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Reviews by Jay (3)

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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (English) : Book
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perfect ending for the trilogy. is it ?
on 06 September 11
Jay rated:
certified buyer

just takes off from the very first page, very intense and overall a great plot. the ending is awesome.

after i finished this book i felt a bit depressed knowing that this will be last of Salander and Blomkvist's adventures, such a shame Steig larsson had to pop it so early, even before any of it got published. but hat's off to him, for bringing a very fresh and original hero's in Salandar and Bloomkvist. sad there wont be no more of of waking up in the morning, making a sandwich with coffee and booting up the powerbook.

Rumor says that there is a 4th book material left over in Steg's laptop... which is now under family disputes over the publishing and money. what a shame!

P.S if you have not read any of the 3 books, and if you like to stay wake at night and read till your eyes hurt and hope its not dawn yet. i suggest you buy all three of the millennium series and take a week off. you will not be disappointed.

cheers !

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo : Book
Price: Rs. 369
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Gripping Read
on 20 August 11
Jay rated:
certified buyer

There were mixed review about this book, well i did not care i wanted to read it after reading the profile of Steg larsson,
it was a bit slow to start with, was hard to remember so many names of the family but there is a nice chart which helped, very interesting characters and very well paced in introducing them, once it picks up pace it is very hard to put the book down till the end.

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The Girl Who Played with Fire (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 339
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second for second
on 06 September 11
Jay rated:

not as gripping as the first one, but not disappointing at all, much steady pace, with in a few pages you are totally in. i had to order the third one before i even finished the second.

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