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Reviews by Saravana Bhavan (2)

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Nokia agrees it is worst.
on 22 June 12
Saravana Bhavan rated:

I bought this phone around sep 2011. The very next day I was landed to the service centre.
They told that it is software problem and upgraded the s/w.

after 2 days the same problem repeated and I aproaced the same S/C. They refused to do service and given the solution as follows.

1. FM reception was poor on the move. (S/C Solution : You have to stay at a place where there is no air)
2. Batery Life is low (Less than a day on using 5-10mins call and 15 mins music) -(S/C Solution : You have to remove the sim and keep your phone)
3. Call Drop/No Coverage ( The signal bar shows full tower and when make call it prompts no coverage) - (S/C Solution : Change the network)P.S. I tried 4-5 Service Providers. But the same problem.
4. Phone hangs frequently.
5. Not able to download any file.

I called the Nokia Customer care and told the status that the S/C is not accepting this for service. The C/C guy told that Nokia is offering this phone for a lower rate and this is the features we will get.
And he added that Nokia has provided these features but we can't use it. If we have to use the given features, we have to purchase N8.

I asked him then why Nokia has given these features in their specs?

He replied that Nokia has given these specs to promote its sales. But it is the customers responsibility to check wheter the given specs are true or not.

So guys I challenge that this is the worst phone in the world. Because Nokia itself agrees that they are cheating the customers.

So I request all of you to verify the things thoroughly before purchasing any Nokia Product. They may cheat you by giving wrong information.

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Good Product
on 24 December 13
Saravana Bhavan rated:
certified buyer

I have purchased this through flipkart. It was delivered the very next day of placing the order. The product is very nice. It is switched on only the device is connected and gets turned off immediately after the phone got charged compleately.

Awsome product.

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