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Reviews by Amritava (23)

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Motorola Moto 360 Black Leather Smartwatch : Smartwatch
Price: Rs. 13999
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Great accessory
on 04 May 15
Amritava rated:
certified buyer

The Moto 360 is a brilliant product. I purchased it four months back from flipkart and now I'm writing this review after using it everyday for the entire duration.


1. Great screen resolution: The texts and pictures are displayed crisply on the screen.
2. Excellent brightness level: The watch can be easily viewed even in bright sunlight.
3. Good battery backup: One charge gives you almost one whole day of usage.
4. Fast charging: It charges from 0-100% in about 45 mins. Useful for people on the move.
5. Google now notifications: When connected to the mobile it displays useful data like temperature, weather, distance to your home-office, your flights, appointments etc. Very useful for me.
6. Voice commands: With voice commands you just have to say 'Ok Google' to find useful information from the internet. However, to see full web content you have to open the page in your mobile browser. One can also voice-dial, send emails, send text, reply to whatsapp, click photos (using your mobile's camera) with voice command.
7. Health & fitness monitor: You can check heart-rate, keep track of your fitness with Google fit and other apps.
8. Watch-faces: I think this is the coolest feature of the Moto 360. You can install watch-faces free from Google Play and have a new watch watch everyday.

1. Constant 3G internet: The Moto 360 requires constant internet connectivity to display information. When there is no internet - it is just a watch & music player remote.
2. Leather strap: The leather strap will be difficult to change if it tears. I don't think Motorola sells spare ones.
3. Inaccurate heart-rate monitor: The heart-rate monitor is inaccurate. It shows my heart-rate to be 110-120 even when I'm resting.

Hope this review helps in choosing the Moto 360 which is a great replacement for your regular watch.

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Bburago Porsche GT3 Strasse : Vehicle Pull Along
Price: Rs. 2150
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Collector's Item
on 08 October 12
Amritava rated:
first to review certified buyer

Bburago is one of the best producers of scale model cars and bikes. I already had two Porsche model cars by Bburago and wanted to add another to my collection. So, naturally I ordered this model. As always, the finishing and detailing of the model is top-class. A must for any avid model collector.

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Bburago 2011 Red Bull Racing Team : Vehicle Pull Along
Price: Rs. 850
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Collector's dream
on 03 January 13
Amritava rated:
first to review certified buyer

Bburago is one of the world's leading scale models maker and this Red Bull F1 car is no exception. I have already got three Bburago Porsches (1:18) in my collection and decided to go for this F1 racer. The finishing of the car is top class. Its size is perfect for table top display. And it comes inside a transparent plastic display case (hard material). Great buy for any collector.

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Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman (Black, 320 MB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9999
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Live with Android
on 17 January 12
Amritava rated:
certified buyer

This is my first Android mobile and I was really excited on receiving it from Flipkart. And I was not dissappointed. Android is the best mobile OS out there. There are so many apps available in the android market. I'm trying out new apps all the time. And all the google services are integrated in the OS making it very easy for me to keep track of my google accounts.
Regarding the SE LWW mobile- its the best one available at this price range. And its got everything- Wifi, GPS, front camera- you name it. Its lightning fast thanks to the 1 Ghz processor. The screen is very nice, considering its HVGA. And the onboard stereo speakers are quite loud. Sony-Ericsson has given some nice SNS features.
Only minus point- the slightly weak battery backup. Only about 1 day. But I've heard poor battery life is a characteristic of all android devices.

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Chinese Kitchen : Book
Price: Rs. 95
In Stock. Delivered in 6-7 business days.
on 13 January 12
Amritava rated:
first to review certified buyer

The book has a collection of very tasty chinese dishes. They are very easy to cook. A must buy for any cooking enthusiast (the pricing of the book is very attractive).

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The Best of Archie Comics : Book
Price: Rs. 545
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Loveeee it...
on 12 January 12
Amritava rated:
certified buyer

I've always been an Archie comics fan. So when I saw this one at flipkart, I just had to buy it. It is a wonderful collection of Archie stories. A must read.

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Pureit Pureit Compact/Classic 14 L Gravity Based Water Purifier : Water Purifier
Price: Rs. 1345
Available. Delivered in 9-10 business days.
A great product
on 30 December 11
Amritava rated:

A superb product. I have been using it for one year. It can purify the water in only half an hour.

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HP CQ/ DV 6 Cell Laptop Battery : Laptop Battery
Price: Rs. 3484
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Excellent Battery
on 27 April 12
Amritava rated:
certified buyer

I ordered this battery from flipkart for my HP DV4 laptop. As always, flipkart delivered the product in excellent condition. The battery fits perfectly into my laptop and I've been using it for almost a month now. I'm getting more than 2 hrs backup. Its an excellent product.

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Redmi Note 3 (Silver, 32 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 11999
Coming Soon.
Satisfaction guaranteed
on 13 August 16
Amritava rated:
certified buyer

I was trying to find the 32 GB variant of the Redmi Note 3 since several months but finally I found it available on Flipkart. Flipkart was very prompt in delivering the handset in just 4 days. Since then I've been using the handset both for voice and data.

1. Its very fast: The snapdragon 650 processor and 3gb RAM ensures that all the apps and games run smoothly and there is more than 1gb RAM free at any given time.

2. Good screen: The screen is very good and colours look vibrant. Also, the 5.5 inch size is good for viewing content.

3. Good reception quality: The call reception is very good and I have not suffered any call drop. However, I'm using 3G connection so I can't comment on 4G reception.

4. Monster battery: The battery backup is excellent due to the 4050 Mah battery size. After average use of calling, internet browsing, music, video and a little bit of gaming I still have around 40 percent battery left at the end of the day.

5. Fast fingerprint scanner: The fingerprint scanner is very fast and accurate. And it can be used to lock individual apps, gallery, phone-book, call log etc.

1. Weak camera: The primary 16 mp camera captures acceptable images during daytime. However, images captured in low light conditions come out very grainy.

2. Long charging time: The handset does not feature fast charging and it takes almost 3 hours to charge the depleted battery.

3. No android marshmallow update yet.

All in all its a very good mid-range phone and I'm very satisfied with it.

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Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-ear-canalphone : Headphone
Price: Rs. 819
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Quite good for the price
on 21 December 14
Amritava rated:
certified buyer

Sennheiser earphones at such a low price is a steal. However, using these earphones for 4 days, I have to say that the sound quality is good, but it could have been better. Or maybe, its because of the device used. When I use the headphones with google play music player on my Xperia C, the vocals are slightly muffled, though bass is excellent. On the other hand, when I listen to google play music on my Galaxy Tab 2 the sound reproduction is amazing - crystal clear vocals & great bass. Sound insulation is good, the ear-buds give comfortable fitting. The cord is very strong, should last for ages, and it's tangle-free.

So, I would recommend these earphones, because they offer good quality sound at an affordable price.

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