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Reviews by Arun (71)

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Really Great stories for children
on 16 November 12
Arun rated:
certified buyer

A story collection should make a reader to hook the book, how? I got the answer after reading this collection. Ruskin Bond with his style of wit and humour writes on pets, nature, tress, bear, leopard, tiger and above all ghosts. I am sure readers will enjoy this collection.

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Good Read
on 25 July 12
Arun rated:
certified buyer

This book is inspiration to those who dream and try to live up to their dreams. Despite many obstacles that one encounters in the journey towards dreams, its perseverance and the dedication to reach the dream, is what counts.

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Life stories told in a easy manner
on 13 August 12
Arun rated:
certified buyer

When I was reading the stories, I really felt most of these stories we would have come across, but I didn't get bored while reading, probably the way author put them. The stories made me think in a different perspective about various people that I met. Really nice to read good book. Now I am full-fledged fan of Sudha Murty.

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Thought provoking book
on 30 July 12
Arun rated:
certified buyer

This book made me think on various aspects of life. Here is the person who has lots of optimism regarding the future of India. This book touches upon education, development, spiritualism and various issues. This is an interesting and thought provoking book.

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How many people stick to their Values?
on 05 August 13
Arun rated:

Do we read books on face value or the subject content.
I was wondering when I was ordering for this book. But I am not disappointed as the book really made me feel good.
The life of Mridula who grew in a village and with basic values
married Sanjay a doctor with different set of values what happens in their life as the story unfolds to me as a person who has observed various characters in day-to-day life felt as if I am watching a movie. Good one on relationships as well.

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A good fiction on Time
on 10 September 12
Arun rated:
certified buyer

An interesting fiction on time. Initially the book seems to be slow, if you compare earlier works of Mitch Albom. Father time needs to find two people and help them to understand time, this is to redeem from the punishment he got for measuring time. How he finds two people and what he did is the story.

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Intersting Fiction
on 28 August 12
Arun rated:
certified buyer

Good to read the latest book of Ashwin Sanghi. Both history and mythology are used to write a racy book. This book made me hook to the book. When compared to the "Rozabal Line", this book will really make you hook to the book.

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Intersting Essays
on 01 December 12
Arun rated:

Probably this is the only non-fiction which I could finish very quickly, without taking many breaks. The authors tried his writing on various aspects. Very interesting analysis. Certain essays though are my interest - The Nehru Memorial Museum & Library (NMML),
Premier Book Shop, Bangalore AND Economic and Political Weekly (EPW).

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The Innocent - review
on 30 May 12
Arun rated:

This is one interesting book from David Baldacci, made me hooked to the book till I completed reading the same. Though this is slow when compared to other books of author, several twists and turns with suspense, is worth reading. This is about the assassin Robie who fails to take out the mission that is assigned to him. People are after him when he tried to save Julie. Now he has to uncover what exactly is going on, he is into the midst of a big operation, ... read this book for more. Happy reading

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Interesting book on leadership
on 08 December 14
Arun rated:

This Book is contains 6 Parts

Part 1: The Need for Leadership
Part 2: Dilemmas of Leaders
Part 3: The Necessary Evils of Leaders
Part 4: The Façade of a Leader
Part 5: Developing Leadership
Part 6: Practising Leadership

Each part is elaborated in the subsequent sub chapters

What made the book interesting?
This is the one book that made quickly grasp the leadership aspect
The author used widely quotes, anecdotes etc., to explain each aspect of the leadership this makes the reader to hook to the book
I read books on leadership this book deals with all the aspects that are normally identified with the leadership but not touched up on widely to my knowledge for example. Dilemmas of leadership, the Necessary Evils of Leaders, though I came across in various discussions I want to read in a book with explanations I did get in this book – gave me new insight to the leadership. Over all reading book is interesting experience.

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