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Reviews by Tamal (6)

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Go for it
on 20 December 11
Tamal rated:

I am using this with my ipod for the last 6 months....if u want a cheap earphone with decent bass and sound quality then this is surely the one for u...another thing I have noticed is that it is amazingly durable, the kind of things that have happened with my earphone, dont know how its still in one piece...

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Value for Money
on 10 February 15
Tamal rated:
certified buyer

Well cut, clear scratch guard. 3 layer makes installation easy. Attracts finger prints though. But overall a good product.

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Excellent product
on 06 April 12
Tamal rated:

I am using this for a few days now, and I have to say its unbelievably smooth, and tracking is really accurate...Works perfect with my laser mouse..The edges are stitched which gives excellent bulid quality, and prevents fraying...
However its quite small, slightly smaller than a A4 sheet. I have a small mouse, and its perfect for me, but if you own a large mouse, go for the standard sized one...

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Works as per expectation
on 31 May 16
Tamal rated:
certified buyer

This has been my regular use wallet for the last 2 months. The tyvek material does deliver on it's promise, it's thin, light and untearable. It has turned out to be the smallest and thinnest wallet I have ever used. Gone are the days of uncomfortable squirming with the wallet in my back pocket.

Till now the wallet is undamaged, although the white colour has been tarnished slightly and there are visible signs of wear and tear. It still looks like it will easily last a year at least, so not as long-lasting as a good leather wallet, but not too bad either.

Lastly, it stands out among the hordes of brown/black leather wallets and is a great conversation starter. I can't remember how many times strangers have asked me about the 'paper' wallet.

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Must buy
on 10 January 12
Tamal rated:

Awesome product....looks good and works great....Tracking is good even for gamers, and optowheel is extremely easy to use....Its quite small, recommended for laptop users....

But you might want to reconsider buying this from flipkart, other online stores are offering this at cheaper rates....

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Definitely recommended
on 26 December 11
Tamal rated:
certified buyer

Really good keyboard..well spaced and good sized keys..compact and good looking too...A good buy at this price considering the 3 year warranty....
Flipkart service was good, got it in 3 days...not very happy with Blue dart tracking information was available on their website till delivery....

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