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Everything was great until...
on 04 May 12
Johnson rated:

The moment i unboxed this set, i was kinda shocked, cos it turned out to be bigger than i expected. it was really good on the hands, especially all that touchscreen era phones.
everything was great until i noticed something...

-> The phone doesnt often ring!!
It just vibrates, doesnt ring 3 out of 5 times.
I thought its having trouble reading from the memory card, so transferred it to phone memory, but still it doesnt ring.

For this very problem, i gotta say, this phone sucks!

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Excellent GPU for 1080p 60 FPS gaming
on 17 March 15
Johnson rated:
certified buyer

First thing, NVIDIA drivers are a hassle. Its not easy installing them. But after struggling for a day (and formatting my pc) the drivers got installed.
First thing, looks cool. The MSI led logo looks awesome in my window case.

Second, its super silent. The fans turn on only when the GPU temps exceed a certain limit. Otherwise they're silent. Temps were usually under 70 degrees even on load.
I didnt have to overclock it manually, as MSI afterburner/MSI gaming app comes with 3 modes : Silent, Gaming and OC mode. Gaming mode is usually enough for most games.
Third, the power. Man this thing is so power efficient. Since its based on the maxwell chip, its very economical. While other cards R9 280 draws abt 267w, and GTX 760 takes in 234w, the GTX 960 takes in a mere 175w and even overclocking it always stays UNDER 200w. Thats winning.

Now, Gaming.
Playing Battlefield 4 on ultra,
1920x1080 : 75-120 fps.
1360x768 : 150 fps easily.

Far Cry 4 Ultra
1920x1080 : around 60 fps.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Max
1920x1080 : a around 100 fps.

Now, i dont think casual pc gamers need anything more than this for at least a couple of years, as most games are made to match the console graphics. So, until the release of PS5 or XB2, this graphic card will play any game on ultra at 1080 well around 55 fps to 70.
If u need a little more juice, u can always over clock it as it takes in so little power. Nvidia says this card can be overclocked till 1450 mhz easily without any extra voltage.

PS: when it bought it, it was Rs 17,800. Just sayin.

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Looks cool and all but...its noisy
on 17 March 15
Johnson rated:
certified buyer

I got this to go with my corsair spec 02 case, it already comes with 2 fans.
The thing is, this fan is not as bright as the corsair fan and most importantly, its noisy.
Now, im not sure if its because its directly connected to the PSU (mobo ran out of fan slots) but theres a constant bzzzzzing sound. Anyway, its not very annoying but its defenitely "Not noisy"
But hey, its gets the job done. Great cooling and if u have a speed controller, then definitely worth it.

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Cheap gaming mouse..pretty cheap quality
on 12 January 15
Johnson rated:
certified buyer

This is what you can expect from a cheap gaming mouse.

Good braided cable.
Looks neat...and kinda aggressive.
The mouse mat looks cool too.
Cheap price.

Where do i start?
Its quite small. It only looks large due to its shape.
The right click button doesnt sit properly, exposing its sharp edge. Really sharp.
The right click is loose (it was like that when i unboxed it) but still usable.
The scroll wheel is loose, and kinda noise because of that.
The sharp, at a few places like the right click button but ull get used to it.
The mouse mat, very thin and smooth. Yeah i think smooth mats are bad. Its a personal opinion though. Its back side is not too grippy either.
Cheap quality

Im not too happy with the mouse, and im not too sad either. Lets see how long it works.

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Its more than just pretty decent.
on 26 June 14
Johnson rated:
certified buyer

Got this delivered in 3 days.

And the keyboard looks sleek and stylish and is also quite ergonomic , with a wavy kinda shape . Its easy to type, and easy to game too. The mouse on the other hand, its quite heavy, cos of the battery maybe. But its no big deal. But, its starts acting pretty weird when its more than 8 feet away from the receiver (But who uses a mouse 8 feet away from the screen anyway? Unless you've got a huge screen that needs to be viewed 8 feet away and you can actually afford it, then you wont be buying this budget wireless combo anyway)

Sleek and stylish mouse and keyboard.
Ergonomic and easy to hold.
Extra Function keys and shortcut keys on the keyboard come in handy.
Mouse works even on glass. Thats cool.

Keyboard has no "off" button.
Keyboard doesnt sit perfectly flat. Wobbles a liiiitle bit. But still acceptable.
Function keys are pretty small, not recommended for programmers.
Mouse acts a little weird sometimes (rarely) but thats a general wireless hassle everywhere.

So, all in all, a good value for money product, that looks very sleek and stylish

Update: its not for people who type all day. Definitely not, cos , its a wireless keyboard, kinda small. So its good but not the best.

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Ugh! Looks worse than it does in the picture
on 11 June 14
Johnson rated:
certified buyer

Lumia 520 was 8000 rupees when i bought it.
This flip cover was around 240 rupees.
The moment i snapped this on, the phone magically appeared like an ultra cheap 10th or 20th hand china phone!
I got a pretty decent cover for about 300 for my Note. So you cant say its what you get for the price. But man, it looks terrible.
just..dont ...dont go for it.

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Great wireless speakers for the price
on 07 June 14
Johnson rated:
certified buyer

Bluetooth speakers, 2.1 for just under 4000 rupees.
Its quite powerful too, more than what i expected actually. And , as an added bonus, the speakers or satellites (or whatever you want to call them) look exquisite. Beautiful design really. It looks very expensive.
I found only two problems with this
1. The power button and source button are placed in the back, which is difficult to reach. It shouldve been near the volume dial on the side. But thats not much of a problem actually.
2. Bass and Treble knobs. The highs are somewhat, weird. The bass starts to act up fully only on turning the bass knob halfway up, the "thumps" are what im referring to here. And i havent found much difference in the audio quality with the treble knob turned down to zero or all the way up. Minute difference but still noticeable in a way.

But, still, despite that, it sounds pretty decent. Cant really expect more than this for the price. I mean, its honestly more than what one can expect.

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Excellent product
on 07 June 14
Johnson rated:
certified buyer

Looks great, feels great too. I was slightly skeptic about the quality before but now im satisfied with the quality.
Theres nothing wrong with this so 5*s

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Works well. no problems
on 03 June 14
Johnson rated:
certified buyer

No problems so far. Works pretty well and gets the job done. cant ask for more.
Decent delivery service and decent product, theres nothing to complain here.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 65W : Laptop Adapter
Price: Rs. 1850
Works like a charm
on 03 June 14
Johnson rated:
certified buyer

my original charger got burnt within 1 year so i got a cheaper compatible charger. Worked for a few days and the wire got burnt again. then got another one, worked for a week!
Finally got the original one here and works really well. no problems so far and im sure it'll keep workin.
The only problem is, it gets heated up...but i guess thats a common problem.

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