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Moto G (Black, 16 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9400
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Simply the best
on 19 August 14
Ankush rated:
certified buyer

Awesome phone. I don't think you can get a better deal than this. Lacks a file browser and easy pull-down settings menu, but who's complaining?!

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I, Me and Us : Insights of an Ex - Schizophrenic (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 350
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Must-read for every troubled soul
on 23 August 15
Ankush rated:
certified buyer

There is no shortage of books offering advice on life. Some claim to make us super-achievers, while some promise happiness as long as we live. I, Me and Us does neither. In fact, the book's blurb presents the problem of happiness and balance as it is -- requiring a lot of work and being a slippery slope.

I have no shame in admitting I've been an unhappy person, and have read book after book, unsuccessfully, in trying to restore inner balance. On one extreme I found works like of Jung, highly promising but equally dense, while on the other there exists diluted trash that I don't even want to use as a doorstep. Ganesh's book provides a comforting middle ground. The author draws on extensive research to build a new framework of understanding ourselves, at the same time using fiction as a vehicle to drive home the point. While I wasn't really enchanted by the fictional part, it helped me cement the foundations.

Did I find improvement? Not overnight, as I said earlier. It's been several days of being with the book and only now has the learning started to rescue me from harrowing everyday situations. I wouldn't say my life has been altered drastically, but I think I've made encouraging progress and would be re-reading this book regularly.

One minor complaint I have is directed towards the publisher: I, Me and Us is NOT a book about schizophrenia, and is definitely not limited to the afflicted audience. As such, the title does the work a little disservice. In my opinion, not playing the sensationalism card would have benefited the work more in the long run.

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