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Reviews by Crajani (5)

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Beauty and the Beast
on 23 May 13
Crajani rated:

I am using this mobile from quite a while as I imported from US.

1)It's a Nexus so first mobiles to get new updates from Google.
2) Damm value for money.
3) Super fast as 2 GB RAM
4) Easy to root and very handy for new ROM's
5) Easy to tweak to take better performance.
6) Super Battery life
7) Looks like a million dollar mobile
8) Super sleek camara

1)Non-removable battery (but easy to replace and Nexus has option to reboot so doesn't matter much)
2)Non-extendable Memory (yes, a big drawback for some but if you have laptop to change media weekly no issues here too)
3)Too much delicate mobile considering back is glass (buy a good bumper or nice shell case so no issues either)

As I am using it for around 4-5 months plus I have rooted and tried around 20 ROM and 10 diff kernels, everything is working fine :) the benchmarks are coming better than S4 :) So if you know a little tweaking .... this one is the BEAST. DOn't think twice

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Most expensive Plastic
on 02 May 13
Crajani rated:

Samsung is ruining Original android experience by showing off their skills. Putting fancy apps which none will use everyday. Too much customization makes OS very slow after a few months... This cheap plastic sucks like their launch >> S4 Samsung Style

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on 10 September 12
Crajani rated:
certified buyer

Don't buy it. Just got it delivered today and I am not to use it. Cannot fit my cards and money. very very small wallet. Don't go 4 it. I m to jump to my old wallet. :( total waste of money. please don't buy this at least

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Absolute Magic
on 15 February 12
Crajani rated:

Kailsa have done it again. Each and every song is divine. If you are looking for a sufi album here it is.. Specially songs like "rangeele" and my fav "Albeliya" do go 4 it. Nothing less than magic. It is not rock or pop songs. If you are looking for enjoyment.. itâ??s not for you. If you are looking for inner cherishness.. here it is.. Thanks for such an album

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on 09 February 12
Crajani rated:
certified buyer

Life is only about 3-4 months. After 4 months it wont be matte finish. it is converted to glossy for me.. really strange. Not worth for money at least. good but can be better. flipkart service is good

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