with every game I buy (it didn't work out well :P), and so I though Pooh was a great place to start.

Pooh has been my fav character for the longest time (I'm 13 now), and I knew it was time for a more novel-ish pooh.

This is the very first Pooh written. Ever. It isn't serious or anything, but the moral os the story can be used alot in our day to day lives.

No, the illustrations aren't coloured. No, it isn't exactly easy to read for kids. But that's not the point of it; this is a classic. Where it had all started.

A must have classic for your shelf! Now let me find my honey...


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Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card : Av Media
Price: Rs. 949
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Xbox Sucks... WITHOUT GOLD!
on 16 January 13
Aryaman rated:
first to review

Well, I did not buy it Physically, but I have bought it through my Xbox itself, using Credit card. It was much cheaper, but this is best is you are gifting etc.

Anyway, Gold Membership is basically a Membership which not only expands your Xbox, but Everything! Online Multiplayer is totally addictive, YouTube and IE9 works better than in Win 7 and MUCH MORE!

I would say it is expensive, even 150 bucks through may be a little...too much. BUT, it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (Xbox 360 Edition) : Av Media
Price: Rs. 1499
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
The Best Sandbox Ever. Period.
on 09 August 13
Aryaman rated:
first to review certified buyer

While Call of Duty might be the Most sold game ever, this game is said the most innovative game ever, also with the largest community.

This game is basically about taking and placing boxes. Simple? Not even close.
The possibilities are endless. Literally. You can do ANYTHING you want, from fatasy houses to full-size Taj Mahals, people have made everything.

Oh, and this game IS a big deal. Type Minecraft on youtube, and you'll find millions of videos, ranging from tutorials to Amazing creations.
With so much to do, it is quite easy to show why Microsoft is doing SO much to prevent this game to go to PS4.

BUY IT !! :)

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Moserbaer Swivel 8 GB Pen Drive : Pendrive
Price: Rs. 280
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Better are out there now...
on 11 July 14
Aryaman rated:

I've got this PenDrive several times from schools and tuitions, and thus know how it is...

It's speed is normal for the price and memory (Keep in Mind, USB 2.0), so no complaints there.

Problem? Looks. Nope, it ain't classy. The swivel - thingy can come out easily, and the transparent cover just doesn't make sense. My friend dropped this from like 2 feet and the cover broke - exposing all the internals...

My point is - it isn't BAD in anyway, but you can get awesome - looking sandisk pendrives for 10 - 20 bucks cheaper, or EVEN better looking HP ones. (Though for bang - for - the - buck Sandisk is the best.)


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Belkin Standard HDMI AV10047 cable, 6' Data Cable : Data Cable
Price: Rs. 699
This Item is permanently discontinued.
Really Good
on 03 April 12
Aryaman rated:
first to review

This is Really good. The clarity is very very good. Even though it says 1080i, it can somehow run 1080p on my Xbox 360.....
(Maybe it's my mistake.)

The price is RS 700, that is not too much. (Compared to Sony and Xbox 360 that cost for 1500-3000!)

The quality is as good as the cheap ones,(Nitho Gaming. There is still a rumor that it cant run 1080i and p) but looks wise it is WAY BETTER than Nitho.

Anyway, a great buy for clarity fans!!!!!!!!

(P>S I did not buy it from Flipkart, but there wont be any problem if you do)

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Rock Flip Cover for HTC One : Cases Covers
Price: Rs. 899
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Very, Very High Quality
on 07 December 13
Aryaman rated:
certified buyer

Previously, I had a basic bak cover. I LOVED the s4 flip cover, but the htc one was.... better.

This thing is very good quality, and the back is transparent-ish grey. The front flip- is textured which is amazing. It has hole for calling (like the s4 cover) so you can close it and talk. The only drawback to the s4 cover that it obviously dosent lock the phone like the iPhone/iPad smart cover. Still, a must buy.

PS: I would probobly look at the other colours too. They look very very good, but not my taste :P

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