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Samsung Galaxy Note N-7000 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 21390
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Got for S2 if you need just a powerful smartphone... Grab a GNote if you are looking for something beyond a smartphone
on 06 December 11
Arvindh rated:

I have been using Galaxy Note for a week now. It is simply awesome and gives a 'new class' of smartphone(&beyond) experience.
Browsing is a pleasure on this device... the good side of this phone has been discussed to death.

So let me add some quick personal experience...

1. It is possible to carry it around in trouser pocket (I had planned a visit to my tailor to get the pockets extended for carrying this phone :P)

2. You cannot use this phone with just one hand... If you do, you got to be extra careful. I am 5'10" and have a reasonably large palm & lengthy fingers but still...

3. No complaints about the battery life. The display at least brightness setting is more than enough for indoor use. But in direct sunlight, I could hardly see the screen. With couple of hours browsing on Wifi & using BT with handsfree for 6-8 calls, a dozen messages... I get upto 30hours.

4. Lack of notification LED is annoying, but NoLED app came to my rescue

5. I am not giving up my old phone (Blackberry pearl) that was compact yet powerful for my purpose, as I don't think I can casually carry around this super-size phone to trekking, road trips or parties.

6. Impressed with S-Planner & S-Memo though I haven't found a practical use for it yet, it is quite interesting and will give it a try...

7. The flipcase offered free with Note adds few mm extra thickness but worth it. Helps to safeguard the phone and gives a neat look. (Got a screen protector too within couple of days)

Happy to clarify queries... Did a lot of research before going from BB to Android. I can understand the anxiety of Smartphone shopping spoilt with choice :)

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Kalenji Kapteren 50M Running Shoes : Shoe
Price: Rs. 1999
This Item is permanently discontinued.
Good shoes but not great...
on 12 October 13
Arvindh rated:

I have been using these shoes for almost a month now. Due to my foot arch pain, doctor advised to wear comfy light weight shoes to work. I needed something simple & black and this is the closest I could get for the price.

Day 1, when I received the parcel (on time, ofcourse), it was so light weight that for a minute I wondered if the shoes are in the box. The fit & finish of the shoe was just perfect (except the name printed on it made it bit awkward). I was so close to giving it a 5 star but decided to try first.

Day 5, after a week's usage, I realised that the sole is not as soft as expected. My year old adidas seem to be much comfortable while walking... So came down to 4star.

After a month use and still using the shoe, I am OK with the purchase but would give only 3stars. Why ? Don't think it is worth the price... considering I got only 10% discount at the time of purchase and the very next day, flipkart reduces it to 25%..aargh.

So, that is it... Decent shoe, light weight, good fit, not so great comfy sole and a little over priced. Good for walking but won't risk running in it. May be a 40% less would sound about right...

And please don't ever compare to Reeboks & Adidas... even in the same price range. I have used both these brands for jogging and for casual wear. Shame I couldn't find a simple black shoe in this price range with a preferred brand, so settled for kalinji or whatever...

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Plantronics M100 In-the-ear Wireless Headset : Headset
Price: Rs. 3999
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
this headset talks...
on 24 January 12
Arvindh rated:
first to review certified buyer

Have been using this headset for 4months now... and here is my experience
1. Design: Sleek. Power button & call button is convenient to use
2. Build: Solid. Don't expect to stamp on it and hope to see it in one piece though
3. Voice Quality: Great...With dual microphone, no one at the other end has complained about audibility even I spoke in soft voice.
4. Voice Instructions:Top notch. The lady voice tells the battery juice left, on/off, connection status. Very very useful and I never have to worry about running out charge. Decoding the led lights on my old BB headset was always a pain
5. Battery: Decent. Looks like the charge holding capacity has gone down since I started using it With a conveninet power button, I find it easy to keep it switched off when not in use. 6 Connection: Takes a couple of seconds to connect to my cellphone. With the voice status, I can always be sure whether I am connected or not. Works well even at 20 feet distance.
7. Flipkart service: Unbeatable

So what is the bad part...
1. No AD2P: For a premium price, it does not support streaming strereo music. Not cool
2. Auto sound adjustment: My old BB (HS-500) seemed better with adjusting the volume according to surrounding noise. Here I got to fiddle with the volume button on headset or the cell.
3. Feature to read SMS text-to-voice: Would have been nice
4. Price

Overall, a very good headset though you wonder if it is worth the price except for the voice instrution that has not made me regret going for this

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JSB -03 Powerful Body Massager : Massager
Price: Rs. 1680
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Effective but too huge to use regularly
on 26 January 14
Arvindh rated:
certified buyer

This is one of the disadvantages of buying online unless you have seen the product in person. I purchased it online but the sheer size of the item startled me. Though it is nice to use (once a week), its size kill the whole benefit... overall I wouldn't recommend this massager unless you have seen it or used it.

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Reebok Premier Aztrec 3 Lp Running Shoes : Shoe
Price: Rs. 6999
This Item is permanently discontinued.
Good shoes but not sure if it worth the price
on 19 February 14
Arvindh rated:
certified buyer

I needed a good pair of running shoes to compliment my fitness goal and had a flexible budget. After trying out Zig series that didn't fit me as expected, I settled for this one.
Have been using it for couple of weeks now for jogging and here is my experience
1. Fit - Just perfect for my wide foot.
2. Finish - pretty cool. very nice material and color combo, some might find tacky but I like it
3. Comfort - No complaints here.
4. Sole - The look of it is impressive but while wearing I felt that it could have been even more softer, though no issues with running
5. Price - Even though I got it at a decent discount price, I find it to pricey for the overall package. I still wonder what the premium cost about considering that I was using an adidas budget running shoes at half this price, for couple of years now. I am definitely not wow'd.

No surprises with the prompt service of flipkart... got it in less than 24hours. 5***** for that.

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Suchi - Music I Like : Av Media
Price: Rs. 195
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Simply awesome... tribute to Bharathi
on 26 April 14
Arvindh rated:

Commendable effort... I strongly believe that such fusion is best approach to bring the best of tamil literature to current generation and appreciate the purity in every sense of it. Suchi's voice does justice to the album.. keep up the good work team. Looking forward to more such albums.

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