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on 04 February 12
Devang rated:
certified buyer

There are 6 games in this disc: Archery, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Gladiator Duel, Disc Golf & Bocce!
The program can take you through how-to sessions of basic game play or you can proceed to play directly.

Play as a single player or up-to four players can play simultaneously (provided you have four move controllers).

Games like Archery and Gladiator Duel require two move controllers per person for effective gaming.

Overall, a good starting point for people to get to know and use their Move controllers; most of my friends started their PS3 Move experience with this disc.

Note: When you buy the PS3 Move Starter Pack, you can try out the included Sports Champions game demo before buying the full version.

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Another super follow-up issue...
on 06 March 14
Devang rated:

I have to say that Holy Cow Entertainment is slowly and steadily pushing the boundaries of story telling and this can be evidently seen in their Aghori series. I like how the stories are derived from the ages way back and connected to the present. I know it's nothing new to regular readers, I am just quantifying the approach and skills of the team. The cover is well done. In this issue, I specifically liked the thought process shown in the last few pages. Please make that a regular feature. Overall, this issue is a treat to read with a good story and great artwork. Buy it now so that you won't regret later! Cheers!

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The classic by Alexandre Dumas
on 08 October 13
Devang rated:
certified buyer

The most riveting tale of Revenge by Alexandre Dumas... I personally feel that this is his best work ever.

I have read this book so many times since my childhood and every time I read it I feel exhilarated. I am a comics addict and have bought this one specifically because Campfire knows what it is doing... putting in their best artwork, drawings, pencils and color; and the story flows like a river.

This story will appeal to young ones as well as adults; in comic form, it will appeal a lot to children.

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HCE, You are wiping the "Comics" battlefield clean... literally!!!
on 25 September 13
Devang rated:
certified buyer

I just finished reading Ravanayan Finale, Part 1... and I am simply astounded at the immense full page drawings, art work and coloring. Mind F***ed!!!

The characters and their expressions, their attitude, their anger, their challenges in the battlefield, the roars of the tigers... every possible detail has been thoroughly considered, researched; this is a big triumph for everyone at HCE and comic addicts like me who have been waiting for the finale.

I just love the blood and gore, the fire sequences and best of all the entry of Makardhwaj and what an entry... that particular panel with him getting off his mount... WOW!!! and Panchamukhi is absolutely captivating.

The emotionally packed panels of Ravana and his son Indrajeet convey the entire essence of this series brilliantly.

And I never thought I will see Kumbhakarna against Hanuman; and there it was... panels full of them and aptly drawn.


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My Fitness Coach Club : Av Media
Price: Rs. 1399
It's good, really!
on 04 February 12
Devang rated:
certified buyer


I am happy with this product. There are a lot of exercises to do starting with...1) Different types of Warm-ups 2) Different types of basic workouts 3) Different types of tough workouts 4) Core Strength, Abs, Kick-boxing etc. Also, you can buy other types of workouts from the PS Store through a Uplay account. The prices that I saw on the screen were affordable. The content on the disc is massive and covers a lot of things that most people would want to do on a regular basis.

The disc also includes music tracks which you will like instantly. If not, you can play your own music. Using this disc, if you know your goal and follow a regular schedule of exercising, you will get there eventually. I am glad I bought this as never used to exercise! Now, I am feeling the pain and also sweating like a pig:-)I like it!

1) You can have only one profile with one Playstation Account. I quickly created another Playstation account for my wife so that she could track her progress. I may be wrong though!
2) The fitness tracking system is a bit unpolished. It could've been better. But, if you are looking at plain "fitness", you don't need to track anything.

There are a lot of people who think that these things cannot replace the regular methods like walking, jogging, going to the gym etc. They are right. I personally think that this is for people who want to have to do things their way and at their own time and pace and the most important point being in the comfort of their own homes!

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Karna - The Legend...
on 06 September 13
Devang rated:
certified buyer

Excellent work of art, coloring, and an incredibly awesome storyline to go along. This has been well executed by author Karan Vir.

I did not like the small book size though... small text printing :-( kinda took the breath out of me. The book size is like that of Archies comics. The FREE poster that they are offering is a shame. It's the size of two side-by-side pages of the book. I am rating it 4 Stars instead of 3, just because of the content.

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Well-written Supernatural Storyline, with good artwork
on 03 August 15
Devang rated:

The Bengali author Bibhuti Bhushan Bandyopadhyay is famous for many of his works and off late I am seeing quiet a lot of direct/indirect derivations of his work. The comic book series, Taranath Tantrik (TnT), is an adaptation which is written by Shamik Dasgupta. The artwork is done by Vishwanathan Manokaran and Bikash Satpathy.

In this first issue of the series, Shamik's writing does not beat around the bush... the action starts right from page one and is well-written. I have read several of his books and I have not been disappointed till date. The characterization is well done and the story moves fluidly. The artwork, coloring and the speech bubbles for the story are also nicely done, although some of the panels could have been better illustrated. That's just my opinion.

Overall, this is a fantastic start to a supernatural series; one that you cannot afford to miss. Read it, and you will be begging for more in no time :) Cheers!

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A Thrillstatic ending to the second arc of the Aghori series...
on 22 February 15
Devang rated:

Just to bring this review in context... this series, The Aghori, has been my top favorite since it started in 2012. It's been a fantastic ride ever since and every issue has presented a well-written storyline, excellent artwork, coloring and lettering. Overall, a hugely successful franchise about the supernatural, occult happenings set in our Indian context. The story, written by Ram Venkatesan, draws references from all around the world and brings them to bear upon the central character, Vikram Roy a.k.a The Aghori. Of course, the supporting characters are also great. Also, I should highlight the villain's journey... in this case, Ehsan Selhem, has a lot going for him in the Bloodlines arc. And he manages to rattle up The Aghori and his team.

Now, coming to this issue no. 13, I don't know how to stress enough or may I should just shout out right here: THIS is the MOST ENGROSSING STORYLINE, with THE MOST VISUALLY PLEASING ARTWORK till date combined with the BEST COLORING, a SUPERB COLOR PALETTE, and a well laid-out LETTERING STYLE completes this phenomenal story arc. Holy Cow Entertainment, please a take a bow from me... this is the brightest Jewel in your Crown.

Now, if you haven't read this, I urge you to purchase all the comics right from No.1 to No. 13 (keep in mind that books 1-to-4 contain 8 issues; and it's single issues from 9-to-13). There are currently a lot of discounts going on on several online stores for this series.
I hope this review is useful to anyone looking to read this particular issue or to read the whole series. Hope you have fun. I, for one, cannot wait for this story to continue.


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Hashaseen (Assassin) Rules!!!
on 17 September 14
Devang rated:

Story/Writing: The Aghori series gets better and better with each issue. I love the Persian sequences which give us an in-depth look at how the Hashashin's came to be and specifically how Essan Selhem became this feared and powerful person that he is today. The writing by Ram V is crisp, the narrative is straight forward and he does not disappoint.

Artwork: Harsho Mohan has drawn the Persian sequences and it just fits in nicely with the narrative. Gaurav Shrivastav is doing a great job on his own with his drawings and also finishing superbly for some thumbnails/panels done by Vivek Goel. The last page in this issue's story; the jam sequence is totally awesome and it gave me shudders and here I was thinking that our Aghori is truly the most powerful person in the HCE universe. The four artists have done a brilliant job at putting together this jam sequence which depicts Essan Selhem over a period of a little more than nine hundred years.

Cover Art: The cover illustration/art by Vivek Goel and the colors by Yogesh Pugaonkar are in a class of their own. There is nothing much to say here; the cover art speaks volumes on its own.

Colors: I liked the colors by Prasad Patnaik for the Persian Sequences, especially the colors on the King's dress and also the colors of Essan Selhem's dress in the last few panels of the story.

Lettering: I was surprised a bit about the lettering as I could not find any obvious mistakes and I was also able to read the sentences without any issues; the size, placement and fonts of the speech bubbles are nicely done. The coloring of the "background narration speech bubbles" by various characters is awesome. Prasad Patnaik has done a superb job this time.

Extras: The Art Process pages of various thumbnails, panels and how the jam sequence came to be helps in understanding how and why these things are important for readers.

1) The long gaps between the releases of HCE comics makes it hard to remember the details from the previous issues. I recommend that HCE add an extra page at the beginning of each issue, outlining "The story so far...". This will go a long way in helping us readers remember some important points in the entire series.
2) The colors on the front inside cover page aren't suited for reading the content printed on it. Please change the color scheme or change the color of the font for better readability.

The quality and presentation of the book improves with every release. Keep up the good work.

Rating: ****

"The World is Created through Actions. And through Actions You are Liberated. Act and With You Others shall Stand. And In Your Steps, They Will Follow".

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A finale befitting Ravana...
on 27 August 14
Devang rated:

Let me start with by giving an overall review of the series and then drill down to the final finale of this wonderful series named after the antagonist of the Ramayana.

Everyone, almost everyone, has read or heard about our epic mythology called the Ramayana. We all know that the main antagonist of this mythology is Ravana. We all know how he went down. Well then, we can also easily conclude that this series Ravanayan also will have the same story as the Ramayana and end the same. Yes, we will be right in making this conclusion. I asked this question to myself; "what makes it different and why is it so popular?"

When I placed the order for the Ravanayan Comics, the first two issues were already out. I received the same and started reading them. By the time I finished the first issue, I wanted more and finished the second issue as well; then I realized that there are no more issues to read and was a bit disappointed. Then, I re-read both the issues. You see, the story was being told from the perspective of Ravana and not from Rama's point of view. This brought out a different set of emotions in me; Ravana was being portrayed as a person who had feelings, a person who valued relationships, a person who valued all life, and a person who was willing to go to any extent to understand why he felt that there was "something missing" in his life. This, my friends, forms the whole backbone to this story.

The following lines review the complete series including the Finale - Part 2.

Writing: The story told by Vijayendra Mohanty is crisp and just hits the right spots. The way Ravana thinks and the way the characters react in the entire series was a treat to read. This review will not be complete if I don't mention the "Epilogue" after Ravana's death. This, by far, is the icing on the entire series.; just marvelous!!!

Artwork: Vivek Goel, Yogesh Pugaonkar, and a host of other artists, cover artists and lettering experts made this a BEAUTIFUL series. I mean it. Right from the beginning, the art has improved by leaps and bounds; the finale is a testament of the level HCE can go to, to give us readers the most visually compelling and beautifully illustrated panels. I still remember the two side-by-side pages of Brahma, the Creator, speaking to Ravana. It was breath-taking.; and HCE kept following up with similarly drawn center-spreads which are just awesome. The cover design by Mukesh Singh is simple out of this world. I just loved the composition and the way the cover portrayed the culmination of this entire series.

Quality: I remember the first two issues having slight ghost images and lettering. This was a setback to HCE. But they have kept coming back stronger and better after those two issues. Even the lettering has improved by leaps and bounds. Everything that they have done and achieved has been phenomenal and this Finale speaks volumes of their commitment towards their readers in offering the best quality books which is a delight to read, own and treasure.

Delays: I was disappointed with the delays. But, you know what, they kept updating their readers, regularly. It has taken them three years to finish this series and I for one am a happy camper; because they still delivered and did it with style. HCE is a creator-owned comics publishing house. We also need to understand their constraints from their perspective... of finances, to creating such a wonderful series, to hours and hours of time spent in checking that the comics are printed correctly and then the nightmare of logistics/distribution of these printed books. I would say, better late than never.

Overall, it has been well worth the wait to read the comics of this series. I wish them all the very best in their future endeavors and looking forward to more comics from them.

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