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Errorenous Reading in Steps
on 26 June 12
Ravi Kiran rated:
certified buyer

The product is awesome in its looks, carry and features. When I checked the number of steps I actually did and the reading on the device, I see a deviation of 50%. There is no mention how to reduce the deviation in the manual or whatsoever. I'm neutral on this prodcut.

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Monsters at Budget price
on 04 December 14
Ravi Kiran rated:
certified buyer

I have been using different brands of headsets viz, seinheiser, skullcandy, Bose, apple etc.
If you belong to the category of folks who break the headsets often but brood over this, this sound magic headphones are for you.

I bought these hesitantly and not sure how they sound. Packings, add ons etc doesn't add any value to your music experience. Have seen better packed headsets and they sound dumb.

Now why you should buy if budget is a concern.

1. Pure Staging. The vocals are damn clear. Always with heavy bass heads, i can't hear the voice of singer clearly. These are perfect set for budding singers, who give more emphasis to vocals than shitty drums

2. Bass. Many might feel that Rich bass defines music. If you are bass head this is not for you. You will be disappointed not to hear such deep bass. But the bass in 20HZ range is quite clear and good enough for most of pop music.

3. Mids and highs. 10/10. Such precision. I'm still awed how the sound engineers managed the drivers to respond so perfectly to this range. Listen to folk/jumba/dance numbers and it's heartfealt happiness.

Perfect partner to folks like me who doesn't take care of headphones well.

Go for it. :)

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Best phone at lowest price segment
on 14 September 14
Ravi Kiran rated:
certified buyer

I saw the crazy maniac rush for Mi3. But I belong to those folks who don't trust the Chinese Handset makers. But still IPHONE is assembled in China :).

The packing of this product is awesome.

Now, The aspects:

Design: This one is quite bulky compared to my earlier XOLO or Samsung grands. However, its manageable with a single hand. The volume rockers and power buttons are quite reachable when you operate with a hand. My Fingers are quite big. May be that's the reason why it doesn't make a difference.

Battery: This is a concern for me. I haven't done full recycle of the battery. With GPS, 3G, music listening, the battery is draining like hell. May be I need to install some battery saving apps from play store. Neutral on battery.

Display: WOW! I'm used to more bulelight phones, but this display is quite vivid. I realized how awesome it is when I played some Hollywood trailers of Cristhoper Nolan. 10/10 for display.

Interface: Another great attribute of this phone. The MIUI gives you IOS feel and its heavily customizable . After a day, got an update from MIUI and got it installed. The grouping of apps is quite good and doesn't clutter your screen as in other cheap android phones. 9/10 for Interface.

Operation and Speed: Quad Core is quite visible in this. But it's getting heat often. Sometime too hot to handle :P. Hope the SAR doesn't mess up. Better to use headset or bluetooth. Ease of operation and Speed are good apart from Heating issue: Rating: 7/10

Camera: Nice camera at rear with 1080p resolution but it's not on par at Night. THe low light snaps are quite clumsy. The frontend camera is a shocker. For frontend cam, I will give 10/10 but for rear camera its as good as another low end phone.

Music: WoW. Great. I used seinheeiser and Skullcandy to test sound on this phone. I'm a music freak. The frequency range is quite good and bass is deep. However, the claim of adusting to type of headphone is baseless. Rating: 9/10

GPS and Navigation: This is the reason why I bought a new phone. To locate me, the phone just took 2-3 seconds which shocked me.

This is the best phone if you want great display, great music and great interface.

On the odd side, there is battery and heating issue.

Time for Micromax, Motorola to wrap up their shelves if they don't launch a competitor to this.

JUST GO FOR IT. If it's ur 2nd or 1st phone.

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Nothing comes near ESET.
on 25 June 14
Ravi Kiran rated:
certified buyer

Have been using ESET for the past 3 years. My laptop was not infected with single virus or trojan.

ESET is the best!! Go for it, if you want the AV not to load your PC and keeps you waiting for minutes to boot etc.

This has the lowest footprint on CPU resources yet it's fast and Furious.

And the good part is it comes with 6 months extension of license. Indeed, a Good Deal. May be the ESET are planning to release next version after 15 months. Who knows..

Love ESET and let it kill or take care of threats!!

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Good product but decades behind Veritas
on 17 May 14
Ravi Kiran rated:
certified buyer

I saw this book in every global MBA aspirant at IT offices.

However, main reason for buying this book is the 6 CAT online exams that will be given as add on.

The book is a good refresher and it's a viable and economic alternative to the champ of GMAT prep currently --- Veritas.

However, I feel this book uses old pedagogy and quite arrogant.

As with every Manhattan Guide, it lacks OG questions or at-least some real exam type GMAT questions.

Buy it for 6 Free CATs.


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You will be in Tempo
on 19 March 13
Ravi Kiran rated:

Awesome, that's one word to define JBL. Don't expect you are shelling out 500 bucks and expect the same kind of quality.

It's extremely good for Deep and Tight Bass. Treble is fine and Okay.

Klipsch, Skull Candy wiring is sensitive. I broke around 10 of them and this time couldn't resist to buy these.

Go for it and indulge in Tempo!!!

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Bizzare Yet Brilliant
on 06 July 12
Ravi Kiran rated:
certified buyer

Kaplan is a class apart. Though I belong to the clan of Manhattan Lovers, this book amazed me with its "No-Nonsense", "Unambigious", "Bizzare Yet Brillaint" potrayal of concepts.

This book has some real hard questions, tagged as advanced which are quite rare in Real GMAT.

To add fuel to your prep, have Kaplan GMAT 800 also to the armour.

It's one among the best in my prep shelf..


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Product not available. That's the reply from flipkart on the delivery date
on 15 May 13
Ravi Kiran rated:

Pls do check with the customer care before ordering this product. I got a call today saying "the product is not available". It's quite disgusting to see such a response on the suppossed T-1 delivery date.

I never expected this from the superior flipkart service.

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Might be the BEST manual
on 05 October 12
Ravi Kiran rated:
certified buyer

This manual is a monster to carry and angel to clear CSAT. However, i bought it last week with 1029 bucks in FLIPKART. Wondering why they have reduced the price now!!! Be fair flipkart. Oh Yeah! As usual expect delivery on the next working day if you are in a metro.


Hatts off to Thorpe!!

Team Flipkart clarify me on price variation at the earliest.

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