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Best DVD R/W | Heavy Usage
on 19 January 12
RAHUL rated:
certified buyer

This Asus DVD/RW is the best R/W that I have ever had. I have tried following DVD R/W in the past years:
1. Sony - WORS,T I have bought many of it.
3. Moserbaer - OK OK
4. Asus, bought it 10 days ago :)

It has been only 10 days and I have Writed over 100 DVDs and Works fine. Other DVD RW gave up at 50-60 DVD.

So Go for Asus, if u have heavy usage.

The delivery by flipkart was awesome like always :) Thanks!

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Comfortable as heaven and stylish more than it looks
on 08 January 13
RAHUL rated:

I bought it from different place but this shoe is really worth.

+ Very comfortable
+ Very Stylish
+ Easy to maintain - Neutral Polish needed
+ Shoe laces are easy to tie up
+ Works on both formal and Jeans as well!

- Low Life, the soul is soft and gets corroded. If you use daily, it will last less than a year.

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Iron for Bachelors :)
on 17 July 12
RAHUL rated:
certified buyer

If you are a bachelor and you not only want to save few bucks but more importantly you want your clothes to be be Ironed by yourself only, then you must go for it.

Ease - 9/10
Getting heated up when on - Instant (2 mins)
Cord Length - Sufficient

Plastic body not only looks nice, it also make sure novice people don't get burned up. The build is quite nice and yes its worth the price.

And once gain thanks to Flipkart for speedy delivery.

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Bought this as a Temproary and now love it :)
on 20 January 12
RAHUL rated:

Ok, I have been using this mobile from past 6 months now. I am totally satisfied with this mobile. I bought it when my mobilr N82 keypad had crashed. I needed a budget phone till I could buy S2. And luckily it has everything I need.

- GPS works fine
- Light Weight
- Easy to type,
- Nice Screen Display
- Apps : Gravity, Foursquare work fine.

- Symbian
- Camera is quite bad, But I never expected it to be.

There are lot of alternate options in Samsung for this range but if your desperate for Nokia Only. This is the best phione in the range. Go For it :)

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Nokia C2-02 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 4450
Best phone under 4K in Nokia
on 19 October 11
RAHUL rated:
certified buyer

If you are someone who wants a Nokia phone only, then you should buy this phone. I bought this cell for my sis in college and she loves it and has no problem using it. So it is worth for me. Also the price on flipkart is cheapest. Shops are charging 300 - 500 more for it :)

- Nice keypad
- Descent camera in price
- External SD Card Support
- Descent Battery Backup
- Looks nice

. touch scrolling is tough
. little thick in size

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Nice Book for Network Security
on 19 January 12
RAHUL rated:
certified buyer

I Bought this book for my MS - Software Systems.
If this is your prescribed text book, go for it.

Clears the whole course and is quite explanatory.

And Special thanks to Flipkart for awesome deilvery :)

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Using Since 2000
on 16 June 12
RAHUL rated:

I have been using this since last 12 years. I like the fragrance and my body is used to it. I had experimented with lots of soap before 2000 but in the end this turned out to be best.

Has no harmful chemicals.. go for it for daily usage.

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Awesome Pendrive with stylish looks | Recommeneded
on 19 January 12
RAHUL rated:
certified buyer

This Pendrive is not only stunning in looks also the data transfer is quite fast: 4 MB/s

Moreover, I was sick of the dumb looking pendrives of Transcend and this one is definitely different. When I came with this pendrive in offcie and kept it on the table, everyone kept asking? What is it ?

Go for it. 50 Bucks extra but totally worth it. I have been using it for last 8 months :)

And yes the packaging was awesome. And timely delivery once again by flipkart.

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Nice Toaster
on 19 January 12
RAHUL rated:
certified buyer

About this product:

. Looks good
. Makes Nice toast :)
. Temperature variation helps the amount of toasted bread u want

. Yellow Color

Excellent Delivery by flipkart, in just two days and was packed nicely :)

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Best Basic WiFi Router Available
on 10 January 12
RAHUL rated:
certified buyer

First of all, awesome delivery by flipkart. Nice Packing and it reached me in 2 days :) Hats Off!

About the Router:
This Belkin Router is the best available router in 1500 range. Also the WiFi Range is quite good. It works well in 1100 sqft 2BHK flat at every corner of the flat. there is no signal problem.

If ur budget is 1500 go for it :)

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