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Good VFM
on 15 August 13
Sayan rated:
certified buyer

First why did i choose WD?
because i have owned seagate, WD and hitachi drive over the years... And only the WD and hitachi are still alive. Hitachi is now owned by WD.
MY Hitachi is 8 years old, been using it for the OS drive, and it does not have a single bad sector!
My seagate barracuda 160GB (bought 1month after the hitachi) died in 4 years.
Im not saying that Seagate is bad. i have bad luck with them, i know someone who buys seagate and his luck seems to be better with them :D

Why Blue?
I dont buy green drives because their green power saving features makes the drives slow, even for use as storage drives.
Black ones are too expensive, and not worth the extra money just because for storage.
So the blue drives are the best (well, red drives are the best but no one keeps WD red drives here.)

Write - 190MB/s max
Min: 50MB/s

Avg is 150MBps which is stated in the specs.

I strongly suggest downloading the "WD arconis true image" tool from their site. makes the formatting of the new drive very very fast (10secs)

unfortuntaly Flipkart reduced the price by 100rs just 2 days after i bought it from here.

a small spoiler to others... when you buy a new hdd, it is not partitioned or formated. so ti will not show up in my computer. dont think of this as the drive is dead.

even if the drive is dead, there is a small chance of that, as they are shipped from a long distance away. So just return and get a replacement.

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Really good
on 10 December 11
Sayan rated:
certified buyer

This CPU probably the best choice in the X4 phenom II range. And, i hate to disagree with others, but AMD and Intel calculate their TDP or typical dissipation power in different ways (AMD rates the max, whereas intel rates the avg). even though intels may be rated lower power they are actually more than that. Usually its the same, if not intel being hotter. This is evident as intels will go to anything like 70C, where as AMDs idle at almost room temparature and never go past 60C.

This quad core is perfect as most application nowadays dont utilize more than 4 cores.

Perfect choice for gaming. I prefer this over all i3's and the lower models of i5 (SB).

And being an AMD this is real fun to overclock! Also the cooler provided is awesome, with 4 HEATPIPES! better than the aluminium crap on competitors.

Overall, if you want performance at a low price, without having your computer acting like a room heater, this CPU is perfect.

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Zebronic PSUs are the worst value in the market.
on 13 August 13
Sayan rated:

Zebronics PSUs overprice their power supplies even though they use the same cheap quality as other brands like iball etc.

Even frontech PSUs are better than this.

Plus zebronics often will be seen quoting 80+ efficiency. however, their Powersupply has never been certified.

google for plug load solutions to get a list of all certified PSUs

the linked organisation is are the ones who give the certification.

Please thumb up so that others are not tricked again!

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You can even buy this blindfolded.
on 07 February 12
Sayan rated:

Seriously, you dont need to think twice before buying this.
AMD's APUs have really sunken their teeth in this territory now. thanks to AMDs planning for development of mobile market.

This has the A6-3400M. A6 is the second best series of APUs AMD has to offer. APU means that the graphics card(yes an actual graphics card, not like the inbuilt ones on intel, eg HD3000, HD4500 etc) is built into the processor itself.

1. low power consumption!
2. excellent graphics
3. huge battery life

Result? Any laptop with an APU is full of WIN!

if you compare prices to a competitor, you will get a laptop with an i3 and no graphics. the disadvantages of that is:
1. no graphics, and hence you wont be able to play games, on the other hand the AMD APU can play latest games on medium/high settings pretty well!
2. EVEN if you get an i3 with a dedicated graphics card:
a. your power consumption will be high hence battery life will be low!
b. all the i3 having laptops i used have a very bad problem of

After buying this laptop i would advise you to upgrade the RAM to 1866MHz 4GB of RAM and have it fitted and configured by a professional.

why did i say that? see... the performance of the graphics card depends on the RAM in your system, so the better the RAM the better is the performance in games!

hope this is helpful


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Grid 2 : Av Media
Price: Rs. 699
on 02 June 13
Sayan rated:
certified buyer

They have really done it this time. Forced by the success of NFS., they decided to "dumb" down quite a bit from the original grid. This is now purely arcade.


Exceptional Graphics
Very low system requirements. People with atleast HD5770/6770/Nvidia GTS 460 will be able to run it at max settings. Also seems to use 4 threads easily.
Wide range of competition types.
Online portion is also a different type of career where you win money from races and use it to buy cars.
Split screen gaming with two/more people on same computer

Very arcade like game mechanics. toy like feeling.
Hard to play without a gamepad/controller.
No cockpit view like before(which must be a consequence of the dumbing down part)
End of race animations cant be skipped

Contents of package:-
1. 1pc Game DVD
2. 1pc Small instruction booklet with key.

They emailed me the promo-code for the pre-order bonus. With clear instructions on how to activate it. Kudos to Flipkart for that.

i still rated it 5 stars because its still an epic amount of fun to play. Though its slowly becoming more and more mainstream and boring like nfs.

EDIT: after a lot of major and minor upgrades by codemasters, this game is really good now. Very enjoyable and a bit more accurate mechanics. Still not as close to dirt3, but this will be more enjoyable by a larger portion of the community!

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HP premium backpack : Bags
Price: Rs. 2200
on 09 December 13
Sayan rated:
certified buyer

its padded all around but i doubt it is water proof.

also the one i got is terribly old and dusty and the fake leather has some marks.
and is torn in a lot of places.

I was not even provided a flipkart bill but a different company bill.
seller was SAIVISION.

I WAS COMPLETELY DUPED. Also there is no way to even start a customer query regarding this order through mail by usual means, this order does not show up.

complete waste of 1200rs.

DONT things like bags etc from here, that is my advice.

even though packing was flipkart, this is obviously USED.
ALL the PAINTt from the METAL bits are GONE already. Also the neoprene bits and the fake leather bits are cracked and torn in not-so-obvious places.

being a regular buyer from flipkart, i was really surprised to be treated like this.
this is making me rethink future purchases from this shop.

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Got this passed down the family
on 15 September 12
Sayan rated:

I have the same model. It was passed down from grandpa and it still works like a charm. Very useful to me since i am an engineering student and find the tools (stripping, and screw drivers) extremely useful in day to day life.

Also, the can opener comes in handy when at home. and the bottle opener does its job too.

would recommend anyone who works in a workshop type environment to carry this.

carry this and you will find endless uses for this. for example only last week there was this screw protruding from the seat on the train, no one could sit. but lucky for me i have the swiss knife with me all the time and i simply screwed it in and took my place :D

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The REAL story after a year of use. DO NOT BUY
on 10 June 13
Sayan rated:
certified buyer

I bought this a year ago for Rs 1100/-
First it was giving me excellent speeds. Write at 15MB/s

now, less than a year later, it struggles to cross 7MB/s.

worth the money? not really.

plus transcend cards are really brittle. One 8GB class 10 literally pulverised in my wallet.

Better to buy simple sandisk class for(which gives consistent speed for a lifetime)
Or go for Samsung ones. Samsung is a leader in making highj quality and performance memory chips, including SSDs, RAMs for both desktop (DDR3) and graphics cards(DDR5), as well as flash memory.

EDIT: After 1.5 years, this seems to have had it.
first it started with loosing data, then hanging my phone (which i blamed on phone software by mistake)
now after i formatted it, it refuses to even show up in disk management.

and i tried, but apparantly there is no way to avail warranty.


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One of the best cabinets out there.
on 22 July 12
Sayan rated:

This cabinet is the cheapest from the stables of PC cooling leader Cooler Master.
But being the cheapest does not mean this cabinet lacks utility. It provides a lot at such a small price.

First of all lets look at the cooling.
You can in all accommodate two of 140/120mm fans and one 120mm fan.
Fan locations include 2 140 or 120mms at the rear or on the side panel, and one 120mm at the front.

The best setup would be:-
Use the rear as EXHAUST
And if you HAVE a Graphics CARD USE side as exhaust

thats all of the stock specifications, now, there is endless modding scope for this cabinet, and being a modder myself i love it. there is plenty of space all around for accommodating another 3 120/140mm fans!

definitely the best choice if you have a tight budget specially since CM build quality is much much better than any local ones.

i use this in most of the systems i assemble. for myself though, i use a NZXT Guardian 921RB

flipkart should add NZXT cases too. they are too rare in india.

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Best antivirus out there
on 11 April 12
Sayan rated:

This is the best antivirus out there:
1. Does not pester you with pop up boxes every now and then
2. You dont need to tell it to clean your PC.
3. You will never see the glimpse of a virus as it cleans even before it infects your computer
4. Very user friendly
5. Its easy to get back files which were deleted (because they return a false positive)
6. It is very resource efficient. You can run this on the cheapest computer and still wont feel that the computer has slowed down.
7. Extremely fast in cleanin files.
8. Extremely cheap considering how awesome it is.

Cons:- None what so ever.

Would i recommend it: Definitely. All the computers i assemble have nod32 in them.

Trust me and buy it. you will never regret it.

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