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Adidas Ice Dive Shower Gel : Body Wash
Price: Rs. 175
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Perfect one
on 28 August 12
Arun rated:
certified buyer

Hi friends,
I have made a habit of writing reviews to the products which i bought from flipkart, applies here too...:)

About the product, i would rate it 5/5. Just when i opened up the bottle, i had already fallen for the fragrance of the same. The cool blue color gives a super chilling look too. Better than any other shower gel i used (axe, fiama, nivea,..). The bootle too is cool n very sporty and has good ergonomics( fits in hand easily). so i would recommend the product to all players around here.

Regarding delivery, i dont have to write anything more, its flipkart, got within 2 working days...;)

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