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Reviews by Rohit (3)

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Andis PM4 Trendsetter 9-Piece Home Grooming Kit Trimmer : Shaver
Price: Rs. 3799
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Amazing Performance, Sturdy Built, Superb Quality - Thank you Flipkart
on 02 December 11
Rohit rated:

First of all, A Big Great Thank You to Flipkart for bringing such amazing brands to India for us grooming enthusiasts !!!

Someone had suggested to me that if you want a superb quality product you should buy a professional one, not the plastic TOYS that other brands sell. He was absolutely RIGHT and CORRECT !

I couldn't believe that a professional product performs so smooth and silent and easy and cool. I thought you needed the hands of a barber to handle grooming products. But Andis PM4 Trendsetter has proved me wrong.

I have used the product from my head to toe trimming. It clips and trims hair from all parts of your body. You need to be a bit careful while using it on certain parts though. This product puts the cheap plastic toys claiming to be body hair trimmers to shame.

I am happy to own my first professional product.
I love my Andis PM4 Trendsetter !

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Andis BTB 14-Piece Cordless Personal Trimmer For Men : Shaver
Price: Rs. 1625
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Superb Value for Money at this Price
on 12 November 11
Rohit rated:
first to review

Couldn't Believe Andis is available in India at this prize. The 92-year old legend has finally come to India. I'm happy about it.

Wanted to buy an expensive hair clipper but settled for the low price one as I'm a bit of a gadget freak and I need more than one of one category of product.

Superb product for the power that the two batteries give. Amazing value for all the accessories and attachments. I love it the way it fit's into my one-nighter strolley.

All-in-All a superb offering from the brand I love !

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Andis MNT-3 Easy Trim Battery Operated Personal Grooming Kit For Men : Shaver
Price: Rs. 999
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Excellent and Compact Piece of Machinery
on 17 November 11
Rohit rated:

Great: Compact piece of machinery, light weight, easy to fit and use
Good: Nice performance! Provided you keep the batteries well charged. I thought trimming hair at home would get messy. But this piece of electronics proved me wrong
Bad: For this price they could have included some more attachments...( Greedy Me ? Huhh ???)

This is an excellent piece of grooming from the world renowned Andis. But if you are expecting it to be a complete grooming kit, you will be disappointed.
It is a neat little mustache, side burns, and nose and ear hair trimmer which will fit into your pocket if you forget to pack it in your bag by mistake....!!!

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