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Misleading Title-Inspiring but doesn't talk failure
on 28 August 13
Prasoon rated:
certified buyer

This book has some inspiring stories, but a reader won't find sufficient arguments and events suggesting any failure. The book talks more about how the persons talked about took the challenges head-on and achieved extraordinary. A psyche searching a perspective on Failure will be disappointed. All the persons covered in the book are regularly talked about in News and magazines. Nothing new....a poor attempt....
Moreover, the pages in book are too cheap (may be recycled but very cheap against the price and total number of pages).
For readers who are more interested in reading inspiring lives of ordinary people then you have a brilliant choice in Rashmi Bansal's works.

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Sharp and Genuine
on 27 April 13
Prasoon rated:

Though flipkart has discontinued it's Indian edition (as it is not available here for past 4 months or may be more), I procured one from a Connaught Place book store. The writer has trenchantly commented on India's external affairs policy. This book remains one where a diplomat has taken care of his words, but the analysis and writing remains no where ostensible.
It has apparently neglected a few countries which for writer has given due justification.
The book remains well organized and Indian experts on EA like S Tharoor has extensively quoted Malone's words in his book Paxindica.

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Mind-blowing purchase
on 04 September 16
Prasoon rated:


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Wonderful Book...But 2013 is not updated as per 2011 census
on 16 February 13
Prasoon rated:
certified buyer

A wonderful source of information in general...
But the book has not been updated with census 2011. Flipping first few pages can prove this. Though any reader can use it as a reference and update his/her data with any newspaper or a government web-site.

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At least not Arundhati roy--but surely Pro-naxal and one sided
on 04 October 13
Prasoon rated:
certified buyer

Those who have known plights of naxalism can better tell how half-baked naxal leaning Mr.Pundita has presented. Naxal movement can not be justified in the name of democratic rights. These maoists are organised terrorists. Mr.Pundita was allowed to visit them so how could have he ventured writing against these lunatics. There nazi working style and torture is known to one and all in the districts they dominate.
Serious readers shall diverse to sociological and historical research of subject.
Author shal be complemented for writing an engaging script.

Flipkart---Delivery@best;Packaging@good as per Indian standards.

Had read this book in July 2011. Late review though :)

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on 22 May 16
Prasoon rated:
certified buyer

Shallow account of events and details. However interesting read.

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Childhood Revisited
on 08 February 14
Prasoon rated:
certified buyer

Doordarshan... the only thing we had when we were children to watch for. My days flashed with each episode. Collectors can not miss to have this set.

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Wonderful compilation of some of India's best brains
on 08 February 14
Prasoon rated:
certified buyer

This book has impressive essays. Anyone be a student, a general reader or an expert can read it with interest.
Wonderful work. I lack authority to comment on this book.

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Moto G (Black, 16 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9400
Out of box- Brilliant looks-Simple but not at all ordinary
on 08 February 14
Prasoon rated:

The phone in black is impressive. Box included a white charger looking cool with a USB cable and a very ordinary headphone. People who claimed that box didn't include charger and headphone please stop faking. You folks are ignorant. Moto had announced very early that India ll be served with one. They did. Phone is a charm. I have used HTC and Sony, so flaunt your pieces. It is neither thicker that you ll feel like holding a brick.
Flipkart- they tried best to deliver it on 7th but Delhi delivery failed them. No issues. Brilliant guys they are. And yes, there customer support through e-mail and twitter helped me alot.
Performance review will come after a fortnight. :)

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NIce pair of sports sandals
on 17 October 13
Prasoon rated:

Blue, red, black....aah !!! most of the sandals have these colours only but this pair in grey stood out...gr8 on a casual dressing and fantastic when paired with shorts.
Had purchased this at a puma store at same price a few months back.

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