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DigiFlip Wizard CB001 Camera Bag : Camera Bag
Price: Rs. 1349
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Reviews too hyped! Just manages to do the job.
on 24 October 12
Anand rated:
certified buyer

The reviews on the site for this product are portraying this product as too good to be true at this price.

Here is a simple, “To The Point” review for buyers:


Loads of space and compartments. Top compartment can hold lots of small stuff like batteries, chargers, cables etc. The main compartment can hold a DSLR body, a tele lens, a couple of primes, a kit lens and an external flash. Small zipper compartments on the outside can hold a couple of filters. There is a compartment just behind ones back, on the top, that easily fits my 7 inch tablet. Very spacious. I would give five starts for space.

Quality of the fabric used to make the bag is pretty decent and rugged.


Zippers are not of the best quality. Needs a little tugging to get them around. Just a minor hiccup.

The inner (main) compartment has some kind of felt-cloth like lining. A little of the fine lint (fine cotton) is sticking to the rubber grip of the body when taken out. May happen with any other rubberized stuff we put in there.

The compartment separators have the male part of the velcro, but there is no velcro lining on the inside of the main compartment. What was flipkart thinking here? The velcro barely manages to stick to the felt-like lining on the inside. Mind you, BARELY MANAGES to. Not a very huge concern if the compartment is filled with gear though, as the stuff inside will then be closely packed without moving around much.


Beginners: This is an OK deal, considering the price. A camera backpack from any other brand is priced higher and would be smaller too. This would do the job just right, to get rid of the messenger bag you get along with the DSLR kit.

Pro’s: What are you even doing on this page?? O_o

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LG MS-2049UW Solo 20 L Solo Microwave Oven : Microwave
Price: Rs. 4290
This Item is permanently discontinued.
Best product at best price
on 27 November 11
Anand rated:
first to review

I purchased this Oven today here in Hyderabad (Where Flipkart is not delivering these items yet). This price is lower than the market and a great product at this price. Can easily heat any food and also can be used to make Papad's etc., without any oil. Tried the same today :) Sufficient for a family of 4 to 6 people. Fully digital menu whose time can be controlled precisely to the second. Overall, great product!! 5 stars :)

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Vanguard Espod AM-204S : Tripod
Price: Rs. 1990
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Not the best, but a low price option
on 22 July 13
Anand rated:
first to review

The monopod is not very thick. It can hold a medium sized DSLR well. The mounting mechanism is not the best. There is no separate release plate that goes on the bottom of the camera. This makes it difficult, if u want to quickly shoot handheld by unmounting the camera. Once the camera is mounted, it is a little difficult to detach the camera from the monopod. I guess this both good and bad. Turned out bad for me, as the screw got separated from the ball head, while trying to unmount the camera. This was within a year of purchase, used just a few times. I was never able to put it back together. Some specialized tools are required, available i guess only with service centers. I gave up on it as it was not worth roaming around to get it fixed. There are no local service centers by the way. Not a very good experience with this monopod.

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Vu 102cm (40) Full HD LED TV : Television
Price: Rs. 24225
Available. Delivered in 8-9 business days.
Price 5 k up on sale day?? :/
on 06 October 14
Anand rated:

Price fir this TV was earlier around 29 k. Now it shows up as 35 k, and 29 k with exchange. Bogus offers. You let us down flipkart. Most offers are like this :/ Expectations were very high on big billion sale day.

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