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As of April 2013 you cannot get a better phone in this Price range.
on 10 April 13
Suslove rated:
certified buyer

I am in serious dilemma about the profit margin Nokia has kept to put themselves back on track in Cell Phone Business.

Due to the totally fragmented market of cell phones (as far as India is concerned) customers like us are somehow getting benefited.

I personally use a HTC One X and had ordered Lumia 520 for one of my family member. Have to admit, if this product would have been sold by HTC or Samsung, it would've cost atleast 2 to 3K more. Hope Lumia 520 sets the trend of providing value for money products without compromising the robustness of quality.

Cell phones from other Local brands with very good specs are also available but trust me, being working in a technical organisation, i will anyday not recommend to buy a local brand product as the thought-process and validation tests under which these products go through are not even closer to those of a brand like Nokia, HTC or even Samsung.

Lumia 520 has a small hitch of small battery life (but itne paise mein itna hi milega). The BL-4J battery is good enough for the day in normal use.. but with 3G and Wi-Fi continuously running it drains out quite easily.
Nevertheless Nokia has a range of bigger capacity batteries with same foot-prints so you can chose your pick.

Lumia 620 will be seriously canibalised by Lumia 520 and for sure the Nokia team by now must have chalked out the plan to phase it out.

I am not going into the deatils of spec as it can be easliy checked with the beautiful tool of "Compare" Flipkart has carved out.

Surely will recommend this Phone to everyone who are hovering around this price range. It is a must buy as the fact remains "itne paise mein isse zyada nahi milega".

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If you are in a dilemma which one to buy, GNote 2, SIII or this One X, buy One X!!!
on 15 April 12
Suslove rated:

I have had used GNote for a brief period and was very impressed about the capability it has. No doubt Samsung has developed a beasty speed crazy phone a.k.a phablet. But this HTC One X is supersonic. Though it has a comparitively smaller screen (GNote:5.3 inches, One X 4.7 inches) but c'mon it is a phone. When i was using GNote it was at sometimes awkward to hold it to my ears.

When you start using One X one thing will always ponder in your mind i.e, what all it has more in it. It will take atleast few weeks and hours of surfing on your phone to decipher its capabilities.

HTC and its battery life:
The moment you ask someone about HTC, everyone tells you that HTC sucks in battery performance. If you speak about HTC One X, "The 1800mAH Li-Po battery does not suck". When I say does not suck i mean that as an average user (one hour of games, checking mails, internet surfing of about an hour, about 50 snaps of camera usage, about 10 min video recording, about 1 hour of talk time), this phone will stay by your side without dying. I could not say that it has a mammoth battery life.
It is easier to carry the USB cable which you can plug in your desktop OR laptop any time you need. If you find a power socket around you, then you can use that as well. Nevertheless, HTC could have used a 2500mAH battery for the bundle it is offering.

Moving on to the HTC sense 4.0 interface:
One word: Ecstatic. Just experience it.

Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich:
It rocks and better than Gingerbread, your multitasking is a piece of cake.

Nvidia Tegra Quad core processor:
This engine inside your HTC one X makes the phone "Supersonic".
You need to control your touch inputs intially to get used to the capacitive interface. Blazingly fast and a sure winner over GNote and SII.

Unless you are bitten by a photography bug, you will not use your Digicam after buying HTC One X. I could take 99 snaps in one minute with a single continuous click. It has got a dedicated image processor making photography fun like never before. Again a clean winner over SII and GNote.

I am a music freak. Beats audio is better than iTunes. Compare it yourself and then arrive to this verdict. Sad that HTC does not provide Beats (i/ur) headphones. Nevertheless the headphones from HTC in the box is not bad either. Again a winner over SII and GNote.

Super LCD2 with HD display is one of the USP of this. Daylight visibility is amazing. The viewing angles once compared to other AMOLED display is better in Super LCD2.

Built and feel:
It is so thin that you may have to be careful while handling it.
The polycarbonate unibody shell is robust and has better shock absorbing capacity as compared to other aluminium shells. The Corning Gorilla Glass gives a soothing feel of touch, scratch guard is recommended though over any type of display. Full marks to HTC for the design and built.

I feel i have covered the basic review of this supersonic phone, highly recomended if you are ready to shell 34.5K. If you can wait for few more months before an upgrade then wait for SIV.

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Worth buy...
on 17 April 12
Suslove rated:
certified buyer

It comes with a 5 year warranty.... A medium sized bag for day to day use.... All weather proof with decent cushioning for back support... Don't buy it for stuffing too many things into it... Stitching is of good quality as it good strength for extreme usage...

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Special effects are worth watching....
on 01 April 12
Suslove rated:
certified buyer

I can't remember how many times i have watched this blu-ray. Its sheer treat to your eyes.... and got a transformers game free with it.. loving it too.. worth buy. You can give a treat to your eyes and ears watching this blu-ray...

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on 15 April 13
Suslove rated:
certified buyer

The best part was to have a DVD of documentray of all the Batmobiles made till date.
Cristopher Nolan handles such complicated stories with as finnesse.
Still the impression of Joker from The Dark Knight cannot be erased by Bane in Dark Knight Rises. Tom Hardy looks Big infront of Batman but falls short to impress like Joker.
Can watch this movie again an again.

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Worth a product..
on 17 May 13
Suslove rated:
certified buyer

Firstly i paid less under promotional offer- for this pair. Secondly I could get an orginal PUMA at this price. Thirdly i got it at my home.
Not to mention this is a good fitting pair of shoe. Absolutely recommended. A good for for your feet..

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