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Micro (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 173
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Not Satisfying
on 08 July 12
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

I bought Micro from Flipkart, by pre-ordering the book, waiting in anticipation for the literal roller-coaster ride with the book. The last Posthumous work by Michael Crichton viz. Pirate Latitudes , was fantastic with all the old charm of Crichton books.
most annoyingly its release was delayed twice. And when it was finally published, the excitement was over way back.
The Micro has all the ingredients that made Michael Crichton books a wholesome read, but the end result is not quite "Crichton"ised.
The story has group of youngsters, big Jargon, Gruesome deaths, the unexpected help near the end and possibility of sequel in the end, but it still feels like the the characters are shallow.
When you read the book, you feel like you are watching "Honey, I shrunk the kids", with the same childish sense.
Well, It was filled with sci-fi stuff and all, but then literature is not just a text book.
Please stop writing in the name of Michael Crichton, if its not really written by the genius himself. We don't want another Bourne elastic series, where people write in the name of late Robert Ludlum and try to glorify crap books.

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Cooler Master Notepal L1 Cooling Pad : Cooling Pad
Price: Rs. 1199
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Value for Money
on 03 March 12
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

Bought the first electronic item from and was wholly satisfied with the delivery. The packaging was great, with Bubble bags and outer box. The delivery was within specified time.

Now About the Product;
1. This is my first cooling pad, so cannot compare.
2. Before using the pad, the bottom surface of my Laptop used to be very hot, but by keeping it on the pad, its been cooler.
3. I used a software tool to keep track of CPU temperature, but didn't find any difference in temperature before and after using the pad. But then again I don't know if CPU temperature reduction is function of Cooling-pad or not.
4. I am using 15" Laptop, and the size of pad is perfect for my PC.
5. Its very light and looks durable.
6. Fan is single and in center, but a big one and good enough.
7. The USB connection for PAD has an extension on other side, which again can be used as USB port. Thus, no wastage of USB port. It is quite pointy on corners, but you wont notice it once an USB device is connected through it.

All in all, its a good device and certainly value for money.

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Dork (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 146
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Funny and enjoyable
on 08 July 12
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

In the fleet of new age Indian authors, we have got a strong contender in Sidin Vadukut. The satirical comedy is strong point of this book. The Dork series's very own Protagonist (or should I say antagonist) is like a common man, who writes his diaries and gives self importance in every small situation.
The Dork is really a dork. We are all waiting for the last installment of Dork.
"Who let the Dork out"

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The Girl Who kicked The Hornet\'s Nest (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 359
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
The man who amazed all with his books
on 08 July 12
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

Kudos to Flipkart for the express book delivery.

Stieg Larsson has written the best-sellers. The book starts where the previous left off. the pace is fast and "The Girl" amazes us with her sheer brilliance at each twist in the book.

If only Stieg Larsson was there today to see his work getting such a great accolades.

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No false Notion about your History!!!
on 30 July 14
Omkar rated:
certified buyer

The new Sidin Vadukut book strays from his Satirical Comedy genre to a fact finding area. The book may not present a laugh at each page as his previous books, it is sure to tickle your funny bone. The book follows theme of finding a logical explanation for these "so called" facts. Whatever you have been hearing about India on Internet, SMS's, social Media may be just a myth, but Sidin finds a way to analyse and report these facts as they are, (No false patriotism). He urges the reader to be patriotic, but better be a sceptical one.

As far as Flipkart delivery goes, its the best. I pre ordered the book and received it on time and impeccably packed.

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