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Premium class product-No questions asked
on 27 October 13
Debanjan rated:
certified buyer

Excellent build
Smooth UI (as good as iOS 6, not laggy like iOS 7)
Excellent battery life with moderate gaming upto 2 days on single charge.
Truly a masterpiece.

App store could have been better, hope people will wake up soon.
Also, NO orientation lock, so buyers' beware.

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BSNL Penta IS703C : Tablet
Price: Rs. 4820
Be careful on the 3G
on 31 October 12
Debanjan rated:

Most Penta tabs support 3G. But they do not have any sim card slots. So be a bit careful on that matter before making your purchase.

And also there is no Bluetooth, which is supposed to be standard on all mobile devics by now.

You can connect using external 3G dongle which is NOT ergonomically pleasing.

Otherwise, for this price there are no other cons that I can think of. Sometimes, a bit laggy UI. But, thats about it.

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Scratchgard : Screen Guard
Price: Rs. 0
on 17 November 13
Debanjan rated:

Do not bbuy this!

I purchased two other products of this brand. One for iPhone and another for Galaxy S. both Anti-glare. They were excellent!

This one is just trash. Do not waste your money on this one.

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Excellent Product
on 19 October 13
Debanjan rated:
certified buyer

Of the two premium class network product companies, this is the second best and comes cheaper.

Best wireless I have seen. It can cover an entire flat area of over 2000 sq. ft. from a corner through bricks and walls. I know from my own home.

But, buyers beware. It can work only with BSNL lines and not with RJ-45 WAN. Something you should look into before buying.

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on 19 October 13
Debanjan rated:
certified buyer

Premium product. No questions to ask. Period.

Used it for more than 4 months. A-class performance. Been using Seagate products for more than 15 years. Not ever had I the need for a complaint or service centre.

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Can't say!
on 13 May 12
Debanjan rated:

I'm a first buyer proud owner of iPod nano 3rd Gen launched November 2007.Still in truly excellent condition.Simply the awesomest sound I have heard till date(other than my HT system)...but only with Apple original earphones.Don't know about current one,but I'm sure Apple won't mess up a device like this.

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Actual storage capacity of hard disk drives
on 25 May 14
Debanjan rated:

Dear All,
I found one person asking about the actual capacity of hard disk drive. When storage media are manufactured(especially magnetic storage media, like HDD), the manufacturers use decimal scale to measure capacity.

So, technically,

1 TB=1000 GB= 1 000 000 MB = 1 000 000 000 KB= 1 000 000 000 000 Bytes

But, when a computer shows this memory, it calculates storage space as per the following table,

1 TB = 1024 GB
1 GB = 1024 MB
1 MB = 1024 KB
1 KB = 1024 Bytes

You can yourself do the calculation and find that the capacity you find displayed on your PC is same as 1 TB(manufactured) or 931 GB(as displayed on computer).

Hope this helps

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Good Product
on 24 April 12
Debanjan rated:
certified buyer

Excellent product at the cheapest price I could find. Even cheaper than local retailers. And awesome delivery as expected. from flipkart. Might just shift to flipkart permanently. Great job guys!! Keep up the good work.

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