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The Complete Sherlock Holmes #2 Boxed Set : Book
Price: Rs. 387
Available. Delivered in 7-8 business days.
Satisfactory quality with regard to price.
on 09 May 12
Dipanjan rated:
certified buyer

Flipkart was great as usual. Solid, elements-proof packaging and delivered within 48 hours. Not a scratch....everything in perfect order (even the box).

No point in going ga ga over Holmes or Doyle. Both are universally accepted as the greatest and the great respectively and I don't see the reason for spending time over something that has already been said a million times.

Instead I want to focus on these two books per se. Actually this collection carries immense nostalgic value for me. I had received the same pair of books in the same box pack, published by Bantam, way back in 1992 as a gift. That introduced me to the world of Holmes and I have stayed a Holmes fanatic ever since. But as it turned out, the collection got stolen a few years back. I kept looking for an exact replica of my first interaction with Holmesian magic but never found one (not even in some of the leading bookstores of today) until Flipkart. I simply had to have this one and in spite of some unfavourable reviews regarding print and paper quality, I went ahead with the purchase.

I have noticed some cribbing regarding print and paper quality on this review panel but I must say that at this price nothing better is possible. The entire works in a handy box pack maintaining the original Bantam format at Rs. 299 is a steal. Print quality is not that bad altogether. It's actually quite readable just requires some decent light across the pages. Paper quality is a tad flimsy but Bantam books have always been like of the reasons how they manage to keep the price in check.

Overall acceptable quality...... however if one's too concerned, then Flipkart also provides several other more expensive alternatives of the same complete collection which are better (I have personally seen a couple of them with my colleagues).

For me however this had to be the one as this one's exactly similar to the one I lost.

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Parker Frontier Matte Black (Gold Nib) GT Fountain Pen : Pen
Price: Rs. 625
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Allow this pen some time...........
on 09 May 12
Dipanjan rated:
certified buyer

That I bought this pen doesn't necessarily make this the best piece of writing equipment ever. So exaggerations aside there are some basic points that must be noted (based upon a month's usage)

Firstly the pen is quite solidly built, mostly a moulded frame that is unlikely to crack or come apart even with a moderate amount of rough handling. Used with care it's sure to last for a pretty long time.

The nib reveals itself over a period of time. Initially might appear hard and a bit scratchy but don't write it off and don't jump to conclusions. Keep writing....use heavily.....give it some time and watch it improve into something different altogether. A couple of weeks and everything feels just right.....the nib and the rest of the pen do what's expected and do it pretty well.

This particular model comes with the Converter system for ink refilling which is pretty basic and quite easy to use. A cartridge can be manipulated to fit the pen in place of the converter but it's always better to stick to the "factory settings". Converter works just fine. Works best with Parker's ink "Quink" which is also readily available. Flipkart doesn't stock "Quink", so that has to be sourced from elsewhere....however Faber Castell inks work just fine.

This pen in spite of the gold trimmings and classy look is just not meant to be a decorative trophy pen for occasional use. This is meant to be a pen for regular everyday use, and for proper performance this pen should be made to write decent amounts regularly (daily if possible). So those looking for a breast pocket showpiece which rarely gets anything to write.....sorry, this isn't the one.

Overall a decent pen.....a workhorse that needs to be kept busy. Performs to the best of a Parker's this price (Flipkart's price), is definitely a safe bet. "

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SanDisk Cruzer Fit 16 GB Pen Drive : Pendrive
Price: Rs. 1000
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Need a Radio Collar for this........
on 08 May 12
Dipanjan rated:
certified buyer

Flipkart service was as usual amazing. Not a scratch and order-to-laptop time was roughly 36 hours. Great, as always.

Okay, so this is supposed to be the world's smallest USB drive. Very true and it's actually even smaller than what appears on the website. Tough to keep a tab on this one and very high probability of loosing it. High on flaunt value and does grab some attention once people manage to notice it.

Works like a issues whatsoever. Comes with standard password protection and 128 bit AES encryption facilities. It's been a couple of months since I started using this one and till date not a single glitch. I have had to share this one with a few others and haven't received any complaints this far.

Transfer speeds are however on the slower side, a bit unusual I must say for a Sandisk product. But if you aren't exactly looking for a speed demon and can wait for 20-25 seconds more for a standard 8 gb transfer say, you ought to go for this one. Very stable, very sleek and comes bundled with all the goodness of Sandisk products.

Overall a really decent product at this price (Flipkart's price). Looks like a thumb nail and is actually tough as one. Only you might want to radio collar the thing for a while, till you get used to it. At the outset you will frequently end up plain overlooking this little guy and turning your work space upside down in a bid to locate the thing.

Finally...go for it...believe me you haven't seen a flash drive like this one before...(literally).

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Akira Kurosawa Collection : Movie
Price: Rs. 1150
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Seldom Gets Better Than This.......
on 09 May 12
Dipanjan rated:
certified buyer

Akira Kurosawa - 5 DVDs together at this price!!!!!! Nothing can get better than this. I actually got them a month back from Flipkart even cheaper.....just 600 bucks.

But that hardly matters...for the aficionados price has seldom been an issue. People would willingly shell out double the original price for this gem of a collection.

As usual superb Flipkart service......handed over to me in 2 days flat. Packed with great care....elements-proof....everything in perfect order. Great work and thanks really.

Enlighten does a great job with the prints. Quite clear video with decent audio. From what I have seen of the original prints elsewhere, these digitally remastered prints are much better. Audio fluctuates very occasionally but I guess that's acceptable compared to the original prints or what's left of them. However there's a better digitally remastered Blue-ray version (and it's DVD copy) of "Seven Samurai" available on Flipkart itself which is better than the one in this box.

Overall a great tribute compilation...won't go to the length of discussing the legendary Kurosawa here, that's best left to the viewers. Excellent overall quality of the entire set and needless to say excellent competitive pricing by Flipkart.

Amazing stuff....get this and make this your own. You won't regret it.

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Canon EOS 6D (Kit 24 - 105) DSLR Camera : Camera
Price: Rs. 147995
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
The "low-light" champ..
on 12 December 15
Dipanjan rated:
first to review

This is one superb camera....period. Being dismissive of this camera would be like trashing an entry level Merc or BMW as a piece of junk. This is the best and cheapest entry level full-frame dslr around and it really doesn't make much sense to compare it with makes which are maybe 30k, 50k or 80k more expensive. Though in proper hands this can provide stiff competition to some of the pricier models....but that's another story.
The best part of this camera is it's low light handling really has very scanty competition in this area. Unless you are a super pro doing some extreme photography, this cam will suit you just fine and then some more.
Of course there are those claiming to be pros and trashing this actually great piece of equipment......but please just consider reading any or every review of this cam over the net......(some of the pickiest and toughest reviewers consider it good enough) or glance through some of the sample photos on the official flickr page.
Just add a 50mm, f/1.4 prime to this body and savour the results.......

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Vittorio De Sica : Movie
Price: Rs. 999
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Can't get better......
on 09 May 12
Dipanjan rated:
first to review certified buyer

Just can't get better. The legendary De Sica and three of his most celebrated works together....I call this "Explosive". This is Italian neorealist cinema at it's illustrious best. I am way too insignificant an individual to write a review of these films. These are some of the defining and immortal moments of cinematic history. Nothing to discuss about, just got to take the plunge and immerse yourself in the magic of De Sica.

Enlighten does a fair job with the prints. Decent video with acceptable audio. Judging by the state of the original prints, the quality of this entire set is certainly acceptable. No issues with the subtitles. Everything works just fine.

Flipkart as usual was spot on in delivery. Carefully packed, not a scratch....received the set in perfect condition. Amazing website offers this set at a cheaper price than here in Flipkart. But that hardly matters, something as great as this can't be valued in petty monetary terms. Still, thanks Flipkart.....looking ahead to more such collections.

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Kingston Dragon 8 GB Pen Drive : Pendrive
Price: Rs. 1400
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Performance beyond looks......
on 08 May 12
Dipanjan rated:
certified buyer

As usual amazing Flipkart service. Order-to-laptop time was roughly 36 hours. Received in perfect condition keeping in mind the delicate looks of this device.

Got this as a collectible and didn't really bother much about performance. But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by what this device had to offer under the hood. Looks apart, this device is quite a performer.

Comes preloaded with a Kingston data management application which allows password protection and standard 128 bit AES encryption among other things. A windows explorer type interface allows viewing files by their types irrespective of which folders they are in which comes in handy if you choose to keep large volume of data in the drive. Read and write speeds are around 15 mbps and 8 mbps respectively as determined by a couple of online testers. Found only one glitch till date....the preloaded Kingston application failed to install on Vista several times but had no issues installing on XP and Windows 7. However on Vista that doesn't interfere in any way with the drive's functions. Data storage works just fine on Vista. Running ReadyBoost on this drive on Vista and Windows 7 worked properly as well.

On to looks....Moulded from a rubberized, highly scratch resistant material this device might appear very delicate and fragile, but is actually not so. Apart from the character's whiskers rest of the body is quite solidly built and is unlikely to come apart even with moderately rough usage. It's been almost a couple of months since my wife started using this and till date everything's managed to stay in place.

Overall great as a collectible.....decent as a drive. Nice thing to have at this price (Flipkart's price).

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