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Reviews by Piyush (5)

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Must for RAW photography & HD shooting
on 01 February 12
Piyush rated:
certified buyer

Little expensive than other normal memory cards, but it worth every penny you spend. If you own a camera with burst speed of than 4 fps, other normal cards wont support for that high speed of burst. Totally and smoothly supports full HD recording, which is not common in DSLRS. Just remember that, such memory cards can not write a file which is more than 4gb, meaning this card will store only 10-11 mins of full HD recording in one take. In all its a good investment.

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Good zoom lens
on 01 February 12
Piyush rated:
certified buyer

A very good and affordable lens from canon. Has a decent zoom and compliment with kit lens of 18-55mm, works awesome. Focusing is not as fast as USM L lens, but quite accurate. The IS (Image Stabilization) function works really well. Normally people compare this with 70-300 USM from canon, but remember that lens is not with IS, so only compare these two if you understand IS really well because in required situations you can turn off IS of this lens.

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A good product
on 31 March 12
Piyush rated:
certified buyer

Pros : It has a huge capacity, works really fast and easy to use.
Cons: difficult to clean as rod is in bottom lead does not open fully, lead opener is little hard.

Overall a good product.

Flipkart packaging and delivery is awesome.

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BEST & Cheapest prime lens offered by canon
on 01 February 12
Piyush rated:
certified buyer

This is one the best lens given the price level. A must for Portrait or people photography. works wonderful for night photography as it gives aperture as low as 1.8. Focusing is not as smooth and as quick as USM lens, but with time you will get used to it. Just remember its a prime lens, and for all cropped with 1.6x crop factor, this lens will work like 80mm. All an all, a very good lens.

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Very good camera for beginners!
on 11 January 12
Piyush rated:
certified buyer

Hi all,

This one is amazing product from canon. I choose this one over nikon because this has amazing video recording capabilities, compare to Nikon it gives full manual mode in hd recording. And for photography it has amazing noise reduction capabilities(prefer RAW format for that). only thing lacks here is law focus points, it has only 9 focus points.

For Flipkart: Amazing prices and ultra amazing services, got the camera in almost 24 hours. flipkart rocks!!

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