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Moto G (Black, 16 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 3369
Simply the best
on 19 August 14
Ankush rated:
certified buyer

Awesome phone. I don't think you can get a better deal than this. Lacks a file browser and easy pull-down settings menu, but who's complaining?!

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Must-read for every troubled soul
on 23 August 15
Ankush rated:
certified buyer

There is no shortage of books offering advice on life. Some claim to make us super-achievers, while some promise happiness as long as we live. I, Me and Us does neither. In fact, the book's blurb presents the problem of happiness and balance as it is -- requiring a lot of work and being a slippery slope.

I have no shame in admitting I've been an unhappy person, and have read book after book, unsuccessfully, in trying to restore inner balance. On one extreme I found works like of Jung, highly promising but equally dense, while on the other there exists diluted trash that I don't even want to use as a doorstep. Ganesh's book provides a comforting middle ground. The author draws on extensive research to build a new framework of understanding ourselves, at the same time using fiction as a vehicle to drive home the point. While I wasn't really enchanted by the fictional part, it helped me cement the foundations.

Did I find improvement? Not overnight, as I said earlier. It's been several days of being with the book and only now has the learning started to rescue me from harrowing everyday situations. I wouldn't say my life has been altered drastically, but I think I've made encouraging progress and would be re-reading this book regularly.

One minor complaint I have is directed towards the publisher: I, Me and Us is NOT a book about schizophrenia, and is definitely not limited to the afflicted audience. As such, the title does the work a little disservice. In my opinion, not playing the sensationalism card would have benefited the work more in the long run.

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Excellent book!!!!!!
on 20 April 12
Ankush rated:

This is a great book. It is my first book .... this book tells about the life of the genius Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a genius. He was a visioary and the iphone is the proof of it all. I really liked Flipkart's professional sericve and high-quality packing. The rates are extremely good and I have become a regualr customer. Hats off the the team and guys, don't buy from anywhere else because east or west, Flipkart is the best!

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on 07 April 12
Ankush rated:

I think as Ankur Soni pointed out in a review, I got duped in the market. Bought this from my regular chemist and found that I had to apply it in huge doses to make it even mildly effective. I used Killer's deodorants before this and was quite happy. Anyway, duped or not, I'm done with Jovan as a brand. Will stick to Playboy, Park Avenue, etc.
Also, I wanted to congratulate Flipkart - there is a pressing need for an online store where we can blindly buy products one trusts. I hope they add grocery items too!

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Value for money
on 30 March 12
Ankush rated:

If you want a decent phone, there is no better choice. I recently had to buy a smartphone and went crazy with all the research I did. Long story short, Android phones are the best bet for the common man. The two most important things when considering a smart phone are:

1. Processor speed (according to screen size)
2. Battery life

There are many good-looking phones out there with 600 MHz or so processors, the end result of which is crappy sliding experience. Similarly, anything below 1000 mAh when it comes to battery is suicide. So you see that buying a dual core 1 GHz phone running a 1200 mAh battery is the perfect example of stupidity.

***WARNING*** Most the Android phones are riddled with the problem of "SD card unmounted". That is, the phone fails to read the card for no reason and you can't access apps, songs, pics, or anything. Go to Google forums and see how much people even with the most expensive handsets are crying. It's not a fatal problem, at least for me, but I feel I should let people know. I need to restart my phone whenever that happens, so it's a bit of annoyance to be honest.

Anyway, so overall this phone beats everything else in the market if you are okay with a bad camera (don't get me wrong; if you want to take "awesome" shots, buy Nikon camera [don't fall for Sony's shit] but mobile phones should not be asked to do magic with photoes). Flipkart is selling it for about Rs 600 or so higher than the market rate, so you decide.

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