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Reviews by shibtanu (3)

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on 22 June 11
shibtanu rated:
certified buyer

its a great book for budding managers and entrepreneurs. Great real life examples from harsha's vast cricketing knowledge. However dont buy this book if you are expecting cricketainment (cricket entertainment)....could get repetitive. chapters are too long and sometimes could be very boring. Also sometime all of these self-help books tend to convey the same message, so if at any point of your life you've bought something about this genre earlier....skip it. !!!!!

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REVOLUTION 2020 (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 115
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
good start....a huge letdown in the end !!
on 12 October 11
shibtanu rated:
certified buyer

first let me start by saying that this book is named revolution 2020 only because of the current political agitation going on in our country. it's more of a love story than a tale of modern india (the way it is being defined in the media). i think the plotline is good, the characters are well defined. however the build up and the climax is not consistent, felt as if it was hurried in order to keep the page number down (affordable price tag is c-bag's forte...aint it?)...but hey, i am sure it will do huge numbers, keep chetan and rupa happy, given his popularity among youth (who hardly read any other forms of fiction)!!

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Motorola Back Replacement Cover for Moto G (1st Gen) : Cases Covers
Price: Rs. 4
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
looks differ !!
on 24 April 14
shibtanu rated:
certified buyer

The cover that i got varies vastly from the picture of the product. It has a yellowish sheen on the outside and not the brilliant blue in the picture. I believe flipkart doctors the images to make the product look more attractive.

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