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Reviews by Dr NANDA KUMAR (2)

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Micromax Superfone Ninja A50 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 3999
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Great phone..worth every penny!
on 14 May 12

After my Nokia E71 display died on me, I was looking for a decent business phone with Android 2.3 v. Of the several available phones in this category, Micromax offers the most features at a truly affordable cost. Usually, phones in the sub 5K category appear tacky, with poor GUI and slick AV features. A50 easily overcomes all these and comes across as a robust android touch phone with latest features. Importing contacts from CSV was a breeze and the WiFi network connects to available WLAN with ease. The speed of the BSNL 3G network is superb and the pages load very fast. The pinch zoom feature is a treat and the screen responds quick to touch gestures. Camera is of basic 2MP with just acceptable quality in daylight and nothing more. However, the audio is above average for a low budget phone and the inbuilt speakers offer good clarity and loudness with minimal distortion. For music lovers, third party headphones would add to the listening pleasure. The video rendition from HD You Tube is quite good. The battery life is comparable to similar touch phone android models and varies on the nature of use. AISHA needs a bit of training (both user and system!)
All in all its a great phone to buy and avoid the cliche of considering anything cheap to be of low quality. Micromax has a winner on hand and would give a tough competition to the other costlier models.

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Nikon AF Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8D Lens : Lens
Price: Rs. 6135
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Great things come in small packages!
on 20 April 12

After going through the routine dilemma of choosing between the Nikon 50mm 1.8D or the 35mm standard lens, I finally settled on the former. And believe me it certainly does not disappoint.The images are truly world class and delivers excellent contrast and sharpness even in low light conditions. It fits superbly on the Nikon D3100 and the lack of auto focus is hardly a minus point. With minimal learning curve, even an amateur can produce professional quality pictures. Its an excellent lens for portrait and in-house photography with low or moderate lighting conditions. The lens performs superbly and produces the legendary bokeh effects with the circles of blurred lights in the background. The depth of field can be adjusted to suit the requirements and sharp head shots with completely blurred backgrounds give an ethereal touch to the pictures. All in all it is an excellent companion for Nikon D3100 at a cost most can afford. It can be the first additional buy to supplement the kit lens and later complimented by a 70-300 mm zoom lens.
As usual Flipkart service was truly remarkable with the lens delivered from Delhi to Bangalore in less than 24 hrs!!Keep up the good work..

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