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Creative and interesting.
on 05 June 12
dasan rated:
certified buyer

This is one of those books which are creative and interesting , unlike other books which go through topics in hurry and in most confusing manner. This book is different from other books in the way it presents the contents. In simple words its Fun book for learning C language. This book does not have colored pages as its economy version.

As usual flipkart delivery was on time and in perfect condition.

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Take your time and must read this book.
on 10 June 12
dasan rated:

In this world where everyone is in hurry , and have no time for anything , we must read this book atleast once. It really helps to discover and understand our life , the quality of time we spend and what we get finally after being in hurry all our life. Is it real worth to spend our life like a machine ? Is it worth being multitasking .This book answers many questions that we normally don't even think about , but this books deals with real facts and reality of life.

A nicely written book and full marks for the simplicity of the language and expressions used in this book.

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on 09 June 17
dasan rated:
certified buyer

Awesome! Flipkart delivered on time and installation was done within 2 days. Hassle free experience. Water quality is fantastic, the product model I got has RO+UV+UF+TDS. Additional accessories like pre-filters can be purchased from the installation guy. About 6.5 litres of water storage capacity, if the power is always On, water filteration starts as soon as water level drops. Without power 6.5 litres is available for dispensing. Few indicators on the product which indication that filtration is in progress, service required. Product is made of good quality plastic and feels premium. Very low power consumption, can be used in table top or wall hanging mode.

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Good coverage and features.
on 09 August 14
dasan rated:
certified buyer

It has all the features required for normal home usage. Has repeater functionality and version is V4.Quick and easy to set up. Coverage , well up to 2000sq ft easily will get 4 bars in every corner, which is quite good coverage. Quite satisfied with purchase.

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Fantastic !
on 09 August 12
dasan rated:
certified buyer

I am using this device with Windows 8 release preview , though this device does not have drivers for windows 8 as of now , but it works fantastic in compatibility mode.

I have a Netgear 150Mbps wireless N router , placed approx 20 feet away , with 2 walls between the router and the TP link device , and I am getting 100% signal.

Flipkart delivered me this device in less than 24 hours.As always their service is best.

No second thought , Go for TP link.
This device pack contains USB extension cable , device and driver CD along with instructions

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Enlighten yourself !
on 17 July 12
dasan rated:

Must read for those who wants to know about Sri Ramakrishna and know about the phenomena of Enlightenment. This book actually is made up from the contents of two of the best books ever written about Sri Ramakrishna.The simplicity of the language used makes this easy to understand. Highly recommended.

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Awesome - Enough for home use
on 05 May 12
dasan rated:
certified buyer

This router is among the best router in the price range with best features.

The setup wizard option available in the CD was enough to setup the wired LAN and wireless setup. I am using this router with tikona broadband connection (ADCB1199) , this router has a RJ45 input port not RJ11.Check the connector type before purchasing this router.This model has only router and does not have a inbuilt modem.

As the name suggest Wireless N , this router supports upto 802.11n with lot of WPA2 options and security feature.I am getting excellent signal strength in approx 2000 sqft area.

I had to temporary disable the firewall and antivirus to allow the setup wizard to perform all that it wants .

Overall excellent purchase.

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