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Good product
on 05 February 15
Arun rated:

I have bought them from a local vendor, came to know about this brand then only.
I am using them on my Yongnuo 560-iii manual flash, for coveirng weddings( not on full flash power, but ~ half almost all time), they last easily upto 250-400 shots. Never shot more than that in a day with flash, I m sure they will have juice for another 50-100 shots.
Overall a great product to use on external flashes. :)

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Perfect one
on 28 August 12
Arun rated:
certified buyer

Hi friends,
I have made a habit of writing reviews to the products which i bought from flipkart, applies here too...:)

About the product, i would rate it 5/5. Just when i opened up the bottle, i had already fallen for the fragrance of the same. The cool blue color gives a super chilling look too. Better than any other shower gel i used (axe, fiama, nivea,..). The bootle too is cool n very sporty and has good ergonomics( fits in hand easily). so i would recommend the product to all players around here.

Regarding delivery, i dont have to write anything more, its flipkart, got within 2 working days...;)

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One of the best in the market, especially for videographers.
on 05 February 15
Arun rated:
certified buyer

I already owned a Sandisk ultra 32Gb SD card, which i had been using for 2 years on my 550D, so felt to give a try when i upgraded to 5Diii.

This card is amazing for using the near full potential of your camera, though i never use 6fps which is for 5D mark iii i.e 6 shots of 25-30mb each, will require a write speed of 150-180Mbps, which is near impossible. This card can stand 4-5 shots per second without any lag.

I bought this card mainly for videography. Here i would rate it full stars, never encountered video stoppage due to speed of the card unlike the Sandisk 32Gb 30mbs ultra SD card, So this is a must buy for those who have a CF card slot in your camera.

Also if you dont have a CF card reader, use your camera cable to copy the photos to your Hard drive. This is a little slow process compartiviely.

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Awesome. :)
on 02 May 16
Arun rated:

I could realte this to me very much. Very motivating read indeed. The authour has done a tremendous job penning down what majority of the Engineering graduates or students feel.
Highly recommended read for Anyone:
1. Who is planning to join Engineering.
2. Who already completed Engineering and feels like they landed up in the wrong location.
I wish this book has to br read by parents frist. :)
5/5 read.

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Good wrist support
on 05 February 15
Arun rated:
certified buyer

I bought this after i had twisted my wrist in gym and was recommended by my physiotherapist to use wrist support.
This acts as a very good support and very helpful while lifting heavy.
I am not raitng it 4 stars, cos after 3 months of usage the inned welcro has has become lose, though external welcro does the job. :)

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Lenspen LP-1 Lens Cleaner : Lens Cleaner
Price: Rs. 340
Great product, a must for DSLR users. :)
on 05 February 15
Arun rated:
certified buyer

Bought this 2 years back after reading the review in flipkart.
Like the review says, its not an accesory, its a mandatory.
The main advantage is its very compact and unlike blower and liquig u dont need to take much care while using them.

I have used atleast a 100 times, until recenlty the carbon tip came off when i put excess pressure.
So orderd one more again.

For hard stains on the lens, slightly applying water to loosen the dirt and using the carbon tip will help. Often hard dirt is common on my 70-200, so this helps me alot.

A must buy product after 2 years of use and still continuing. :)

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Please DO NOT buy if you are looking for warm light bulbs.
on 24 May 16
Arun rated:

Seller CGI: My Rating 1/10.
Really disappointed with the product description given. Ordered a warm white color and received a bulb set, which produced cool light and made noise while operation.
I am unsure whether to return this, if they cant even recognize between warm white and cool daylight, i am unsure if a replacement would really help me.

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