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Reviews by Dr. Nitin (4)

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Philips 3 Headed HQ6940 Shaver For Men : Shaver
Price: Rs. 2195
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
I bought 2 of these
on 28 February 12
Dr. Nitin rated:
certified buyer

...both of them from Flipkart at higher than the current price, a couple of months apart.

Takes around 5 minutes. I have been using this everyday for the last couple of months and haven't felt the need to go back to regular wet shave.
I have a coarse beard so this is just about perfect for me, and shaves off not just my gruffy beard, but several minutes from my mundane routine so I can grab that extra few minutes of shut eye.

The electric variants are getting rarer nowadays but this was a major plus point for me to have.

I do agree as other reviewers have stated that the cord is a bit flimsy, but you can get around that by just using an extension.
The blades do seem to be getting blunt even in a few months of use even after regular cleaning and replacement blades cost a bomb, so you may well just buy another shaver in that case.

I do hope Flipkart keeps these perennially in stock. Shall buy again.

-1 as the motor could have been a bit more powerful and the blades somewhat sharper, even though this gets the job done.

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Milagrow BlackCat 2.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner : Vacuum Cleaner
Price: Rs. 23990
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Not very good at it
on 28 February 12
Dr. Nitin rated:

While it is indeed heartening to note that finally such products are available locally, but as such, these are still at a very nascent stage and the Indian consumer is not very sensitized to such appliances. These variants in particular look like cheap Infinivo models and the early Roomba generation and their performance would only disappoint and deter future buyers.

I would have been pleased if better models like the acclaimed Neato XV-11 and the Mint plus were available at competitive prices.

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Bajaj DX 7 Light Weight Dry Iron : Iron
Price: Rs. 629
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
¡qué barbaridad!
on 11 April 15
Dr. Nitin rated:
certified buyer

Ordered it for my aunt who wanted a new iron.
Received a short circuited defective product

Blows the fuse as soon as I plug it in. Have requested a refund/replacement.

I hoped with all these positive reviews there would be some quality control with the manufacturer but I am disappointed.
Would have rated 0 if there was one on the scale.

Our old local make iron still works fine.

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TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless N Router : Router
Price: Rs. 950
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
VFM product to run openwrt / dd-wrt
on 26 November 12
Dr. Nitin rated:

This is my first router and I wanted to try out some stuff.
Its the cheapest router currently available which can run openwrt (strongly recommended) and dd-wrt (only 72 mbps) even though the stock TP-Link fw is good enough for most users. Has good range even though I wish it had a USB port so that it could be used as a standalone nas/torrent downloader, but then again, you can't get everything for the 850 bucks I spent on it

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