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Hate Story : Movie
Price: Rs. 239
You cannot love this Hate Story
on 27 May 12
Rishi rated:

Have an idea, have some couple of crores, have budding artists wanting to filmed, bring that idea to celluloid. Just an idea is not enough Mr. Director, a lot of logic and sense is required to bring a movie to the audience.

This movie disappoints at almost at all fronts. A wasted effort by very boring and irritating Nikhil Dwivedi. Paoli Dam was told only to shed clothes, act very little and to disappoint. She could not have done it any better, no wonder, Gulshan Devaiah also needs to join a good acting school.

Average music, weak story-line and altogether, a blunder movie.

2 stars, one for Paoli Dam for her boldness and another one for movie poster that led me watch this movie.

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Indian cult classic
on 18 June 11
Rishi rated:

Friends, this is what had happened with movie Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, people at first did not like it, and now its actually the greatest comedy movie ever made in India. Same will be said about Yeh Saali Zindagi. But its not comedy, its a love-crime-drama movie. It has life in it. You feel like living the character while immersing yourself into its feel. Having watched it over and over for 6-7-8 times, and listening to its music all the time in my car, I guess this has become part of me. Highly recommended to all those who really love cinema and the experience will be tremendous. Hats off to Sudhir Mishra, the director, Nishat Khan, the musician and Irrfan Khan, the actor.
Beautiful film. Loved it and loving it.

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Jessie brings out the deewana in each one of us.
on 04 May 12
Rishi rated:

EKK THA DEEWANA contains all the ingredients you need to make a soft, romantic, ever lasting love story. Not a hard hitting story line but its like a dream script. Jessie played by the magical Amy Jackson has done a pretty great job. I know she wont be nominated for a Filmfare but she has done a commendable job. God has certainly spent a great deal of time on making of this beauty. You cant take eyes off her. If you cant, you better get them checked.

Prateik does lot of effort to impress you but he finally ends up being loved. Cool guy with lot of expressions and no over acting. NO OVER ACTING AT ALL.

Music is the soul of this movie. AR RAHMAN, you cant get any better. YOU ARE A GENIUS.

Last but not the least, this is about the director. Mr. Gautham Menon, Sir, please make atleast such a movie each year. Cause movie lovers like me need to watch such movies for about a hundred times.


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Kukkad not at all "kamaal" da
on 28 December 12
Rishi rated:

How? and Why? Karan Johar could have give this movie a miss directing himself. I am sorry but I might suggest this as his only bad movie. I have had my college life and have known many others' too. There can never be so much imbalance between friends or lovers as it has been shown in this flick. SOTY lacks much more attributes than it has any. Other than fancy clothes, cars, GOOD music, this movie has little new to offer.

Watch this only for the sake of it, if only KJo asked someone else to direct this, I'd be way less disappointed.

Sorry friends, only 2 stars, one for the debutantes and one for the music.

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Kahaani : Movie
Price: Rs. 179
on 10 May 12
Rishi rated:

After having played as Silk, every movie lover would expect Vidya to continue with meaningful roles with feminism at the best. She has not only done justice to this idea, but has come even more brave and heroic. Kahaani as a movie is a serious manifestation of a woman's journey to get justice with her on hands. Vidya has performed so well that I am expecting a second consecutive Filmfare for her. This movie deserves all the critics' awards and certainly, the popular awards too.

I missed watching this thriller on silver screen but my home theater helped me relive the dark sides of a big city like Kolkata and what it means to be a ordinary person.

Watch this movie and experience a classic in the modern times.

Kudos to the director, the music makers, cinematographer, all the lead actors and thank you Amitabh Sir for singing Ekla Cholo Re.

Watch it before Vidya gets readied with another stunner.


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Blood Money : Movie
Price: Rs. 295
on 16 May 12
Rishi rated:

Guys Guys Guys, of all the movies released in 2012, this is presumably the worst of all. Oh God, I couldnt realise if the hero of the movie was a salesman, a crook, a lover, a businessman or a fighter (who could attack 4 bodyguards alone). The heroin, Amrita Puri, daughter of HDFC Bank chief has been wasted totally. The make up man has done maximum damage to the movie. Only music saved some face. Otherwise, badly written, edited, directed, and what not. A BIG THUMBS DOWN TO THIS ONE. My request to the Bhatt brothers, please make movies for the audience and not for your own number game. AVOID IT MY FRIENDS.

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Seriously wonderful music on this CD
on 04 May 12
Rishi rated:

Its fresh, it entertains, it takes you to another world, it makes you remind of your best days. Nostalgic sounds of Amit Trivedi, the music director has been his trademark. I am a big fan of Amit's music and he has done a remarkable job.

The title track, 'ishaqzaade' mesmerizes you with this soft catchy saxophone tune and want more before versatile Javed Ali takes over. I couldnt play the next song before listening to it thrice.

The signature song of this album is 'pareshan' sung by Shalmali. she has a fresh voice, and this is just the beginning of a great career she has ahead. 'pareshaan' speaks of restlessness, momentous affection and paramount pain that lovers have for each other.

Other songs 'halla wallah' is total jhakkas and demand a big chorus. perfect for a hostel night out fun. 'chokra jawan' is a good introduction of Arjun Kapoor and I am hopeful this chokra will make it large in years to come.

'ISHAQZAADE' is album for all ages and preferably for someone, who has ever loved someone. Thank you Amit for the beautiful music.


P.S. Please buy original music, kill piracy.

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Incredible Movie
on 02 December 12
Rishi rated:

Bahut Badiya. These were my 2 words the moment I completed the movie, so did echo my wife. Its been many months since I was waiting for such a movie. Truly speaking, even a great movie BARFI did not impress me this much. Go for it friends, buy it right now and enjoy the movie with your whole family.
Full 5 stars without a doubt.

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Cocktail : Movie
Price: Rs. 209
Thank you Diana, otherwise kya hota is movie ka?
on 25 October 12
Rishi rated:

Friends, I know you guys watched this movie in your favourite cineplex, considering its hype, music, Deepika's bikini stint, Saif's boring comedy but nonetheless sensible performance by Diana Penty. I found out that Saif Ali Khan produced this movie, and I could judge this while watching it. Kyuki no other producer could not have bore Saif's so sick one liners and his utterly nonsense character.

Nothing else, if Pritam has not copied music this time, then 3 cheers to him. If he has again, even then 3 cheers. Baaki, this movie is a complete DABBA.

P.S. Thank you Diana, otherwise...

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Feel good movie with fresh appeal
on 09 October 12
Rishi rated:

The director has been very creative in making Farah Khan act and making us believe as if anyone can act or perform in front of camera. Basically, its the sweet storyline, very sweet characters and even more sweet drama in it.

This movie leaves you happy and delighted. Watch this for mild fun but dont expect a lot from it.

3 stars, wanted to give 3 and a half but not allowed here at flipkart ratings.

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