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Reviews by Chandan (2)

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Duraband Complete Cricket Trainer Cricket Kit : Kit
Price: Rs. 6300
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
The Best Cricket Trainer Kit for Coaches and Cricket Players
on 16 January 16
Chandan rated:
first to review

Hi I am writing this review, bcz I found this product very useful for my son. I get to know about this product and is very useful for Improving Your Cricket Performance, This product is for Training, Bowlers, Batsman and Fielder. The new Dura-Band is now available to have you improving your batting, bowling and fielding.

The new Duraband complete cricket trainer kit will improve your batting, bowling and fielding - fast. With a range of simple but highly effective exercises and drills, you’ll be developing your skill levels to new heights.

In just 15 minutes a day, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement with regular use of the Duraband complete cricket trainer kit. Not only that but your Duraband complete cricket trainer kit doubles up as an amazing home gym, too. So now you can start developing the correct muscle groups you need to play cricket immediately.

If you can find just 15 minutes a day the Duraband complete cricket trainer kit can help you with:

1. BATSMEN - increase your hand speed through the ball to hit the ball sweeter than ever.
2. BOWLERS - accelerate your arm speed so you bowl faster and with better control.
3. FIELDERS - improve your throwing arm to become accurate and stronger.

Duraband complete cricket trainer kit will have you engaging the correct muscles you need to use in the perfect technique. This is done by fully interchangeable resistance bands that you alter as you get stronger and more efficient in your cricket. A simple snap into place of the D-ring and Duraband complete cricket trainer kit will have you playing shots better, developing arm, wrist and shoulder strength, plus understanding the perfect sequencing of your movement.

Why you should buy this product? It will help you to make buying decision easy.:- Dura-Band is something you can take with you anywhere, allows you to practice at any time and should become a vital part of your cricket development - whatever your current level.
1.Increases Throwing Speed for Fielders
2. Layered Technology Bands Helps to be Stronger
3. Designed by International Coaches and Players
4. Provides Dramatic Improvement with Regular Use
5. Batsmen Can Increase Hand Speed Through Ball
6. One inch Wide Resistance Bands
7. Fully Interchangeable Resistance Bands
8. Developing Skill Levels to New Heights
9. Increases Pace for Bowlers
10.Perfect Sequencing of Movement
11.More Durable and Resistant to Tears
11.Ideal for Cricket Academies
Good Luck ... :)

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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9999
Available. Delivered in 6-7 business days.
Good Product form Asus in this price range
on 16 January 16
Chandan rated:
certified buyer

REally Good Product from Brand Like Asus in this price range. I got this product and not found any issue till now. Good Product :)

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